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The Best Facebook Pages of 2022

The Best Facebook Pages of 2022

For each page, you’ll see the normal month-to-month natural reach, viral reach, and commitment, and how every measurement contrasts and the normal for pages of a similar size. click here Commitment depends on the number of individuals drawn in/the number of individuals who came to.

To perceive how your Facebook page thinks about this normal and have it added to the rundown, you simply sync your page with the Facebook Page Barometer. It’s free and just requires 30 seconds.


Security first Australia (Baby Goods/Kids Goods)

Security first Australia


Fan Count: 17,614


Commitment: 7.12% (Average: 7.9%)


Natural Reach: 90.38% (Average: 42.4%)


Viral Reach: 150.14% (Average: 273.1%)


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Security first Australia makes and sells items intended to make life more secure for kids. Its image rotates altogether around that mission.


What makes the Safety first Australia Facebook page so viable, then, at that point, is the way well it sticks to that brand personality. It advances a couple of its items, certain,

however it likewise presents tips – related on the items or not – for diminishing the dangers kids face in the home, the vehicle, or elsewhere. The tips aren’t simply representative, by the same token. They’re functional and significant – the sort of presents moms forward on their companions.


By distributing content like that, the organization allows itself more power over something that would somehow be more dynamic or possibly extremely expansive – kid wellbeing. It’s just great marking.

MAXXESS FRANCE (Motorcycle Accessories)



Fan Count: 66,845

Note: socialfollowerspro

Commitment: 16.2% (Average: 7.4%)


Natural Reach: 62.7% (Average: 42.4%)


Viral Reach: 111.7% (Average: 273.1%)


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Bikes have a level of elatedness. They convey more gamble – and for the most part more fervor – than vehicles. They address opportunity, defiance, and reckless tenseness. Many individuals basically won’t ride one.


That implies, as a culture, cruisers are more separate. Credibility matters. It’s one of the many reasons Harley-Davidson bicycles are the true norm of most American bandit bike posses. The organization has been around quite a while and substantiated itself again and again.


Despite the fact that bike extra vendors aren’t dependent upon an incredible same examination, being “one of us” positively makes a difference.

That is the reason MAXXESS FRANCE’s posts on Facebook range from cruiser humor to shocking accident recordings. It incorporates as a large part of a riding experience as possible,

so it tends to be essential for a local area that frequently purchases inside the local area. What’s more, MAXXESS FRANCE has done an excellent occupation of that.

Heelbook (Entertainment Apparel)


Fan Count: 76,292


Commitment: 22.7% (Average: 7.4%)


Natural Reach: 73.8% (Average: 42.4%)


Viral Reach: 108.2% (Average: 273.4%)


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Heelbook is definitely not an intense brand. It sells comical shirts in view of expert wrestling.


More often than not, its clients aren’t incredibly inspired by the style. They’re proficient wrestling fans and they partake in a decent giggle – particularly when it connects with a joke no one but they can completely appreciate.

Heel’s book could discuss what’s going on in proficient wrestling on Facebook – who’s triumphant, who’s losing.

Be that as it may, the shirts – the item they’re selling – simply aren’t.


Along these lines, Heel’s book posts jokes all things considered. Some of them are on their shirts. Honestly, there is a touch of selling here. In any case, generally, it’s a tiny bit of disrespectfulness like clockwork. What’s more, that easygoing, insider humor is exactly what the incentive of their shirts is.

Randy tippy napery (Lifestyle Community)

Rudy tippy napery


Fan Count: 53,751


Commitment: 23.8% (Average: 7.4%)


Natural Reach: 29.9% (Average: 42.4%)


Viral Reach: 20.6% (Average: 273.1%)


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Rudy tippy napery is an accomplice of Kitchen and Living. It focuses on a similar plan, culinary, and way of life ideas that Kitchen and Living is known for. In advertising terms,

it’s an image local area. Rudy tips napery bring a generally different client base together, to fabricate a more grounded relationship with them – one that spins around the local area, and likewise the bigger organization (Kitchen and Living).


They do a couple of things especially well locally, as well. A focal piece of the Rudy tips napery experience is sharing homemaking thoughts.

