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What is Blockchain & How Does The Blockchain Work?
What is Blockchain & How Does The Blockchain Work?

What is Blockchain & How Does The Blockchain Work?

Definition of blockchain

A blockchain is a distributed database that records a continuously growing chronological list of data, known as blocks, which are cryptographically linked together. In cryptocurrency systems like Bitcoin, blockchains are known for their role in documenting transactions in a secure and transparent manner. The uses of blockchain technology lie in the fact that it ensures the authenticity and security of a data record without the requirement for a trusted third party. Data structures such as this are decentralized, distributed, and public and are used to record transactions across many computers in such a way that cannot be changed later without affecting all subsequent blocks and the consensus of the network as a whole.

Explaining the application of blockchain

Data is organized into blocks that are interconnected in a blockchain. Each block contains specific data storage capacities that, when full, are linked to the preceding block, forming the chain of data. Basically, a blockchain is a chain of interconnected information blocks. Each block is a repository of data with specific storage capabilities, which, when filled, are closed and linked to the preceding block, creating a data chain. In a decentralized implementation, this data structure creates an irreversible data timeline.

Once a block has been filled, it becomes permanent and becomes part of the timeline. The additional information is then added to the new block, which subsequently becomes part of the chain once it has been completed. Within each block, there is a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data.

How does the blockchain work?

Blockchains are also known as distributed ledger technology(DLT). If we go by the blockchain definition, it creates incorruptible ledgers, or records of transactions that cannot be modified, revoked, or tampered with. In this way, blockchain securities serve as the foundation for incorruptible ledgers.

The basic steps of a blockchain transaction:

  • The transaction request is made
  • A block representing that transaction is created
  • Every node in the network receives the block
  • The transaction is validated by the nodes
  • Proof of work is rewarded in cryptocurrency to nodes
  • The block is then uploaded to the blockchain supply chain
  • The information is sent throughout the network
  • The transaction has concluded

Authentication: Cryptographic keys are strings of characters, similar to passwords, which users use to identify and gain access to their “account” or “wallet”. Each user has a private key and a public key that is visible to all. When used together, they provide a secure digital identity that can be used to verify users’ identities via digital signatures and to unlock transactions.

Authorization: On a public blockchain, the decision to add a transaction to the chain is made by the majority consensus of the  “nodes”.

Proof of Work: When adding a block to the chain, Proof of Work asks the owners of computers in the network to solve a severely complex mathematical problem. This is called mining. Once the problem is solved, miners are usually rewarded with cryptocurrency.

Proof of Stake: “Proof of Stake” is a  validation consensus procedure, in which members who have stakes in the blockchain, typically in cryptocurrency are eligible to choose, verify, and validate transactions. This reduces computational power in a significant way since no mining is involved. Additionally, blockchain-based technology has included “Smart Contracts,” which execute transactions automatically when conditions are met.


The blockchain is a revolutionary new alternative to traditional currency, centralized banking, and transaction systems that is changing not only how we manage financial transactions, but also how we utilize technology in general. Meanwhile, it will be interesting to observe where blockchain technology goes in the future, especially the uses of blockchain in money transfers, banking services, decentralized markets, and blockchain supply chains, among other things. Visit the best digital agency for more updates.

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