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Order Eco-Friendly Rakhi Online in India 2022
Order Eco-Friendly Rakhi Online in India 2022

Order Eco-Friendly Rakhi Online in India 2022

Order Eco-Friendly Rakhi Online in India

In India, people celebrate many festivals keeping different relationships in mind, such as Bat Savitri(For Good Health of Husbands), Chhath Puja(For Good Will Of Family), Karva Chauth(For Long Live of Husband), Raksha Bandhan(To Safe Guard Sisters), etc. In detail, this article will tell us about Raksha Bandhan, and how you can Order Eco-Friendly Rakhi Online in India 2022. Raksha Bandhan also known as Rakhi Festival. 

To start with, in Rakhi, sisters tie a thread to their brothers for their goodwill and take promises from them to safeguard them from all types of difficulties that might come in life in the future. During our childhood, sisters tied handmade Rakhi made up of cotton or any organic material that is safe for our environment. But recently, due to globalization, we have products from different countries like China.

Indian sellers and distributors are importing cheap quality Rakhi’s made up of hazardous plastic and polythene, which is not suitable for our planet earth. Thus buyers are taking more interest in eco-friendly Rakhi. Multiple sellers like wood-gully, seedrakhi, and amazon are selling eco-friendly Rakhi. Thus you have plenty of options to Order Eco-Friendly Rakhi Online in India.

What Is Eco-Friendly Rakhi?

Before we understand What Eco-Friendly Rakhi Is, let us first try to explore what is the meaning of Eco-Friendly. 

Eco means ecology, the study of organisms and environment, and organisms could be leaving or dead.

Friendly means something or someone who is not harmful to the environment. Thus, eco-friendly means something that does not threaten our mother earth.

Similarly, when it comes to eco-friendly Rakhi, we are talking about the raw materials from which Rakhi is made, which should be eco-friendly. During our childhood, Rakhi was made using simple cotton thread with beautiful and colorful designs.

But in the recent past, people have started manufacturing Rakhi using hazardous plastic and polythene. That causes a lot of threats for all types of living creatures. Billions of plastic waste are generated daily and dumped into the ocean.

However, people are becoming increasingly aware nowadays, and they have started using eco-friendly Rakhi, which is made up of Wood or seed, or cotton. We would also request everyone to start buying eco-friendly Rakhi only.

What Is Raksha Bandhan?

Rakhi is a great festival that celebrates the love and affection between siblings. It is a festival of promise. A promise was given by brothers to their sisters to safeguard them in all difficulties that might come in life. This festival dates back to its origin about 6000 years ago. During the Mahabharat war, Lord Krishna was injured on one of the battlefields. Draupadi had tied her saree to Lord Krishna’s Injury at that time. Krishna remembered this and saved Draupadi in Kurusava.

Similarly, in modern times, sisters tie a thread to their brothers. They also put some tika prepared with haldi, roli, and rice on the forehead of their brothers. Offer them sweat. In return, they get some gifts and promises for a lifetime.

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in Hindu, Sikh, Jain, and Buddhist communities. The celebration is not only limited to India and globalization nowadays; it is celebrated worldwide.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Rakhi

Eco-Friendly Rakhi has multiple benefits. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are abusing our ecology in the wrong way. There are many products that we are using in our daily life that are impacting our environment badly. But at least if we can start from somewhere, it will lead to other areas. To understand how let us go through some of the benefits of Eco-Friendly Rakhi.

  • Multiple manufacturers, like Wood-Gully, are selling Rakhi made up of Wood. Those are purely organic, and they last for a long time. In fact you can use them even after Rakhi Festival is over. Wood-Gully is manufacturing some of the best keychain wali Rakhi. Once the festival is over, you can convert the Rakhi into a keychain. After certain years when you will look at the keychain, it will be nostalgic. The best part is, even if you throw away the Rakhi, since it is made up of organic Wood, it will biodegrade quickly.
  • Seed Rakhi is one more organic and eco-friendly Rakhi. These products are prepared carefully by putting seeds inside the Rakhi. Once its use is over, just put the Rakhi in any soil pot, and it will become a beautiful plant.
  • Some innovators are preparing edible Rakhi as well. After you are done with the Rakhi on your wrist, eat it, and it is not going to harm any ecology.

Importance of Raksha Bandhan Among Various Communities in India

As we have discussed earlier, since this festival is related to Mahabharata, it has a lot of significance in Hinduism. It is one of the biggest festivals in north India, and the Western and Eastern part of India also celebrates Rakhi with great enthusiasm.

In the Jain community, this occasion is also considered auspicious. The Jain priests and Maharaj give ceremonial threads to the devotees and offer prasad as well.

The Sikhs observe this festival devoted to brother-sister love as “Rakhardi” or Rakhi.

How Raksha Bandhan Celebrated?

Nowadays, many Indians are staying out of their hometown or out of India. Their loving sisters stay at home back in India. It is not always practically possible for everyone to visit home during the Rakhi festival. So sisters usually mail Rakhi through speed post.

It might take a few weeks to reach Rakhi if someone stays in a foreign country. So sisters start shopping a couple of weeks before the Rakhi festival starts. Either they pack it by themself or do it through a vendor. Multiple companies in India are facilitating with Rakhi packaging and mailing it to a different countries.

If you are in India, it is nehle pe dehla. You will get first-hand experience of Rakhi and get it tied directly by your sister. On the day of Raksha Bandhan, everyone wakes up early and takes a bath. They then perform puja and do the aarti of the Gods. Then, the sisters apply a teeka of roli and chawal on the forehead of their brothers, tie the Rakhi and give them sweets to eat. Brothers then give gifts to their sisters, and they both have a meal together.

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