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Time to start a family blog
Time to start a family blog

Time to start a family blog

There are different types of blogs. Most people blog to promote themselves, to write about their hobbies, to advance a goal, to make money, or just as a way to get rid of the things that annoy them. 

However, a family blog is a blog that involves the whole family. Parents can write about subjects that interest their children. Kids can showcase their artwork, write stories and jokes, or just find fun pictures to post. When parents and children work together in this way, there are bound to be priceless rewards.

Benefits include: promoting family relationships, providing a way to document children’s development and achievement, and supporting children’s learning. It captures the hearts of the family and is a permanent record that future generations can see. It is also a means for children to know their parents as interesting people instead of just Mom and Dad.

Improve communication in the family

Many family conflicts occur due to poor communication. When parents and children do not often talk, it is easy to lead to misunderstandings and disputes. By working together regularly on blogs, parents can take advantage of the opportunity to really chat and connect with their kids. It can even become a family ritual, like a weekly outing.

Children sometimes have trouble speaking. By going through the content of their kid’s posts, parents can get a sense of what their kids are feeling. They can then initiate communication by asking meaningful questions. In particular, young children do not yet know how to express their feelings and need the help of their parents to understand their feelings.

As children get older, they may even prefer to communicate through their blogs rather than via email and text messages. Sometimes it’s easier to tell what’s on our mind indirectly through music, a poem, or an image.

Share the happiness

No wonder, in these days of global travel, families are living in different parts of the world. Why not use a family blog as a way to share happy moments with friends and loved ones far away? Instead of just posting photos on online photo albums, it’s much more fun to let children explain what they’ve been through, how they feel, and whatever they want to say about the occasion.

Looking back on such memories can be a lot of fun. In the face of life’s disappointments, how comforting it is to remind ourselves that life is actually pretty good and that we’re just overcoming temporary setbacks.

Help your child succeed at school

The success of the school depends on many factors. Your child needs to be able to focus on what the teacher is teaching and not be distracted by other students. She needs to learn how to study regularly for an exam, not cram a few days before the exam. She needs to understand the key concepts of a subject rather than just memorizing facts from a textbook or from a teacher’s notes. These skills can be learned almost easily just by maintaining a blog.

Learn to focus

Children often find it difficult to focus on a single subject. They are used to moving from one topic to another. This can hinder them in school; they find it difficult to concentrate long enough on a subject to learn what is required. If your child spends most of his time playing computer games or watching television, it will be difficult for him to read long pages of text and understand what he is reading. Blogging can fix this.

To create a fun family blog, you and your kids will need to do the research. By going through a variety of materials such as books, magazines, and the internet, your child is more likely to maintain his or her interest. Doing it together makes it easier and less tedious. Make constant, regular efforts to teach your child what it means to focuse and single-minded to achieve his goals. Another benefit is that he gains a broader general knowledge, which is sure to help him in school.

Learn how to make continuous revisions

Leverage blog posts to help your child revise. By writing about the subjects your child is learning at school, your child will update his blog and revise his schoolwork. By doing research to make her posts interesting, she will learn more than expected in school. As exam time approaches, she should have no trouble getting an A!

Increase confidence

Have you ever secretly felt that you could be a writer? Or an artist? Or a designer? But are you close to doing something about it? Or maybe you believe your child’s talent is hidden if you can uncover it. When you start a family blog, these talents can emerge. When you start writing about your favorite things or start experimenting with color, graphics, and design, you can uncover that hidden talent.

We often rely on how others see us to determine our own value

If we earn a good salary, or if our kids get good grades, we feel great. Conversely, if no one notices what we do, we feel that our efforts are worthless.

However, once you have a blog, you can feel great satisfaction seeing the amazing results of all your hard work. When people see your blog and post positive comments, you gain even more confidence. Your child will also get motivated to work hard and get the job done well. This lesson is invaluable and will serve him well throughout his life.

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