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Tree Houses In Munnar

10 Tree Houses In Munnar A Perfect Honeymoon

Munnar is a charming hill station in Kerala and is known for its tea gardens, green meadows, rocky peaks, and unique tree houses. The town, which is home to numerous tea farms, is an important commercial hub with lovely tree houses for couples to stay in. Couples may have an awesome experience in these tree houses. Such areas, nestled among the town’s vast forest and plantations, provide a calm break for anybody looking to get away from the city for a while. Couples can visit the city and spend some quality time with their partner at tree houses in Munnar by just booking the Munnar Tree House Honeymoon Package offered by Lock Your Trip. Tree houses in Munnar are locally called ‘Erumadam,’ and are built on the top of tall, strong trees with views of the green woodlands. 

Tree houses are wooden structures placed at the top of trees. It have been built with eco-friendly materials such as coir matting, bamboo poles, hay straws, and living trees (as pillars) without using a single nail. Treehouses in Kerala are constructed on top of large, durable trees with views of the surrounding forests. Traditionally, tribal tribes and hunters built treehouses to protect from wild animals. Tourists visiting Kerala may stay in luxurious treehouses at a variety of resorts in Munnar. Treehouses in Kerala are made from eco-friendly materials like bamboo, coir, and wood. In this blog, we will mention a few best tree houses in Munnar for your romantic honeymoon. 

Dream Catcher Plantation Resort

The place is surrounded by natural beauty and attractive hills. The resort comprises four different tree houses, each of which is self-sustaining and situated in the middle of deep plantations. They’ve got everything you’ll need for a relaxing break from the city’s hustle and bustle. From a 60-foot-high tree house with all modern comforts for a pleasant stay, enjoy the beautiful view of the forest and its surroundings. 

Nature Zone Resort

In Munnar, the Nature Zone Resort is one of the best places to stay if you want to live in a tree house. The resort’s tree house is built on live trees with extreme care to comfort. The tree house is huge and comfortable, and it is situated in the Munnar forest.  From the tree house’s balcony, visitors may enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding flora and peaks. To the ear of any nature lover, the chirping of birds is like a melody. 

Double Tree Villa

The tourists will have a unique experience at Double Tree Villa, which combines the finest of nature with modernity. The atmosphere is tranquil and calm, assuring that the guests have a wonderful stay.  The atmosphere provides couples with happiness and joy. It is set amidst the stunning beauties of Munnar tea gardens and forests. The variety of indigenous flora, exotic flowers, and trees, together with the chirping of birds, contributes to the place’s glamour. 

Vanya Tree House

Where man returns to his origins’ – Vanya is precisely what this tagline indicates. The resort is designed after the lifestyle of people who live in treehouses in Kerala. They’ve made sure that their treehouse is surrounded by nature so that visitors can observe how she keeps us nourished and self-sufficient. Every component of Vanya is designed to demonstrate a concern for the Earth and its surroundings. 

Jungle Jive Tree House

A paradise for children, a romantic getaway for couples, and a heaven for nature lovers. Munnar’s Jungle jive tree houses are set on a 15-acre plot of land surrounded by tea, coffee, pepper, and cardamom farms. It is an ideal location for bird watching and listening to their melodious chirping. Jungle Jive Tree House is surrounded by hundreds of trees. It is a modern building mixed with Japanese design, providing a wonderful experience in the lap of nature. 

Tulsi Village Tree House

The Tulsi Village Tree House is one of the best tree houses in Munnar for people going on vacation with their better half. This tree house has two bedrooms, is entirely made of wood and has cosy interiors, as the name indicates. Outside, there is a terrace area with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and valleys. The tree house is also close to some of the region’s most famous tourist sites, as well as minor streams and rivulets. What makes the stay even better is the staff’s highly customised and prompt service. Which ensures that the visitors are comfortable during their stay. 

Heaven Valleys Tree House

One of the nicest tree houses in Munnar is the Heaven Valleys Tree House on Munnar Mankulam Road. This property is nestled among the forested hills of the Western Ghats, and it also includes a nearby stream that adds to the beauty of the surroundings. The resort is noted for its quiet atmosphere, which includes a gorgeous cottage with comfy beds, a seating area, and floor to ceiling windows with breathtaking views of the mountains. It is also close to major tourist destinations such as the Nakshatra Waterfalls and the Perumbankuth Waterfalls. 

The Misty Munnar Tree House

The Misty Munnar Treehouse is one of the best tree houses in Munnar. It’s close to the lovely Attukad Waterfalls. The house, which sits on a tiny hilltop, offers quiet and serenity and is a fantastic spot to spend a restful weekend with your partner. A lake near the property adds to the attractiveness of the area. Where you may take romantic walks with your better half while enjoying the scenery. The property features a cottage and a tree house. All of which are furnished with modern conveniences such as running hot and cold water, toiletries, television, and more. 

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Great Escape Resort Munnar

One of Munnar’s most well-known tree houses is the Great Escape Resort. This property is one of the most exquisite tree houses in Munnar and it is near the Chinnakanal Tea Gardens. The tree house, which has a tiny waterfall, a watchtower, and other unique features. It also has some of the best views of the hills and sunsets due to its high location.  This property, which has 18 well-equipped rooms, cottages, and a tree house, also allows visitors to participate in indoor and outdoor activities, local excursions, and more. 

Erumadam Tree House

The Treehouse is located on a peaceful hill and is surrounded by the stunning surroundings of Sahayadri and offers an epic view of the Marayoor Valley. The property features a treehouse and four mud huts, making it ideal for anyone looking for a peaceful vacation in a rural environment. Rustic Bohemian décor, thatched roofs, and locally sourced wood complement the interiors, making it a truly sustainable residence. A communal kitchen, a lounge, a common eating room, and stunning open areas are also available to visitors. 

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