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Top 7 Penetration Testing Certification Courses for 2022

Top 7 Penetration Testing Certification Courses for 2022

You may have heard about the benefits of digitization. However, have you considered any potential drawbacks? Hacking is one of the most serious risks to digitalization. As more firms digitize their company operations and procedures, the risk of being hacked grows. Preventing, detecting, responding to, and recovering from cyber-attacks is critical to reducing the risk of a security incident and avoiding the expense of a cyber-attack.  

Penetration Testing is a security evaluation that looks for security flaws in software, networks, or computer systems that an attacker may execute. Therefore, a Penetration Testing Certification can help you become a pentester.

What is penetration testing, and how does it work? 

Penetration Testing is similar to ethical hacking in that it involves looking for tiny security flaws in devices, programs, and wireless networks. Penetration testers work for various companies, identifying potential vulnerabilities in the company’s cyber security that might lead to an attacker and repairing them. It’s also known as pentesting, and it involves testers becoming trained in ethical hacking guidelines to secure a company’s data. 

They’ve been ethically trained to get into their clients’ digital systems to uncover flaws before a random hacker can. Furthermore, penetration testing certification courses are in great demand due to several global corporations’ efforts to safeguard. Their high-profile data breaches in recent years.

Courses in penetration testing certification

Those interested in pursuing a career in penetration testing can start with a certificate program and work their way up to a master’s degree. You could want to go for one of the top pen-testing certification courses based on your previous experience to improve your talents and capabilities in the same field. Here are some of the certified penetration testing courses available.

Certified Pentesting Expert

Certified Pentesting Expert is a tool created specifically for penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. The certification emphasizes an in-depth understanding of web hacking methods and tactics. 

Individuals who take this certified penetration testing course will better understand real-world difficulties and approaches. Individuals who obtain this certification will be able to grasp the methodologies of pentesting and will be able to apply those abilities to deliver solutions to businesses. Therefore, the demand for penetration testers is increasing in the industry. Enroll in this course to open the door to a new professional path.

Course Link:


Obtain certification as a penetration tester

It’s vital to get pros to assist you now you’ve learned everything there is to know about smartphone application penetration testing. The certified pen-testing certification is amongst the most sought-after credentials for penetration testing jobs worldwide. Therefore, with the help of penetration testing professionals the program came into existence. Furthermore, all these professionals have personal experience in the sector and various other technologies in relation to Pen testing.

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Certified Ethical Hacker

The Certified Ethical Hacking certification is a gold standard for ethical hackers worldwide. You’ll need to be up to date on the newest hacking and virus strategies to pass this certification. It helps your prospective clients and avoids security breaches.

Pen-testing training will not only qualify you for the council-certified ethical hacker exam, but they’ll also ensure that you will succeed in it. The 130 question 4-hour test validates your understanding of the subject at hand. Therefore, after receiving your certification, take the 6-hour practical test to demonstrate that you’ve done your homework.

Certified penetration tester 

The IACRB, the information assurance certification in the review board, issued the CPT certification. These are flexible exams that occur in various locations worldwide. If you have a group of ten people who want to take the test, it further assesses your understanding of penetration testing in general. Therefore, particular vulnerabilities in Windows, Linux, Unix, wireless security, and web application exploits, among other issues. 

Furthermore, the exam is multiple-choice, and you will qualify if you have an 80% or above score. Because technology develops so fast, this certification is only valid for four years, so once you earn it, make sure you keep it up to date. Fortunately, recertifying is entirely free. 

Certified expert penetration tester

The IACRB offers an advanced test called certified expert penetration tester. This exam demonstrates your ability to modify shellcode and exploitation code. 

Additionally, execute reserve engineering and other sophisticated penetration test procedures. It’s comparable to the CPT exam in that it’s a multiple-choice examination with a four-year validity period. 

Offensive security certified professional

Offensive security is a penetration certificates-focused IT certification organization. The test comprises a real-life scenario that you must investigate for 24 hours. The exam assesses your ability to obtain system information and write a complete report with notes and images to support your findings. 

Furthermore, the complexity of the vulnerabilities you identify and their access are factors in the test’s scoring. It’s a difficult practice exam. Therefore, if you want to be a competent penetration tester, getting this certification is well worth missing a good night’s sleepover. 

EC Council Certified Security Analyst

This is a moderate exam from the EC security council, one of the major certification bodies in the penetration testing business. They’ve developed several certifications to assure industry stability and competency. This certification requires two tests. The ability to manage multiple tests with 150 questions is the first step. 

Furthermore, the other exam is a 12-hour examination that verifies your penetration testing abilities in the real world. You will be given a simple operating system to work with as part of the test. You must show your understanding of network scans, vulnerability scanning, and other critical aspects of a penetration test during the 12 hours. Therefore, ECSA ethical hacking pen-testing training course will enable students for both exams.


Qualified professional aims to become a respected certified ethical hacker or security tester. Furthermore, because the need for security testers outnumbers the supply, pay and benefits are ample. All of this is because nowadays, everyone requires the services of an ethical hacker to evaluate their systems.

Therefore, companies tend to employ security testers to keep track of various findings. They further use them to identify and correct any flaws as quickly as possible to improve the company’s security.

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