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Smart Vehicle Disinfection Channel To Prevent Covid-19

The mist disinfection channel for the vehicle can be used for livestock farms, slaughterhouses, borders, ports, industrial factories, bus stations, and other places for cars passing through import and export. This equipment can sense and recognize vehicles through an intelligent detection device and activates the power system to disinfect vehicles entering the channel. When the vehicle enters or out, the sensor identifies the infrared rays, starts the equipment, and shuts down after the disinfection is completed. The misting system can work intelligently and realize solo work. It also can automatically add medicines in proportion, control fog volume.

The process of the vehicle disinfection channel:

  • The vehicle arrives at the disinfection area
  • The sensor starts signals to the main machine
  • The main machine begins to mist and disinfect
  • The sensor closes
  • The misting disinfection ends
  • The vehicle leaves

Functions of mist disinfection channel:

  1. It adopts high-pressure misting equipment with a sizeable misting volume and strong covering power. The mist droplets wrap the disinfected object in a three-dimensional manner to achieve no dead-angle disinfection effect.
  2. It uses a fully automatic induction system. The vehicle enters the automatic induction misting disinfectant.
  3. It is equipped with antifreeze components so that the machines can typically work even in the winter when the temperature is lower than 0 degrees Celsius.
  4. It is no blind spot for disinfection. The upward misting nozzle is installed at the position of the speed bump of the vehicle to achieve general disinfection in the three-dimensional intersection.
  5. Waterproof and anti-corrosion functions extend the service life of the equipment.
  6. It has an automatic dosing device and supplies disinfection liquid according to the ratio of medicine and water.

Importance of mist disinfection channel:

With the increasing demand of society, vehicle disinfection systems are widely used. The vehicle disinfection channel has become a necessary disinfection facility for places with strict hygiene requirements.

Because in livestock transportation, it will inevitably carry many potential bacteria on the body through many places. If it enters the breeding farm or the production workshop with strict sanitation requirements, it may cause the spread of pathogens if it has undergone strict disinfection. The spread of germs is very rapid, which can cause severe economic losses to the enterprise. So vehicle disinfection is essential.

Characteristics of mist disinfection channel:

  1. Vertical pole design: The three-dimensional mist pole is selected for vehicle disinfection, which disinfection more, does not leave risks for epidemic prevention, does not leave dead ends, and is safer!
  2. Special nozzle design: A large flow of special nozzles generates a large amount of fog per unit time and performs 360-degree disinfection of the vehicle surface.
  3. A high-pressure misting device: The mist particles are delicate, easy to clean the misting nozzle, and have a low maintenance cost.
  4. Single misting area design: The main machine is automatically turned on for disinfection when the vehicle enters. It is controlled by sensors to actively identify the direction of entry and exit without requiring personnel to monitor and operate.
  5. Start misting when the cars enter the identification area: It actively delays the misting when it leaves. To prevent the vehicle from turning off without leaving the misting space.
  6. The unique mist pole increases the good working area, saves the amount of disinfectant used, and dramatically enhances the disinfection effect.
  7. Without blind spots: The device uses the misting disinfection method, which can sterilize the car surface without blind spots in 360 degrees, which is safer, more reliable, convenient, and valuable.
  8. Multiple protection functions: The system has an anti-overload and anti-leakage setting and can run reliably and safely.


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