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Popular Options for Decking Timber

Decking is a beautiful way to add aesthetics and value to your house. Wood or timber has always been a popular choice for decking material. So if you are planning to upgrade your house by adding a death, you should know the popular decking timber options available in the market. Knowing about its key features and applications will make it easier for you to make the right choice. There can never be a better chance to dig into the decking options using and then applying them where ever you need.

Popular Decking Timber Options 

#1. Treated Pine: It is the newest addition to the list but a popular one. The primary reason for its growing popularity is its cost-effectiveness and durability. It is easy to paint it add then you can have it in the colour you want. This gives you more freedom customer is your deck as per your home decor. You should check its H. rating to tell its suitability for outdoor use. A good decking temple supplier will help you choose the right rating.

#2. Jarrah: If you are looking for the highest quality decking timber, and are ready to shell out a good amount, then Jarrah is a good option. It has a durability rating of 2, which makes it a suitable choice for decking. Another additional feature of this material is that it is fire resistant handheld. It is a good choice for the areas which are prone to bush fires.

#3. Spotted Gum: If you are living in an area of dishes prone to bush fire, then spotted gum is a good choice for decking. This is popularly grown in Australia making the price cheaper for the locals and hence is a good choice for those who are looking for decking material environmental perspective. You will also get good colour variations in this material. The option ranges from pale brown to chocolate brown. Also, it has lesser talent content.

#4. Blackbutt: If you are looking for fire-resistant decking timber, black is good. Again it is widely grown in Australia and is available in pale brown colour. You can easily colour them in your desired choice of colours; however, it is important to seal this timber to prevent cracking. This requires a bit more maintenance than other materials since you need to reseal it quite frequently.

#5. Merbau: If you are looking for a less expensive and usable decking timber option, this is a good choice. It has a durability rating of 2, and it is known for being right and insect resistant. Earlier it was very popular; however, now its popularity has faced stiff competition from other popular options.

#6. Ironbark: For those who are looking for a long-lasting decking timber material the search is over now because of best quality timber. Its heaviness and higher density make this timber a popular choice for decking. It has a durability rating of one. The best part about this timber is that it is available in beautiful brown to deep red colour options. Using such colours for your decking will give it additional aesthetic value.

Available in different colour ranges from light to dark thus making timbers a very popular choice for homing solutions and decking. These are some of the common decking timber options available in the market. If you are also planning to renovate your deck or create a new one, you can consider the above-mentioned options. There are certain alternatives to deck timber, but it would have the inherent property of rich appeal, which lowers most homeowners to choose them as the decking material.

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