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Epson Printer Not Connecting to WiFi

Troubleshoot the Issue Epson Printer Not Connecting to WiFi

Epson printers are the best in the market and provide a high-quality printout. But sometimes, you will get an error while using the Epson printer. You might get an error that Epson Printer Not Connecting to WiFi or Epson Printer not connecting to a computer. 

So if you are trying to connect your Epson Printer to WiFi but cannot find the right solutions? Don’t worry. Here, we have provided the most useful way to resolve this annoying Epson Printer Not Connecting to WiFi problem. You can follow any of these methods without fail.

Reasons why your Epson Printer Not Connecting to WiFi?

If you are getting an error that your Epson Printer not connecting to WiFi then there can be many reasons behind it:

Poor Signal Strength: Sometimes the signal strength of your router is weak. Also, if there are too many devices connected to your network then also you might encounter this issue. So, check the signal strength of your router and make sure you have configured your router according to its default settings.

Wrong Configuration: If you have not configured your Epson printer properly then also it might not connect with WiFi. So, make sure that you have configured everything correctly and check it once again if it is still not working then go through the rest of the troubleshooting steps mentioned below.

Wireless router not working properly

Network settings on the computer are incorrect

Epson printer not set up with wireless connection

Inappropriate use of firewall, antivirus or security software

Troubleshooting steps that you can follow in order to fix this issue:

Check the physical connections of your printer

Check the status of your wireless router or base station

Restart your router:

If you are using a weak internet connection then you need to restart your router and check whether it is properly connected or not.

Check your wifi settings:

Make sure that your router has proper internet access because if it doesn’t have proper internet access then you will not be able to connect your Epson printer to the WiFi connection. So, firstly check whether your router is connected to the internet or not.

Update the firmware of your Epson printer:

If there is any problem with the firmware of your Epson printer then you will face problems while connecting this device to WiFi network or Epson Printer Offline Problem. So, update its firmware and then try to connect it again with the wifi network.

Change the channel of your router

Verify that the printer is connected to the correct network

Reset the printing system in System Preferences

Verify that your software is up-to-date

Disconnect other devices from the network when using AirPrint

Try using a different Wi-Fi network

You may need to keep your computer awake and prevent it from going to sleep (OS X Mavericks or later)

Try these steps in order to connect your Epson printer to Wifi. You will be able to connect your Epson Printer to Wifi and print wirelessly from anywhere around your home, or even from the pool!

Understanding the issue is key to solving it. Once you understand the issue, you can more seriously approach a suitable solution for your specific problem.

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