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Digital Farewell Cards


Digital Farewell Cards

Digital Farewell Cards

Digital Farewell Cards  is a time or an event filled with the curious days of life that you spent with your dear ones Over the years . It has become a tradition to celebrate farewell and have some parties organised on a large scale. But what after that?

People share the memories of the last day, enjoy together and take home a pack full of nostalgia. Such is the glory of a farewell day. People have also started coming up with some great gifting options that would allow them to convey their hearts in the most meaningful way and show how much care and affection they have for the receiver.

One of the most amazing gifts that you can share with your dear ones even in
remote situations is digital farewell cards. These cards are filled with a lot of amazingness that is depicted through the wonderful and creative designs that have the capacity to attract anyone.

You can involve your entire group and ask them to sign the digital farewell card without any hassle just with a simple link. You can also schedule the card in advance and share it with people all around the world without any limitations.

Just think of it as your little collection of memories where your loved ones have filled up their pictures and some lovely messages along with the music. Only digital farewell cards can make that happen for you.

Now is the time you try out one of our cards and experience the benefits along with sweet reactions from your loved ones. Give them a surprise with a simple gesture.


a lot of people may question what the farewell day teaches us. There are a lot of things that leave an impact on our lives as we move ahead.


Memories are an integral part of our life and farewell gives us the biggest number of memories as we leave behind the treasures of our life. You get hold of the best days and take them home. Farewell is the only event capable of making that happen. It’s an event that had so many emotions felt by people at the same time.


Sometimes you make new relationships other times you leave behind some. As the time of parting comes closer all of us realise what the people around us meant in our lives. Their constant support and love made the whole journey worth living. It is also a reminder to keep your relationships intact as the distance may drift you away. It’s a welcome into the real world where challenges drown the happiness of little things.

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Positive start

Farewell is a reminder to make a positive start in life where you plan out things and move ahead with those things that you love or are confident about. It’s like entering a major phase of your life where you are trusted with responsibilities and farewell shows that you are mature enough to handle them. With each phase comes a different set of responsibilities.

Leave the baggage behind

leave behind the baggage of negativity and just hug out the sadness on this last day. This day gives you one last chance to make your relationships better with all those people who may have wronged you in the past. Leave the tensions and stress behind and look ahead with a sense of joy and happiness.


Farewell comes with a big change in life. It teaches us that nothing is permanent and won’t remain permanent at all. It makes you aware of your surroundings and prepares you to face the world of uncertainties.


There must be a lot of promises that you would have made to your loved ones. Ever thought about how long will they stay true? Now is the time you find out. You make promises to people to stay together forever yet distance has more power and eventually breaks that bond unless you are strong enough to defend it. Cherish the people and cherish those promises that will always give you a sense of direction in life.


You are going to meet a lot of new people in this new conquest of life and surely you will remember the good people of your past life. You may find some similar ones too and some very bad people as well. Farewell teaches you to identify your friend circle and on that basis search for people who are better and more supportive. You are going to experience a huge change and the kind of people you hang out with will create a great impact on your life.

Now is the time you cherish all that you have. All the beautiful friendships and imaginative activities with your dear ones and don’t forget to share with them our very special range of digital farewell cards that are designed to make your celebrations worth remembering. Try them out once and join us forever in the journey of life and happiness.

Sending group cards is a great way to say goodbye to your group mates. It’s a fun and easy way to show your appreciation and express your gratitude. Here are a few tips on sending Farewell cards to everyone:
1. Make sure to gather everyone’s addresses before you start drafting the cards. This will make the process a lot faster and easier for you.
2. It’s best to send the cards out as soon as possible, ideally within two weeks of the group’s disbandment.
3. Choose a card that’s simple and elegant. You want the focus to be on your message, not the design of the card itself.
4. Write a personal message for each of your friends in the group. This is the best way to show how much you’ll miss them!
5. Send out the cards with plenty of time before everyone leaves so that everyone can enjoy them.

“The reason it hurts so much to separate is that our souls are connected.” – Nicholas Sparks

“This is not a goodbye, my darling, this is a thank you.” – Nicholas Sparks

“The return makes one love the farewell.” – Alfred de Musset

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