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Software Quality Assurance Services

Top Software Quality Assurance Services Trends To Follow in 2022

As the world becomes more digitized, we are witnessing massive shifts in technological breakthroughs. With changing market trends, the role of software quality assurance services in the software development process keeps evolving. QA has developed from running test scripts to a strategic role, becoming a primary focus for today’s CIOs after a remarkable transformation. 

As software testing remains to be a significant characteristic of effective project and product results, let us look at some key trends of software quality assurance services that practitioners should know.

  • Transition to the Digital Age

Increasing integration of digital transformation initiatives like DevOps has prompted businesses to rethink QA in terms of digitalization. As a result of QA’s ability to enable speed while increasing efficiency, teams have become more cohesive. Continuous development and delivery, on the other hand, would come to a halt without a solid QA plan. As a logical consequence, DevOps and QA are converging, resulting in QAOps, a new framework. QAOps keeps software quality high by tackling it from a DevOps perspective.

  • Testing on Mobile Devices

Different operating systems must be installed in mobile testing facilities. Managing many devices and operating systems, on the other hand, remains a difficulty. With so many mobile devices in use, mobile testing knowledge is critical to the QA function’s overall performance. Furthermore, all clients are becoming more aware of the need for mobile testing. As a result, building a mobile testing facility to handle device management offers a competitive advantage in today’s market.

  • Test Automation

There is a transition from licensed software to open-source software. In the newly developing market, organizations that can demonstrate competency using open-source tools will succeed. However, before embarking on any automation project, it is critical to demonstrate that the chosen tool performs well in a client context. This boosts client trust in the offered solution, speeds up execution, lowers costs, and allows for speedier regression cycles, all of which result in superior quality. 

  • Testing for Security

With remote work becoming the norm, security testing has become a top priority for all businesses, and cloud-based testing has raised security issues. Because security is such a specific talent, having personnel and partners with it is vital to building a well-rounded testing business. Secrecy, integrity, authenticity, reliability, authorization, and nonrepudiation are all common security needs. This specialist expertise will be in more demand in the future, and it plays a critical part in security’s overall quality and efficacy.

  • Immediate Discovery of Flaws

Today, quality assurance consumes a large amount of an IT organization’s budget. Involving the testing team at the start of the software development process is critical to ensuring that the increase in funding is achievable. The lesser the cost of repairing flaws and the total cost of quality, the sooner they are discovered. The key to shifting left is determining if a change is beneficial and whether it satisfies end-user expectations. Another option is for QA teams to build unit test cases that development teams may test. 

  • Testing Environments

Teams in charge of quality assurance must learn to administer domains on their own. As a result, test environments must allow QA and development teams to independently test. Organizations are implementing additional test environment techniques since the testing environment’s unavailability or incompatibility causes a testing project to stall.


Quality assurance services play an important role in the software development lifecycle. And the best way to integrate high-quality software QA into the software development process is to partner with a professional software testing company like QASource.
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