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computer for children
computer for children

The best computer for school children 2022

To the question “Which computer is better for a teenager to buy?” New answers every year. Technology has changed, and more importantly, the needs and habits of young people have changed. And most of all, learning!

It is difficult to answer vaguely because students are different: there are humanities students and there are “technologies”, there are skills and there are sports, there are modern computer scientists and there are visual arts. Adolescents can be college, college, or university enthusiasts talking about computers.

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Now let’s talk about serious computers that are not just games. Rather, it is a source of modern education in modern fields. This is not a computer for kids who are learning to press buttons. It is a system of learning for adolescents from which they should acquire specific skills and abilities for their work.

Top 4 computers for school children

Let’s remember that the computers we care about are how they are designed. Focusing on solving complex problems “for development” and should be relevant in the coming seasons, so it’s cheap, sorry! – It is impossible. For educational work, the best configuration is Intel Core i5 (8300 or 8400), GeForce GTX 1660, with a video card and 16 GB RAM. Trust Irina Shekhovtsova (Nvidia) and we agree.

System options

The equipment we recommend may seem expensive. But we found that it is a bit more expensive than a good new smartphone. Remember that you will need to purchase a monitor for your desktop computer. But it is a long-term investment. It will last longer than a computer and will be useful for a variety of uses. Family movies are included, but let’s talk about computers.

Choice of editors

1. DEXP Mars E235 (from Rs. 48,000)

Designed desktop computers that interest us. Developed by a Pakistan company, the computer is housed in a small tower case. Therefore, high-efficiency components have good heat dissipation. This will have a positive effect on both the stability and durability of the computer. The system costs R 48,000 in a hard black box with marked edges (but in some cases, you will have to pay extra to install the system.)

2. HP Pavilion Gaming 690-0029ur (starting from Rs. 60,000)

Modern desktop but, firstly, from the world-class manufacturer, secondly, with the pre-installed and configured operating system, and thirdly, in a more comfortable condition. It is equipped with components (for example, a Bluetooth adapter “on board”). The cost of such a system is indeed a little higher than the assembly computer in Pakistan – from 60 thousand rupees.

3. Dell Alienware R8 (from Rs. 65,000)

You received a very beautiful and memorable case in the form of a Mid Tower, which is truly a modern work of art that will adorn any interior. The manufacturer says that the interior of the case can be used without tools. And they can be ordered in different charging options (for example, with liquid cooling or with a Blu-ray drive), but we are interested in at least one system configuration – Intel Core i5 (8300 or 8400). + Remember the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660. + “16 GB RAM – which will cost from 6.5 million.

4. HyperPC Neo (from Rs. 69,000)

Get attention with this design box made in black and red. This is a Pakistan company with a deep red backlight, on its website you can customize the settings of your interest, which are specially submitted for you. Computers will be better. Testing and guarantee are important in this case: you want your child to understand the intricacies of math methods and creative programs. Computer repair is also a good job. But it should have slightly different features. We are interested in the price of Rs. 69,000.

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