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Kids Christmas Coloring Pages | Christmas Coloring Pages

Kids Christmas Coloring Pages | Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas Coloring Pages, We are kicking off the holiday season today with the top vintage Christmas coloring sheets. These downloadable coloring pages can be printed, colored, and used as festive decorations or Christmas cards.

These unique original antique Christmas coloring pages are impossible to find anywhere else and are the ideal coloring activity for children of all ages. Did you know that over 100,000 people have downloaded our library of coloring pages over the past few years?


One of its best features is the ease with which activities and coloring pages can be found throughout Christmas. Christmas printables are exciting and entertaining for kids, and you’ll love how simple it is to set up this activity. Furthermore, the whole family can participate in this enjoyable pastime.

Because the Christmas season is a time for giving, we share these coloring pages with you today. Enjoy these vintage Christmas coloring pages while listening to the jingle bells and relaxing beside the fireplace.

These vintage Christmas coloring pages will undoubtedly spice up your child’s Christmas Eve if you’re looking for a fresh take on traditional Christmas images.

What supplies could you need for this coloring page? Let’s start there.

Kids Christmas Coloring Pages | Christmas Coloring Pages


  • The dimensions of this coloring page are 8.5 by 11 inches, corresponding to regular letter printer paper.
  • Use your preferred crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint, or watercolors as your coloring medium.
    (Optional) Cutting implements, such as safety or regular scissors
    (Optional) An adhesive such as school glue, rubber cement, or glue sticks
    The printable coloring page template can be downloaded and printed using the button below.


A vintage coloring page of Merry Christmas

  • Our first coloring page shows a vintage truck transporting a festive tree lit up with lovely Christmas lights while holding a placard wishing us a Merry Christmas. This coloring page would work well with colored pencils, but I advise using vivid markers to make the lights stand out from the rest.

Coloring sheet with vintage Christmas presents

  • On our second coloring page, two Christmas gifts are depicted in a vintage-styled design with bold, imaginative line work that is ideal for watercolor or paints.

The advantages of coloring for development

  • We may consider coloring pages only for fun, but children and adults can profit from them in pretty cool ways.
  • For children, coloring or painting coloring sheets helps to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It aids in pattern awareness, color recognition, drawing structure, and much more!
    Adult coloring books can help with relaxation, deep breathing, and low-stress creativity.

Printable Christmas-themed coloring pages

  • In addition to being free, the coloring pages have a range of objects that your youngster can draw, like Santa Claus, stockings, candy canes, presents, and more.
  • With their preferred markers or crayons, kids can fill in the illustrations.
  • Along with strengthening your relationship with your child, coloring together will help them improve their hand-eye coordination and handwriting.
  • Not only is coloring beneficial for your kid, but it’s also a relaxing activity that can help you unwind and find inner peace.
  • This busy time of year is Christmas! There are parties, gifts to buy and wrap, and delicacies to create (and enjoy!). Even if it’s fun, it may be stressful and hectic! Sometimes I worry that since I’m so busy, I’ll miss the most significant events of the season, like spending time with my kids, and that’s NOT what I want to happen.
  • I adore these free printable Christmas coloring sheets because of this. With my 9-year-old and perhaps my older boys (on a good day), I can print them out and sit down to color as we enjoy Christmas music. It’s a wonderful way to spend time with your family and is very unwinding.
  • Furthermore, coloring these Christmas coloring pages is fun and cute!
  • Coloring seems to have such a calming effect! Don’t we all still have a child inside of us that enjoys coloring?

A Winter Neighborhood

  • Here is what your neighborhood might look like in the winter, with Santa hovering above and his reindeer! For more winter coloring sheets, see this link.
  • Let’s start coloring, so gather your children and your crayons, markers, or colored pencils!

Cat by the Window

  • Possess you have a cat? Is it a winter lover? If yes, you and your partner should color this page together!

Complex Christmas tree design

  • The coloring of this Christmas tree will be difficult. Even if it will take a long time, why bother? You have a lot of free time because it is the Christmas season.

Holiday Balls

  • The Frugal Family website is where we found this design and the ones that follow. Given that they are very complicated, you might like them.

Kids Christmas Coloring Pages | Christmas Coloring Pages

Holiday trees

  • The Christmas trees on this coloring sheet from FrugalFamily are featured. Do you enjoy making your Christmas tree festive? Hanging holiday decorations with the family is one of the best holiday memories.

Holiday Socks.

  • Do you still hang stockings in anticipation of Santa’s visits and gifts? Through the ages, this custom has been passed down. Why not continue it with your children?

Christmas ornaments

  • The way these Christmas balls are arranged is like a Christmas tree. That’s original!

The Nutcracker

  • Here is a design for anyone who likes The Nutcracker, a time-honored musical that continues to be well-liked today.

Belt out a holiday, carol!

  • Many nations have adopted the practice of Christmas carol singing. While local customs differ, the goal of the holiday season—to spread love and joy—remains the same everywhere.

Santa Looking Bold

  • In this illustration, Santa strikes us as being both fierce and attractive. Given how intricate and detailed this drawing is, you will, without a doubt, enjoy coloring it.

Santa with the Kids

  • Santa loves children, as we all know. Don’t forget, though, that Santa also adores adults. He loves even the elderly! He will never forget the anticipation we once felt when we were children for him.

A Christmas Ball

  • You can color this mandala-like Christmas ball. Although it is difficult, you will undoubtedly enjoy coloring it.

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