Their Facebook page is loaded with them. They even take ideas from their fans and repost them, which includes their local area in a more dynamic – and seriously charming – way. Their fans get something out of the trade. They pick up homemaking tips and get acknowledgment for their commitments also

Pecheur.com (Fishing)



Fan Count: 71,112


Commitment: 23.8% (Average: 7.4%)


Natural Reach: 29.9% (Average: 42.4%)


Viral Reach: 20.6% (Average: 273.1%)


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Fishing only sometimes comes without any problem. You can do it for a large portion of your life nevertheless come up with nothing consistently. As a game, it requires practice and dominance; experience is compensated more than inborn capacity.


Also, great, able anglers are glad for theirs. They buckled down – and went hungry time and again – to get it. Pecheur.com, a fishing organization, comprehends that pride well. That is the reason they consistently ask their fans inquiries about appropriate fishing structures.

It offers them an opportunity to exhibit what they know. What’s more, assuming that there are conflicts in the remarks – which there are on occasion – it’s far superior.

A solid, enthusiastic discussion makes for a sound, vivacious local area. It makes their page a laid-out spot to talk fishing, which loans validity to the brand and drives deals thusly.


Heidelberg Cakes (Bakery)

Heidelberg Cakes


Fan Count: 5,354


Commitment: 20.6% (Average: 8.4%)


Natural Reach: 28% (Average: 42.4%)


Viral Reach: 4.8% (Average: 273.1%)


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Typically, the greater part of us isn’t willing to pay much for a cake. Yet, for exceptional occasions – like birthday events and weddings – we regularly spend somewhat more. Heidelberg Cakes serves that specialty.

Furthermore, on Facebook, they find some kind of harmony of advancing their items without hard-selling them.


They do it by posting about their cakes, yet with regards to showing the innovativeness and great taste of the clients who requested them. Whenever they can, Heidelberg even labels those clients in their posts.

It’s not just a gentler sell, it’s additionally fabricating a connection among them and their clients. It includes them in a discourse – which is one of the qualities of social showcasing, probably its greatest benefit over more customary channels.

OkChicas (Lifestyle Magazine)



Fan Count: 372,324


Commitment: 17.3% (Average: 7.4%)


Natural Reach: 197.2% (Average: 42.4%)


Viral Reach: 5,206.6% (Average: 273.1%)


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A considerable lot of the most generally shared recordings – even the really popular ones – are straightforward. They’re comical, charming, or motivational. They have expansive allure.


OkChicas is a way of life blog and magazine for young ladies. Posting content on their Facebook page that would somehow be on their blog could work – it’s reusing – yet it won’t ever go as viral as a feline video will. What’s more, furthermore, their crowd is in some measure decently keen on something like that – lovable recordings.


Thus, they post them. Also, it gets them viral reach to the tune of 5,206.6%, which is noteworthy regardless of your perspective.

Riga Master Workshop (Automotive Restoration)

Riga Master Workshop


Fan Count: 6,032


Commitment: 22.6% (Average: 8.4%)


Natural Reach: 74.4% (Average: 42.4%)


Viral Reach: 88.9% (Average: 273.1%)


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There are a couple of ventures, a couple of specialties, that have something of a clique following. Cars is one of them. Also, exemplary cars – especially with regards to rebuilding – is another.


Riga Master Workshop takes one of a kind – and regularly intriguing – vehicles and resurrects them. A cycle rouses energy, which is the reason their Facebook page consistently posts their advancement, including tips and pictures

Their fans learn something about reclamation and get the opportunity to add to the conversation through remarks. They additionally get to live vicariously through the mechanics. At any rate, visiting the Riga Master Workshop page is a sort of extravagance.

Get Lean (Fitness Coach)

Get Lean


Fan Count: 27,506


Commitment: 24.3% (Average: 7.9%)


Natural Reach: 66.9% (Average: 42.4%)


Viral Reach: 112.4% (Average: 273.1%)


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There’s consistent interest – especially toward the beginning of another year – in working out. Sadly, the business is contaminated with a wide range of misleading cases, diets, schedules, etc. Believing them can be hard. That is the reason it is so vital to layout validity.


Get Lean achieves that in an assortment of ways. The mentor himself is in remarkable shape, which is a demonstration of his program. Yet, more than that, he posts recordings of the manners in which he lifts and eats. It resembles an advertisement for his paid items, as well as inbound showcasing.



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