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Overview And Origin Of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

The beginning of this saree is connected to Saint Markanda, who is thought to become the divine maestro weaver. He wore lotus-fiber weaved tissues. Kansas, which are descended from sage Markanda, are the major manufacturers of Kanchipuram silk sarees. Another actual truth is that between 987 and 1015, the Chola dynasty’s great king Krishna-Deva Raya controlled Kanjivaram. He was the one who made the effort in silk manufacturing, and the Devangas and Saligars, two well-known weaver clans, came to Kanchipuram. This trade was partially suspended in the seventeenth century due to the French occupation.

Overview And Origin Of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees:

Terms of the market status

Kanjivaram is one of the most popular sarees all over India nowadays, followed by women and many others. They are some of the most wanted sarees, and practically any traditional fashion-loving woman would include them among her preferred handlooms. People are often proud to wear Kanchipuram pure silk sarees on a variety of occasions.

Design and technique

This is a Nine-yard long sarees with temple patterns all over it. Kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping was transformed to 6 yards with golden zari weaving overtimes. Those are expensive. Synthetic zari, which appears very identical to the actual zari, is employed to make it more cost-efficient. These sarees come in a range of patterns, which is their specialty and gives them an attractive and sophisticated appearance.

Maintenance and making of silks

Sericulture is applied to extract the fabric used in Kajivaram sarees, which is produced from mulberry worms. The wept is made with around 200–400 strands. This keeps the sarees in good shape. The zari work is getting gold and silver, with the silver flowing in first and then being finished with gold. Laundry is the most popular procedure for optimum maintenance. Kindly do not store these sarees in paper bags. Some pre-washing treatments can also be used. Remember to wrap and store the sarees properly. bedava bahis


Thickness, sparkle, permanency, and elegance are the saree’s specialties, this is why it is renowned as the princess of all sarees. Because of its fineness and weight, the fabric used is rich in Kanchipuram silk, which is a bit pricey. The saree’s weight indicates or is the main measure for its excellence. It is preferable to wear a saree that is heavier.

Traditional kanjivaram sarees are known for their star, chakras, and checker designs, which are one of the most valuable weaves. These sarees are ideal for Poojas, weddings, and bridal dress-up it’s a timeless style that can be worn by any generation and for any occasion.

Visibility on a global scale

The Kanjivaram saree costs between 3,000 and 2,00,000 rupees and is shipped around the world, primarily to the United States, the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Germany, Australia, Russia, and other nations. The Tamil Nadu government also uses these sarees as a trade-marked item.

A Kanchipuram silk is undoubtedly the “Princess of Silks,” and owning one, that has been passed down through the generations of females in a community, is a very desired asset to anyone’s wardrobe.

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