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What are the major ways blockchain can change the education sector?

Blockchain in recent years has made remarkable strides in the financial sector. Education is another vital field, where it has begun. Educational credentials are susceptible to tampering, forgery and duplication. It is risky for the students in life. Many reports have been informed regarding educational certificate duplication, fake certificates etc. these issues can be stopped through the use of blockchain. Even blockchain can facilitate and streamline education processes excellently. The automated verification through blockchain without any third-party or monitoring authority can secure, store and transfer valuable documents. There are numerous ways through which blockchain can revolutionize the education sector. Read this blog to know more.

What is blockchain technology?


Blockchain is a distributed public ledger technology which automatically records & verifies records. This distributed ledger technology powers Ethereum and many other virtual currencies. The features of a less publicised system are the ways distributed ledger technology can transform multiple industries. The decentralized platform of blockchain is completely fraud-resistant. The few other benefits of blockchain are immutability and accessibility. All these inherent characteristics of blockchain can transform the education arena. Educational institutes can improve learning opportunities with blockchain. Deploying this technology in school districts, post-secondary institutions and other educational organizations can boost learning processes. Blockchain-based document security methods can help you in securing your educational credentials.


Ways Blockchain can transform the education ecosystem


There are several ways through which blockchain technology can transform the complete education ecosystem:


a) Issuance of academic transcripts


The academic certificates and transcripts have to be recognized and verifiable universally. For most educational institutions, recording and verification of valuable academic credentials is a manual process involving a lot of time, huge documentation and case-by-case checking. Blockchain technology provides an excellent way to streamline the verification processes and lessen the forgery incidents regarding academic credentials. Few transcript service blockchain companies are there which help the organization in keeping their comprehensive records to store records in a system creating a perfect balance between permanence and portability. The DLT solutions can effectively reduce claims of unearned educational credits by students.


b) Badges


The digital badges can be used for communication and verifying particular acquired skills. This technology can accumulate several digital badges in a single place by permitting users to create a passport which pupils or graduates can easily share with their prospective employers. It is the best method to keep the learners/ students engaged through the addition of digital badges as the achievements to their digital learning. Pupils can put the badges on the blockchain. They are the best trustworthy and verifiable credentialing portfolio unique to every single person. Electronic document secure QR codes based on blockchain technology can aid in securing your academic credentials.


c) Managing records of students


Education institutes can use blockchain technology to secure & share records of students. It can enable colleges to upload digital documents like credentials in the blockchain which students can gain access to via their digital passports. Pupils can have full freedom to share their valuable digital academic records with other scholarships, graduate programs, universities and prospective employers.


d) For improved infrastructure security


We all know schools require to install security sensors and cameras for offering protection to students. It increases the requirement for more enhanced protection for their school networks. Blockchain offers an excellent opportunity to properly secure those networks from hackers.


e) Storage of files and academic credentials


Loads of data get recorded each and every day in the schools and colleges. Storing them needs tons of space. Storage of valuable academic records in local hard drives is prone to tampering and cloud storage is quite costly. So blockchain-based cloud storage is an ideal option to opt for. In every way, blockchain storage is beneficial because it uses the unused hard disc space of customers throughout the globe for storing files. This decentralized infrastructure is a perfect alternative to centralized cloud storage. It can solve issues that are usually found in a centralised system.


f) Smart contracts


Smart contracts allow interaction with blockchain to transfer data. Smart contracts are well-adapted, especially for the education ecosystem. Smart contracts have great potential to lessen the paperwork in the education industry. Smart contracts are ideal for validating attendance along with assignment completion. Proper execution of smart contracts can pay teachers and offer students micro-credits. Document security based on blockchain technology can help pupils to secure and share their credentials.


g) Publishing


Blockchain has extensive applications in the publishing industry. It can help in extending publishing options to new writers, editors, teachers and researchers without any piracy issues. More collaborations of publishing works can emerge through blockchain.


So, amazing opportunities can be unleashed with the blockchain education sector. If educational institutes need to drive towards efficiency, blockchain document security is a great option. We hope to see extensive applications of blockchain in several areas which support the educational arena. More and more education institutes will surely adopt blockchain technology.

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