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Ways To Improve Your Construction Security
Ways To Improve Your Construction Security

Ways To Improve Your Construction Security

Are you a project manager searching for a security camera rental service to safeguard the construction area from theft?

Based on the National Equipment Registry (NER), estimates of annual loss from theft at construction sites can range from a low of 300-400 million dollars up to more than one billion dollars.

Considering these horrendous statistics on the theft of equipment and tools, You need all the reasonable assistance you can get!

This short guide will look at the various aspects of protecting construction sites and some options to enhance your worksite security. Certain solutions are long-lasting, and others will last only when required.

Improving The Site Security


Theft isn’t the only form of loss that can happen at any construction site. Vandalism and the wanton destruction of property are the cause of significant loss.

There are also “nuisance crimes such as simple trespassing and squatting, which could cause security concerns and a negative public image of your business.

Workplaces with busy employees, dangerous tools, and heavy equipment are risky. One of the worst things you can have is unwanted visitors or permanent visitors lingering around! There are ways to avoid accidents as well as unwanted visitors.

  • If possible, make sure you have adequate fencing and robust locks. Also, consider installing perimeter security lighting as often as you can.
  • Organize and store small tools in secure and well-designed tool lock boxes for job sites. Keep a current checklist of each tool, and review it regularly. The employees are much less likely to leave with a tool when they know you’ll forget about it.
  • Place plenty of signs. As per the construction guide, these should include “No Trespassing Signs’ and signage that include warnings about the security system, as well as an emergency number where people can call to report crime along with the size of rewards you’re willing to offer.
  • Make sure you have signs to remind workers of the best working methods. Take into consideration signs as an essential element of the safety tools arsenal.
  • You can drive by the site at random intervals, particularly in the evening and during holidays.
  • Follow the adage “out of sight and out of mind’. Bring tools home at night, keep them in a safe place, and cover or hide any items you aren’t able to store safely. Criminals will likely pick up something they can easily recognize as valuable. Anything you can help them to find or identify valuables at your workplace will deter them.

Monitor Your Construction Site

You might be hesitant to invest in a surveillance video system due to the cost. The truth is that a surveillance system is worth the cost in reducing theft, reduced vandalism expenses, and assurance that your work site is secure even when you’re not there.

Make sure you choose a system with solid cameras that cover a vast space. Portable, durable cameras that are simple to set up will enable users to transport them to where you require them most, either at work or from one place to another.

Types Of Equipment

Installing a security system for your job site system could be an overwhelming job. But choosing the correct kind of security system is only just the beginning.

There are various options, from the recorded video that can be used as evidence in accidents, injuries, or criminal cases to live-streaming, which can discourage criminals from engaging in a crime.

A security camera system that integrates recorded time-lapse videos and live streaming at times of high risk is the best to protect your workplace.

Video surveillance devices are also equipped with loudspeakers that can be remotely activated and flashing blue and red flashing lights that send panicked thieves to the ground.

The deterrent effect is better than evidence that is recorded when employed against arsonists and vandals!

Should You Buy Or Rent?

Are you contemplating whether to buy or rent a security camera? The pros and cons are there for each choice. We’ll go over some of the advantages and disadvantages below.

Owning Your Equipment

If you buy your surveillance equipment, you can depreciate it for tax reasons. But, there are other things to know about.

  • Have you got the information required to select the equipment that can provide you with enough coverage and the high-quality video you require?
  • Are you aware of how to properly install it, or will you have to pay someone else to install it?
  • Who will be monitoring the surveillance footage to deter vandals or thieves from engaging in doing their thing? Are you required to employ an in-house security team?
  • Are you ready for the expense and time of replacing the equipment if it malfunctions or is outdated?

Renting Your Surveillance

To make life easier and more efficient, there is nothing better than the convenience of a security camera for job site rental! If you lease a video security system, you’ll be able to let the experts handle everything.

  • Security experts will assess your business’s site and determine the right type and quantity of cameras that will be appropriate for your specific configuration. They’ll also choose the installations that offer the greatest security coverage.
  • You can lease the system as long as you want it. We don’t require any long-term contract.
  • Professionals with years of experience in law enforcement can provide live remote monitoring of your video surveillance between 6 pm and 6 am to make sure the thieves get stopped at the first sign of trouble and vandals are dissuaded before they can take action.
  • If you lease the security equipment, you won’t have to spend money on professional installation or on-site monitoring. These savings will outweigh any advantages you can get from the amortization of equipment purchases.

We can provide the skilled surveillance system you require to ensure that your precious tools and equipment don’t disappear from your workplace overnight or during weekends or holidays.

A reliable rental security system will safeguard your assets, employees, and bottom budget. Get in touch with A List Security https://alistsecurity.com/ for more information and pricing on an experienced rental security system for your job site.

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