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Repair Outlook OST files

Smart Solution to Repair Outlook OST files with Accuracy

MS Outlook is one of the most used email clients in the IT field. Many of the organizations work with Outlook to access their emails. While an Outlook user should know that this email application consists of OST and PST files. Sometimes there might be cases when users are not able to access their emails. These causes can be seen as hard drive damage, system crash, OST file get corrupts and many such more. Thus, in such cases, Outlook users can choose a professional application to repair Outlook OST files. The third-party software can provide email access back after recovering the Outlook OST file.

  • Repair Outlook OST files easily with this application.
  • Avail of the simple and quick process of OST PST conversion.
  • Damaged OST files can be easily recovered and accessed back in PST file format.
  • The process of conversion works with a strategy of batch migration.
  • Users will get a chance to check the preview of repaired OST files.
  • All the email attributes can be converted into PST file format.
  • The software is capable of converting the OST files which are encrypted and password protected.
  • The application helps to convert the OST calendars and contacts also.
  • The software works smartly to convert the OST address book as well.
  • OST to PST converter supports all the versions of Outlook email application like 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003 version.
  • Available filter feature for exporting the known emails using the software.
  • No change in mail structure will be observed after the completion of process to repair Outlook OST.
  • Users can save the OST Outlook file in any of the desired file formats which this software allows to save.
  • Various options are available for exporting OST files into other file extensions.
  • The application works with the batch OST conversion process.

Download Softaken OST repair tool

Complete Elaboration of OST to PST Converter Application with Features

Immediate Conversion process with accuracy

The application helps to convert the emails with complete accuracy. There will be no change with your email data after the conversion. The process of converting the

OST files are quick as well as easy to follow.

Deleted items can be converted from OST to PST. The software works smartly to perform the conversion on deleted emails as well. If you have emails available in your deleted folder. Then also, this application works intelligently to convert the emails from a deleted folders as well.

Filter feature for searching the relevant emails

The users can use this filter feature for searching the emails which they wish to convert into PST. Thus, this smart feature can help users to identify the emails and convert accordingly. This process makes the conversion fast and works easier.

Preview of converted emails available

Users can easily check the converted OST emails before proceeding further. This means you can examine the OST PST files and after complete satisfaction. The users can move to convert the emails in a small amount of time.

OST to PST conversion with complete email properties

The importance of working with the professional application is the conversion comes out to be accurate. The users can examine the conversion process with their email data. This Softaken OST to PST Converter repair Outlook OST files and save it to another file format without changing the email properties. Thus, users will feel familiar with their existing OST emails after converting in PST as well.

Password protected OST files conversion possible with OST to PST tool

The users can convert their password-protected OST files easily with this software. The process of conversion is easy to understand and follow. There is no need to be technically good for working with this application. The developers have designed the software with so much ease. Any of the users whether technical or non-technical can work with this application. Only some simple steps need to follow to achieve the converted PST emails.

Choose the relevant folders for working with conversion

The software helps you to choose the desired folder for converting the OST emails. Once you get the preview of OST emails then users can choose the desired folders from the software. The folders are chosen by the users to convert. The software works smartly to provide the desired converted files in a small span of time.

Email structure and hierarchy will not change after conversion

Another great advantage of working with this application. The users will get a similar email structure after the conversion process takes place. Thus, this helps the users to identify the emails easily. There will be no skipping of emails or folders seen during the conversion process. Thus, it recommends choosing a professional application. The process is easy as well as not time-consuming.

Supports all versions of Windows and Outlook

The tool is designed to overcome the issues of version problems. Thus users need not worry about their operating system versions. This application works well with all the versions of Windows and Outlook. For windows operating system Vista, XP, Windows 7, and its higher versions are completely compatible. With MS Outlook the different versions like 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003 all are compatible with the application.

Email attachments can be converted with trouble-free process

The application helps to convert the email attachments as well without trouble. Thus, users can choose a professional application for converting the emails as well as their attachments in desired file format.

Easy to convert calendars available in Outlook application

With the help of the software, users can convert the calendars in ICS and MSG file formats. This complete conversion is easy to proceed with accurate results as well.

Contacts from Outlook can be converted into CSV and MSG file formats

Choose the software application for converting the contacts in CSV and MSG file formats. The complete process is easy to understand and follow. Thus, it recommends to choosing the smart application for making things easier.

Various file formats available to convert OST files to another file format

The Outlook users can convert the OST emails to PST, NSF, EML, EMLX, MSG, MBOX, HTML, MHTML, PSF, using IMAP, TGZ.

Technical Overview

In many organizations, MS Outlook is the most preferred email application. Thus, sometimes they might face problems with accessing their OST emails. The software helps to give users access back to their lost OST files by following some simple clicks to repair Outlook OST files.

Have a look at basic reasons to use the professional application

The Outlook users might face various problems because of which they can lose their access to OST emails. Let us discuss the same as below:

  • Increase with the OST email size: It is known that the maximum size limit is 50GB. Thus, it is been observed when the file size comes closer to 45 GB. Then the problem might start to occur in the Outlook email application. Thus this can lead to a problem that can corrupt the OST files.
  • Problem while email synchronization: This is been observed that if there is a problem occurred at the time of synchronization. Then this may lead to cause the OST file corruption. In such cases, users will not be able to access their emails.

Discussing some of the common problems which Outlook users face

  • Error 1: One of the basic reasons that an Outlook user face is the synchronization error. The error might be seen when synchronizing with Exchange Server.
  • Error 2: Another reason is the maintenance of the Exchange server. It is been seen many times. Outlook users might face problems at the time of maintenance of Exchange Server takes place.
  • Error 3: OST files get corrupted when there is an unknown type of system shutdown. Thus, for resolving such issues the Outlook users should work with third-party software.


Ques: Can I use this application with Windows Vista?

Ans: Yes, this application supports all the versions of Windows. There is no restriction and limitations with Windows version operating system.

Ques: Do I need to install any other software like Exchange server for using this application?

Ans: No, the application developed with standalone feature. There is no need to install any third-party software. With this OST to PST converter tool users can easily convert their emails without any trouble.

Ques: Is it possible to convert my corrupt OST emails?

Ans: Yes, the software will first do the scanning of complete emails. Then it will work for recovering the corrupt emails. The users can easily access their lost OST emails in any of the file format.


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