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Top 10 Things to Know Before Moving to Bangalore from Hyderabad
Top 10 Things to Know Before Moving to Bangalore from Hyderabad

Top 10 Things to Know Before Moving to Delhi from Kolkata

Relocating from one place to another is one of the most assiduous activities in the world. The intensity of challenges of relocation differs according to the distance of the move. This is why an intercity move is far more complicated than a local move. As you are planning to moving to Delhi from Kolkata, you have to go through a daunting and tedious episode of your life. Even if you have created a comfort zone for yourself in Kolkata, you must come out of your shell to grow in life. Delhi has ample promising employment opportunities and an enhanced lifestyle. Check out the following pointers to know how you can simplify your move with packers and movers Kolkata to Delhi.

1. Plan your move

When you consider moving from one distant city to another, you need to use your planning and managerial skills. The better you plan the better you can execute the move. Plan the basic aspects of your move. Choose a moving date. Make sure that you have a month or two in hand to prepare for moving to Delhi from Kolkata. Fix a moving budget for the relocation. An intercity relocation will cost you more than a local one. Make sure that your moving budget does not surpass your monthly expenses. Even if you want to slash the moving expenses, don’t try to carry out the move on your own. Always appoint a moving company while moving long-distance.

2. Prepare without delay

After you figure out the budget and the moving day, it is time, to begin with, the preparations. Start preparing as soon as possible. Create a checklist to organise your intercity move. Mention all the preparatory tasks in the checklist and designate a particular time frame to complete them. Stick to the checklist and complete the tasks without delay. If you pile up the tasks for the last day, you are going to face a chaotic situation. Completing all the preparations in a day is not possible and will lead to a disastrous outcome.

3. Choose a moving company

As we already discussed that it is essential to appoint a moving company for intercity shifting. Thus, you need to choose one as a primary preparation task. You should book a moving company at least a month before the moving day in general. But if you are moving during the peak season, book your moving company two months in advance. Summer is the peak season in the moving industry. Due to the increased demand of the customers during the peak season, you will not get an available slot for yourself. So, book your moving company as early as possible.

Ask your near and dear ones for recommendations. Check the internet for the reputed packers and movers near your location. Visit their websites and read the reviews by several customers who have already availed of their moving services. Choose a company with good reviews. Otherwise, check for dependable aggregators of packers and movers online. Get verified leads from them and contact the moving companies to conduct a pre-move survey. Get their quotations and choose the most affordable company to help you move to Delhi from Kolkata.

4. Toss out the inessentials

While preparing for an intercity move, you should remember an important fact. The cost of your move depends on the distance of your move and the size of your move. The distance of your move to Delhi from Kolkata is fixed. The only thing that you can adjust to bring down the moving cost is the size of your move. The best way to make it possible is by tossing out the inessentials from your house. It will also make space for new furniture in your new home. So, pick out the things in your house that you do not need anymore. Accumulate them in a separate corner. Sell, donate, or discard them according to their condition and utility. Move with those things that you think are necessary.

5. Save the valuables

This is an important part of the preparation. The day of the move is going to be full of commotion. Your entire house will be scattered. There will be packing supplies and the moving team who will be busy packing your belongings in the packing boxes. If you try to find anything important then, you cannot find it. So, you must save important and valuable items like your educational and work-related credentials, precious pieces of jewellery, expensive watches, high-end gadgets, and certain items with sentimental value.

6. Pack an essentials box

This part of the preparation will save you right after you move into your new house. It is not possible that you to finish with all the unpacking on the very day you reach Delhi. You will need at least a week or two to finish unpacking and re-arranging your house after moving to Delhi from Kolkata. To get through these days, you need to pack your essentials into a particular box. Pack your toiletries, towels, bed sheets, a fresh set of clothes, undergarments, chargers, cables, a few plates and bowls, cleaning essentials, and some packaged snacks and cereals.

7. Get moving insurancep

As you consider moving to Delhi from Kolkata, you should be concerned about the safety of your belongings on the move. To ensure flawless delivery of your goods, you should get moving insurance. When you visit the office of your moving company to sign the moving agreement, you should opt for moving insurance. If there is any loss or damage to your belongings on the road, the moving company will compensate your financial losses. They may repair, repay, or replace your damaged item.

8. Manage utility services

While moving from one city to another, you have to be careful about certain things. Managing the utility services like water connection, electricity connection, DTH connection, gas connection, and internet connection are such tasks. Call your utility packers and movers

in Kolkata and ask them to terminate these services from the day of your move. Call utility providers in Delhi and ask them to connect you to new connections on the day of your arrival in Delhi.

9. Label the boxes

When your moving team arrives at your place on the moving day, they will focus on stuffing your belongings according to their sizes and labelling the boxes. You need to remind them to label the boxes. Either mention the names of the rooms these boxes belong to or write the contents on each box. Use a thick-tipped marker pen to write on the surface of the packing boxes. This way you can locate the items without rummaging through all the boxes after shifting.

10. Get warehousing services

While moving to Delhi from Kolkata, you will not be able to go and check your new house in person before the move. In such cases, you should conduct the intercity move and put up in a hotel in Delhi. Ask your moving company to store your belongings in their warehouse till you find suitable accommodation. Choose a moving company that offers warehousing services. You don’t have to feel hesitant about the safety of your goods as these warehouses are well guarded by security staff members and have CCTV cameras installed in them.


Follow the above-mentioned pointers while moving to Delhi from Kolkata and have an easy and comfortable experience.

We all know the best way to relocate home is to hire the right packers and movers. Just be specific to your needs with local or intercity moves and select the apt service provider to fulfill the purpose. But, some go with a DIY move to save money. However, a DIY or self-move is not easy either. People face challenges during the move and do lots of mistakes during a DIY move. Hence, experts advise hiring professionals, especially for an intercity move. Suppose you are moving to Delhi from Kolkata, then you should book packers and movers from Delhi from Kolkata.


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