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Super Bowl Squares: Odd Or Even Number Of Goals Strategy

Football fans worldwide have a superb chance of making crazy bucks with the Super Bowl. One of the world’s most-watched sports is here. It’s a great time to entice the new bettors who could be wondering how to play the betting squares as this is one of the best ways to bet for the big game.

So, there is a need for all bettors to understand how to read Super Bowl LVI betting odds and the strategy of Even Numbers. We’re providing you with an extensive Super Bowl betting guide.

And following the AFC and NFC, the oddsmakers immediately set the betting odds for the Super Bowl.

For instance, the betting odds for Super Bowl LV1, Los Angeles were the favorites opening with -4.5 points. At the same time, Cincinnati was the underdog with +4.5 points. 

Best Bets and Strategy to Use In The Super Bowl LV1


This bet involves projecting the total number of points that both teams are likely to score. And you can also wager whether the final score will go Over or Under.  

For example, the Super Bowl LV had an Over/Under total set at 56 points. And this meant that if they scored 49 or more points, the game would go Over, but if the score went 47 points or less, the game would go Under. And if the score went 48 points, the game would be in a push, and the bet amount would be returned to the bettors. 

When playing the Super Bowl squares, you can also determine more specific odds by incorporating other factors. The over/under can be 49 ½ or 50, depending on the sportsbooks you’re using. But it’s a projection that can improve the value of a few other combinations.

For example, games having an over/under a total of 50 points or less, with the frequency of the 0 | 0 square (first-quarter winner), is likely to increase to 17 % of all games. Then the expected value may improve to $3.40 compared to $2.36 for games with higher totals. Since a lower-scoring game is likely to end up without any score at the end of the first quarter, this improves the value of that 0 | 0 box.

But the first-quarter squares having more value in lower-scoring games than the higher-scoring matchups will have scores ending in combinations of 0, 7, and 3, or 4 | 0. And this may result from one team going up by 14 early.

Then in the second quarter, these Super Bowl squares 0 | 0, 7 | 7, and 7 | 3 start to lose some value if the game has a total of 50 points or less. But having these number combinations; 7 | 0, 0 | 7, 0 | 3 and 3 | 0 to gain some start to gain value. So, the 7 | 0 square usually has more value in games with a total of 50 or less. (11% occurrences) than in-game with a higher total (8%). But it’s different with the 0 | 3 and 7 | 7 squares. These are more valuable in a game with a total of 51 or more in the third quarter. 

Then the 0 | 0 hit often in the fourth quarters through the 3 | 0 square is almost two times as valuable in a game having a total of 50 or less. 

Moneyline Odds

Ram (favorite) was at -200-odds to win the game outright. ($200 to win $100). Then the Bengals (underdog) had +170 ( $100 to win $170). Then the Over/Under total was 48 points for the Super Bowl LVI. 

The oddsmaker releases the Super Bowl betting lines, in this order:

The point spread will always start, followed by the money line odds, and the last one is Over/Under the total. 

Then the sportsbooks add these to the Super Bowl betting options in the two-week ramp up to the big game. But you have to remember that the odds may change at any time. 

Point Spread 

The point spread is a popular way to bet on the Super Bowl. A negative value indicates the favorite in front of the spread. Then the positive value shows the underdog in front of the spread.

So, what does this mean to favorite? If they want to cover the spread, they have to win by more than the point spread. 

What about the underdog? To cover, they must win downright or lose less than the spread.

Since we already have the Super Bowl LVI odds, Los Angeles is at -4.5 while Cincinnati is at +4.5 underdog. So, this means that Ram has to win by five or more points to cover the spread. And Cincinnati will cover the spread if they win outright or lose by four points or fewer. 


If you get the betting squares with a zero, seven, or three, these are likely to generate more profits over time. If you’re in a pool that allows you to buy your preferred numbers, then you know the best winning numbers to target. At least you know that you have a chance of generating about 60 percent profit for every dollar you put in these squares. It would feel good to know that you’ll make some decent cash at the end of the game.


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