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Stage 4 Colon Cancer Survival Rate by Age

People need to know that colon cancer may not go away completely forever. An individual should know that their survival rate concerning stage-4 colon cancer is very low as well. Besides that, an oncologist can determine a person’s survival rate depending on many factors. Following that, one may not be confirmed to get the complete cure in the fourth stage. Here, the person may consult the Best Oncologist in Bangalore to treat the cause. 

An individual may learn more about stage 4 colon cancer by going through this article. Eventually, one may learn about different factors affecting the survival age. 

What is the survival rate of a person with Stage-4 colon cancer?

One’s survival rate concerning stage-4 colon cancer is just about 5-years. A person’s cancer cells spread when it reaches stage 4. Following that, an individual’s cancer metastasizes mostly around the liver area. 

The person’s colon cancer may get transmitted to the lymph nodes. So, an individual may cure this condition by undergoing surgical intervention. 


Which age group is vulnerable to colon cancer?

Typically, an individual’s vulnerability to colon cancer increases with his age. Most importantly, one needs to know that colon cancer is common among young adults. But, people having 50 years or more are at higher risk of developing this disease. Here, one’s colon cancer reaching stage 4 becomes much more prominent.

Furthermore, men need to be diagnosed with colon cancer when they reach 60 years or so. Besides that, women must go for the same after attaining 70 years or more. However, one must be aware of the increasing death rate caused by colon cancer. 


What are the symptoms of Colon Cancer?

Mainly, the person’s signs of colon cancer depend upon the location of the cancer. Besides that, one’s stage of colon cancer also reflects the symptoms accordingly. Here, the person’s survival rate of stage 4 colon cancer relies upon. Simultaneously, an individual’s understanding of these symptoms can become quite helpful. 

So, one’s symptoms of colon cancer may include the following:

  • Sudden change in bowel habits
  • Diarrhea
  • Weakness
  • Feeling that bowel didn’t get emptied fully
  • Blood in the stool
  • Abdominal Discomfort
  • Passing gas
  • Weight loss
  • Anemia
  • Change in frequency of stool
  • Increased mucus in stool


Can Colon cancer spread fast?

Generally, the patient’s health conditions determine the pace of colon cancer’s growth. An individual’s cellular makeup concerning the tumor speaks about its progression. Besides that, one’s age is also considered an important factor in the spread of colon cancer. 

However, a person must know that colon cancer’s progression is slow. But, one needs to seek medical attention as early as possible to treat its cause. 

How can you check for Stage 4 Colon Cancer?

Undoubtedly, a patient needs to be cautious about the survival rate of Stage 4 colon cancer. Here, an individual’s cancerous cells get transmitted to distant organs. Following that, the oncologists recommend of immediate diagnosis of those cells. In doing so, a patient may proceed towards appropriate treatment means.

So, one may check Stage 4 colon cancer in the following ways:

  • Physical Examination

The doctor may feel the abdomen for checking enlarged organs. Besides that, an individual can examine the rest of the body with the help of a physical examination. Following that, one also gets the insertion of a lubricated finger in a certain targeted area. 

  • Blood Test

An individual needs to note that blood test has nothing to do with colon cancer. In general, a doctor checks the patient’s overall health with this test. Eventually, one’s chemicals present in the blood can speak about the presence of colon cancer. However, an oncologist uses blood tests to detect many other types of cancer. 

  • Biopsy

Generally, a doctor removes a small piece of tissue for check under the microscope to detect cancer’s presence. An oncologist uses a special instrument to pass it along with the scope. An individual often would need to remove part of the colon for diagnosis.

  • Colonoscopy

Mainly, an individual faces the insertion of the long tube inside the rectum in colonoscopy. Besides that, a doctor attaches a tiny video camera to get a detailed colon image. Here, one can find certain abnormalities for initiating appropriate treatment. 

  • Molecular Testing

Molecular testing uses definitive means for tracing the symptoms of colon cancer. Furthermore, a person can analyze tissue sections with the help of this method. 

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)


The oncologists trust magnetic resonance imaging for diagnosing colon cancer. An individual can check the development of colon cancer with this technique. Here the person may choose the means of MRI for going through optimal staging modality.


  • PET Scan

People can be assured about the survival rate of stage 4 colon cancer with the help of a PET scan. In general, a doctor injects a kind of slightly radioactive sugar into the body. However, one need not go for PET Scan regularly to check for colon cancer. Still, people need not question its accuracy in detecting cancerous cells. 


  • Chest X-ray

An individual can get a detailed note of the abnormalities concerning colon cancer with the help of a CT Scan. Moreover, the doctor pumps in the air concerning the colon for testing cancer cells. Besides that, an oncologist can detect polyp formation in the same way. 


Hence, a cancer patient may find numerous means for checking the growth of colon cancer. The doctor checks the patient’s health condition before a diagnostic test. Even one’s location of colon cancer is taken into notice before that.




People should know the seriousness of colon cancer concerning its fourth stage. An individual’s old age can make the situation much worse. Besides that, the person’s understanding of the symptoms of this disease is important. Here, the person must recognize the vital signs to access fast treatment. Furthermore, an individual needs to realize the importance of diagnostic tests. However, one can contact the best oncologist in Bangalore for this purpose. 

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