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Top 10 Day Trips To Guangzhou, China

Top 10 Day Trips To Guangzhou, China

Take a trip to Guangzhou which is a stunning city situated on the Pearl River in China. Explore Guangzhou and admire buildings that display modern, avant-garde styles of architecture. This includes Canton Tower with the form of an hourglass-like shape as well as the Guangzhou Opera House, which is shaped like two stones along the edge of the Pearl River. 

Trip to Guangzhou 

Marvel over the stunning views from the top of Canton Tower’s viewing deck, which is a spiral at 600 meters (1,982 feet). History and art lovers will be able to appreciate Cantonese art and the nature, culture, and historical artifacts at Guangdong Museum. Guangzhou has a great subway system and buses that make it simple to travel around the city. For cool, unique chinese names ideas try a chinese name generator.

If you’re looking for a new adventure look below to learn more information about the most popular day excursions from Guangzhou, China.

1. Foshan, Guangdong

Foshan is located about 45 minutes’ driving distance from Guangzhou. The city is believed as the birthplace of ceramics and Cantonese opera-like martial arts, singing, and Acrobatics. You can visit Xiqiao Mountain National Forest Park that is awe-inspiring natural scenery, making it an ideal destination for nature-lovers. It is the home of Mount Xiqiao that is an extinct volcano that has an image of the Guan Yin Buddha on the summit. 

Explore the park’s scenic trails with rock formations that are unique and freshwater springs, waterfalls, and caves. Foshan has beautiful gardens, including The Sanshui Lotus World as well as Qing Hui Yuan. Additional attractions are Foshan Ancestral Temple, as well as Chuanlord Holiday Manor.

2. Zhuhai, China

Zhuhai is an urban area that has lots to provide. From amusement parks to museums the city is well worth a visit. Explore the unique architectural style of the A-Ma Temple, which was built in honor of Mazu, the Chinese sea goddess, Mazu. For those who love history, you can visit Monte Fort, which was Macau’s historic military center. If you want to have fun and adventure go to the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. 

The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is a theme park with attractions, shows for animals, and an enormous oceanarium. It also provides an easy connection to the islands like Taipa or Coloane. The Xianglu Bay coast provides scenic panoramas that include the Zhuhai Delta and the Fisher Girl Statue which is a key symbol of the city.

3. Huizhou, China

Huizhou is an area that is full of natural beauty. From hot springs to mountains the city offers it all. Enjoy stunning scenery at the mountain of sacred significance, Mount Luofu. Visit its Taoist Relics, Daoist temples, grotesque rock formations and peaks with lush vegetation, sparkling lakes, roaring waterfalls hot springs, and caves. Relax on the beach or wander around their surroundings. Then, at Ibis Styles Huizhou Xunliao Bay where you can unwind on the beach or in the hot spring, fish, and enjoy delicious seafood. Connect with nature in a relaxing manner.

4. Jiangmen, China

Jiangmen is an important city that is known for its rich cultural heritage and has an abundance of sites of historical significance dating from before World War II. Go to Jiangmen’s UNESCO World Heritage Kaiping Diaolou and Villages. Admire the distinctive architectural style of its fortified towers that span multiple stories called Diaolou which reflect an amalgamation of Chinese with Western architecture styles. Explore the communal, residential towers, and watchtowers as well as to know about their historical significance. Other tourist attractions comprise Guifeng Mountain Xiachuan Island and Shangchuan Island.

5. Mount Danxia

This beautiful region has a stunning mountainous landscape. The erosion of sandstone in this region over a number of years led to the creation of distinctive rocks that are surrounded by high cliffs. Marvel at the beauty of these rocks which creates an amazing backdrop for photographs. Take a walk through the mountains and visit the temples. Breathe in the fresh air as you take in the wildlife and flora within the region. Take an inflatable boat and take the tranquil and picturesque cruise on the river which winds around the mountains.

6. Gulong Canyon Glass Bridge

Be brave and conquer your fear of heights with this trip that will take around 10 hours. It includes transport and a guide, as well as tickets to skip the line as well as lunch in a nearby establishment. Explore the trails which cross Gulong Gorge to the scenic nine waterfalls. Experience the thrill of adrenaline when you cross the glass bridge that stretches 1 080 feet (329.1 meters) across the canyon. Sit on the glass platform that rises 236 feet (72 meters) over the gorge and be awestruck by the waterfalls’ breathtaking landscape. Photograph those incredible shots to keep as souvenirs.

7. Dongguan, China

Dongguan is the home of the world’s biggest shopping mall measured by gross leaseable area. Take a stroll through the New South China Mall and take a look at its many retail and non-retail outlets. With a meticulous layout, this mall was planned and built with seven zones that represent different areas that are frequently visited by tourists like Amsterdam or Egypt. With the many options that are available, you’ll find something you’ll enjoy. The mall also offers dining establishments and an indoor-outdoor rollercoaster as well as an IMAX-style theater. Other places to visit in the city include the beautiful Songshan Lake, Keyuan Garden as well as The Opium War Museum.

8. Huangteng Gorge Sky Corridor

Get your adrenaline pumping when you cross the bridge made of glass that rises at a height of 500m (1,640 feet) above the gorge. Admire the spectacular panorama of Huangteng Gorge and the natural scenery from this point of view. Make sure to take your camera with you to get some stunning photos of the amazing landscape that will be the envy of all who comes across them. This is a great opportunity to get over the fear you have of climbing if you’re willing to take on the challenge.

9. Corridor of Peaks in Western Yingde

Explore the Corridor of Peaks in Western Yingde situated within Jiulong as well as Huanghua. The beautiful area has formed limestone peaks, lush tropical forest and a river that flows across the valley, and some karst mountains as a backdrop. It is possible to go around the artificial pond by river raft. It is also possible to explore a small underground cave and bamboo forest, and farmhouses. Make a plan for a trip a day to the area and take time to experience this amazing and picturesque attraction.

10. Zhaoqing, China

Explore the stunning city of Zhaoqing during this tour that will last for an entire day. Discover how Dinghu Mountain was named and even climb it. From the summit look out over the spectacular view of the falls, historic buildings, and lush vegetation. After that, you can go towards Seven Star Crags, where you can be able to see limestone rock formations in the vicinity of Star Lake. The crags are located to give breathtaking perspectives of Star Lake as well as its migrating birds. The tour ends with a pick-up at your lodging.

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