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Therapeutic swimming: getting to know swimming

Do you consider swimming only as a sport or a recreational discipline? It is necessary to inquire and know a little more about it. Perhaps the complexity that is talked about so much generates a thought, a priori, different; or when they hear how complete it usually is, they don’t pay much attention. The truth is that it is so beneficial that there is also therapeutic swimming with lifeguard recertification.

Summarizing this discipline can be a bit complex, even a little more than being an expert practicing it. Therefore, the main aspects and all the positive things that it can contribute must be taken into account. This time, we will focus on swimming as a rehabilitation method.

What is therapeutic swimming?

Regular physical activity is one of the most common recommendations for good health; In this way, swimming contributes its grain of sand in terms of caring for the body.

However, it also offers a great contribution through therapeutic swimming, which is comprised of a series of activities focused on the recovery of the body. This is summarized in rehabilitation treatments; specifically, muscular and joint.

Usually, it is related to older adulthood – people over 60 years of age – due to its joint wear; however, therapeutic swimming is present in all life stages of the human being.

This is because, regardless of the age of a person, anyone can suffer an injury that requires a rehabilitation process and water appears as a good alternative.

The secret of therapeutic swimming

There are countless rehabilitation processes endorsed by professionals in the health area; Despite this, therapy swimming has an “ace up its sleeve.”

It is about water, a place where the conditions of the body change considerably with respect to what is normal – land surface with lifeguard recertification. There, the body feels lighter and most movements are easier to perform.

The main advantages of carrying out a rehabilitation within the aquatic surface are the following:

On the other hand, therapeutic swimming also helps in the psychological field – being one of the most relevant benefits of conventional swimming – an important aspect when undergoing a physical recovery process.

When is therapeutic swimming recommended?

The vast majority of people who have experienced the benefits of this practice first recommend it; Despite this, it is first necessary to consult with your GP or a specialist.

This is because the exercises in therapeutic swimming vary, depending on the need or the affected area. Therefore, it must be an individualized process.

Based on this, the most common treatments within the aquatic surface are directed to the following pathologies or ailments:

  1. Joint problems (arthritis, bursitis, among others).
  2. Overweight and obesity.
  3. Recovery from surgeries.
  4. Bone and muscle diseases.
  5. Respiratory problems.
  6. Gymnastics for older adults.
  7. Pregnant women.

Despite the fact that older adulthood and pregnancy are not, strictly speaking, ailments or diseases, changes at the physiological level tend to be abrupt; for this reason, therapeutic swimming tends to be one of the main recommendations for this population.

How can it be done?

This practice, at a general level, consists of different types of movements lifeguard recertification, displacements, and exercises developed in the water; Its purpose is to provide well-being to the body.

Specifically, each person requires a training plan focused on their ailment or on the area to be rehabilitated; This is usually developed jointly by medical staff and a trained coach. Likewise, the execution of this must be constantly supervised and with the support of someone in the pool, if necessary.

Make water your ally

As we mentioned at the beginning, swimming goes beyond sports or recreational practice; learning the basic principles of this can have good consequences.

Based on this, we recommend that you immerse yourself in this wonderful world and do not miss the opportunity; They just have to go at their own pace to acquire these benefits and of course, seek advice from people with experience in the matter.

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