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Top 5 Chat, Voice, Video APIs That Are Perfect for Your Web or Mobile App

The growth of digitization has mandated companies and professionals to look for solutions that help them in collaborating online. In this technology-oriented world, it is necessary to upgrade the way businesses are conducted and communication is made. For this, integrating chat, voice, and video APIs into the company’s website is the ideal decision. By adding current APIs, the organizations can focus on their priorities and spend the rest of the money thereafter.

CONTUS MirrorFly:

CONTUS MirrorFly is one of the finest in-app chat facilities that improvises users’ experience and deals with messaging as well as moderation tools.

Main Features:

  •   Contact management

When you start chatting with new individuals or your networks, their contacts are saved on the list. MirrorFly is adept at sorting the contacts and keeping them segregated so that you do not have to waste time finding anything

  •   Call monitoring

At the time of making voice calls, the app makes sure to keep a record. It will help you in accessing those contacts again without surfing throughout the list.

  •   Video call recording

This app is efficient in recording videos and ensuring you have a wonderful experience in connecting with friends or relatives.

  •   Data Security

Constant cyber crimes have necessitated opting for a high data security system. This app is integrated with such an efficient system that your information or any kind of data is safe.

Benefits of CONTUS MirrorFly pricing model

Some of the benefits stated by MirrorFly are its ability to communicate comprehensively, possess built-in monetization tools, and great security measures. The app is intended to help people stay in touch without having to worry about traveling to distant places.

CONTUS MirrorFly Pricing:

As an efficient communication software, it has packages starting from 99 dollars for Essential to Growth one at 199 dollars, and Premium at 999 dollars.

2. Twilio API:

Twilio API is brilliant for organizations, which are willing to integrate video, voice, chat, messaging, and chatbots in their applications. It is all about establishing a link between customers and the company whenever required.

How does the Twilio App Works?

Integrating highly-advanced communication methods, it is meant to unite links across the whole business. This may include various departments establishing a connection with each other to run the business smoothly. Indeed, the app allows running campaigns over various channels to retain customers’ attention. It works towards sending messages, programmable voice calls, managing emails, creating real-time videos, and connecting users throughout the world.

Main Twilio Chat Features:

  •   One-on-one group message system
  •   Push indicators
  •   Storing message history
  •   Checking old messages of new members
  •   Linking chat with external apps
  •   Possible editing of messages

Twilio Pricing:

Twilio has every kind of plan for all types of businesses, be it small or large organizations. From as low as 0.0085 dollars per minute for a voice call to 14.95 dollars in a month, Twilio offers various budget-friendly packages.

3. Getstream API

Known as a power-packed chat API, Getstream is easier to customize as per your needs. It comes with advanced features to handle social messaging systems, e-commerce business, live streaming, and gaming. The purpose is to drive users’ attention.  

Component libraries for React Native, React, iOS, and Android

Stream Chat gives component libraries for React Native, React, Android, and iOS which streamline lives for organizations and professional developers by reducing delivery time.

AI moderation

The idea of using stream tools is to ensure the safety of users at the time of operating the application. Admins have the authority to ban or mute users, and channels, and send notifications for effective channelization of the conversation. Moreover, the stream AI moderation will guard users against spam.

Main features of Getstream API

  •   Group messaging 
  •   One-to-one messages
  •   Searching messages and chats
  •   Customize objects
  •   Excellent URL preview
  •   Muting or blocking users
  •   Video playbacks
  •   File uploading

Stream Chat Pricing:

To adapt to the features, you can take a free trial of the application. Further to this, the standard pack is available at 499 dollars per month. It will include 25k users per month, 3 lakh messages in a month, 7 lakh messages for storage, and 1250 main synchronized connections.

4. Intercom

Intended to establish connections, Intercom will allow you to interact within the website or mobile-based app. This makes it easy for the customers and company professionals to stay allied.

Intercom main features

  • Gather data about the customers and their activities that help in tracking every customer.  
  •  Live chat is the perfect option available to send personalized messages or discuss queries that add business growth. 
  • Engaging the customers by customized outbound messages in a conversation. In this way, the company can increase its profits without a doubt. Moreover, you can create carousel screens, product tours, and updated announcements. 
  • It allows easy management of users’ interactions across the channels for easy workflow.

Intercom pricing

It comes with four pricing options that include a basic package for messages and chats at 39 dollars per month, and an automation system package at 499 and 999 dollars per month. You can select the package as per your usage and requirement.

5. Agora.io

As a robust tool, it offers real-time messaging and chat services. Its SDKs and APIs allow developers to use influential voice as well as video calls. The highly active support team of Agora makes it a favorable choice for various organizations.

Main features:

  • Voice calls

Easily managed software development kit allows professionals to integrate clearer voice in the application for efficient performance. Moreover, it enhances flexibility in providing an audio experience between two or more people. The application has something for gamers as well. Its 360-degree spatial audio allows hearing different gamers’ voices without interruptions. Not to forget that users can alter the voice call experience by adding effects as well.

  • Video calls

By integrating Agora, you can enhance the performance of your application by making effective one-on-one video calls, group chats, and customizing video presentation styles.

Benefits of Agora pricing model:

Agora’s flexible pricing models allow users to pay for what they use. In fact, they do not have to pay in advance. Moreover, the users get the first 10k minutes of calls for free. Besides this, big discounts await users to increase sales.

Agora Pricing:

Agora offers different price packages for the users that include 0.99 dollars for every 1000 minutes, 0.99 to 14.99 dollars for video calls, 0.99 dollars per 1000 minutes of live audio, 2.50 to 3.50 dollars per 1000 minutes for live video streaming, and 1.49 to 22.49 for different sections of cloud recording.


In this article, you will get to see various apps that offer high-end video, voice, and chat APIs that help in building efficient business grounds. It is all about developing productive interactions with cost-effective measures.


In today’s technology-oriented world, establishing effective communication is mandatory for businesses. They have to make sure that their users get the best experience through video calls, chats, and interactive messages. This is the reason that the above-mentioned apps can be integrated into the company system.

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