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hair transplantation in Udaipur
hair transplantation in Udaipur

Some myths and facts about hair transplant

Hair Loss Treatment in Udaipur has been around for almost 20 years. There is no denying that they’ve become a billion-dollar industry today. However, there are myths and facts you should know about Udaipur hair transplant before you make that final decision.

1.    A hair transplant gives you results instantly

Hair transplant is one of the best hair restoration methods where an expert surgeon carries out surgery to transplant your beautiful hair from the donor area to the receding area or balding area. There could be many questions arising in your mind that whether it can give you visible results instantly or not. Hair transplantation would never give you instant results. This is true for all forms of surgery, not just for hair transplantation.

2.    It’s a Painful Procedure

You have heard your friends saying that a hair transplant is a painful procedure. You also wonder whether it is true or not. Might be, that you are thinking that it is a myth and you might be right. Just as there are several myths floating around the process, we will just tell you that this one is absolutely false.

A hair transplant is performed by using a direct hair transplant technique. In this technique, there is no need of taking pain after the procedure because the technique uses local anesthesia and there is no chance of side effects.

3.    Only Rich people can afford it

Let’s bust this myth! It’s not just for the rich people. Let’s see this from a logical perspective. We want you to do a little activity, go to Google and search “hair transplant cost”. See anything interesting? If you did, then you’ll probably know that you can get treatment at as low as Rs.30000/- in India and around $5000 in US/UK.

4.    Results are permanent

Hair transplantation is an effective hair restoration treatment that can restore youthful, natural-looking hair growth to anyone who suffers from androgenic alopecia. Contrary to popular belief, hair transplant results are not permanent. In the many years, that hair transplants have been a surgical option for those suffering from male pattern baldness, the science has never advanced far enough to achieve permanency of results.

5.    Results are not natural

A common myth about hair transplants is that the results are not natural. Contrary to this myth, there are a lot of people who claim that results were natural and they were completely satisfied by them. No one can guarantee how the results will turn out. The appearance of your new look will depend on your doctor’s skills and donor area, and there are also many other factors that might have an effect on your results.

6.    It is only for men

Because of this, it is assumed that hair restoration treatments are only for men. But the fact is that women make use of these procedures just as much as men do. A hair transplant is a procedure that is carried out for patients having balding or thinning hair. It sounds like a men-only treatment, but actually, hair transplant cost and hair transplant price are not gender-specific.

In reality, a large number of women also opt for this treatment. The female population is more concerned with hair health and they tend to get baldness at an earlier age than men.

7.    Hair Transplant gives visible scars

Hair Transplant is a process of scalp micro pigmentation by which your bald and scalp areas are covered by layers of micro tattoos on your skin. The technique is permanent, but the micro tattoos will disappear with time.

While it’s true that Hair Transplantation surgery has given us the most natural results we can find at the present date and times, it’s very important to know that Hair Transplant gives visible scars on your head.

8.    Hair Transplant affects the brain

In today’s world, thinning hair or baldness is something that can affect anyone. Because of this, myths and rumors about hair transplants remain a common topic in modern society. One myth that rears its ugly head is whether or not a hair transplant affects the brain. The question of how humans react to hair transplants has been posed prior many times, but one particular study showed how people react positively to the idea.

A hair transplant does not affect the brain, it does not make you look like a donkey or an alien with your unrealistic appearance. One of the most common myths about hair transplantation is that it affects your hormones, leading to problems in your brain.

9.    You have to take medicine very long after surgery

One of the most common myths people have about the hair transplant procedure is that they have to take medicine long after the surgery. In cases when it is required, it’s required only for a short time period.

Hair growth medications are used to stimulate hair growth on hair that has been transplanted, but since no new hairs have been transplanted, there will be no re-growth, and using the medicine would be useless.

10. Doctors use other people’s hair during surgery

The thought of your doctor sewing in hair that was previously on someone’s head can be a bit unnerving. It’s common for patients to worry that their surgeon will use hair from somewhere other than the back and sides of their head, but this isn’t the case.

Before surgery, your physician will spend time talking about the options available to you and go through different options step by step. The type of hair that is used during the procedure is precisely what you want—natural and healthy hair from the back and sides of your own head.



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