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What is Mass texting? What are its benefits?

What is Mass texting? What are its benefits?

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives. On average a person spends up to four hours on his or her phone. Businesses that wish to connect to their customers must practice ways to take a place in a person’s daily routine. SMS popping on their screen grabs the maximum attention. 

Mass texting is a method by which businesses can send a large number of texts to all smartphone users. It allows businesses to contact thousands of consumers all at once. Mass messaging is one of the most effective marketing and communication tools to date. 

Mass messaging is also known as bulk texting. It is different from sending messages to a group. In the case of group text messages reach all the group members and all the members can see the sender. However, in the case of mass text, messages are sending directly from the application to the consumer or the user or from the business to the consumers. Only the individual can see the message and the sender. 

How does mass texting work?

After knowing what mass texting means we will understand how it works. 

Mass texting is not possible without texting software or a platform. 

Follow these steps

  •  Upload the contacts and names of the consumers/users. 
  • Type the message that is suppose to send to existing and potential consumers.
  • Select the Period to send the messages to the consumers/users.

It is a completely automatic process that requires minimal user work. It makes bulb texting for businesses easier. Their size industry type or even the target audience’s location doesn’t matter. 

Mass texting allows the users to emphasize their selling style while speaking to the target consumers directly. It is a fast, economical, and easy method of conversing with consumers. 

Is Mass messaging limited to Advertising and consumer promotion?

One can send mass messages to any type of audience at any time for any reason. Some of the powerful mass texting marketing tools include EZ texting about similar services. In the case of small businesses operated by many employees mass texting can be used for internal communication as well. That includes sending real-time messages, reminders, or emergency updates. 

Types of mass texting that can be used by subscribers 

One can use mass texting to instantly send a variety of messages. Text messaging can be used for the following:

  • When introducing a new product
  • Giving sales updates
  • Providing exclusive coupon codes and discounts
  • Telling about hours of operation
  • A survey poll to know more about the market
  • Feedback and review request
  • Tell about the latest blog
  • Ask trivia questions or interesting facts to the consumers for their engagement 
  • Express gratitude and appreciate the consumer for purchasing products, giving reviews, or giving feedback.
  • Celebrate when the business reaches a milestone. For eg gains 2 million followers on social media. 
  • Giveaway updates
  • Tell about the social media platforms of the business and encourage consumers to follow them. 

Is there Guidance or training available on writing mass text messages? 

Even though mass texting is not that difficult to write because it is short, there are certain things one needs to take care of. 

  • Determine what is supposed to be said at the beginning of the message. 
  • Understand the target Market, and what it is that they want, messages must include the main point and someone that adds value to the audience.

In case one gets stuck writing a group text message, applications like EZ texting can be used for exclusive templates and ideas. 

The templates are designing to cover ideas for all sorts of industries

One can edit the words according to their needs and use the templates. 

Can the custom SMS be saved for further use? 

Custom messages can only be used and saved when using the best bulk SMS service application. 

These saved custom messages can be used to send a repeat message at any time.

Sometimes it is possible to save certain messages and send them automatically to the customers. However, this depends on the bulk text service application used. 

Such easy-to-use features make bulk text marketing convenient and sustainable. 

All small business owners and solo entrepreneurs don’t need to waste a lot of money on marketing and advertising. The faster one can send their marketing messages and get back to their business the more likely they’re to sustain their marketing plan for months and years to come. 

What are the chances that it will bring organic engagement? 

According to research the open rates of bulk text messages bis up to 98% and the response is up to 50%. However, emails just have about 20% open rates. Businesses can increase these statistics if they use the right bulk text messaging application. One can increase response rates by using a direct call to action. 

Don’t assume that people might know what to do. Businesses must guide their audience via a call to action to visit their blogs or have a look at new products or offers.

Another way of increasing your response rate is to send bulk text messages to one’s audience according to the right period and to those who are frequent visitors. 

 This means sending a bulk text to those who have shown interest or given their consent through their subscription. 

Benefits of Mass texting.

  • SMS is the fastest means of communication

The message is the fastest way of conversing with anyone worldwide

  • All text messages can be personalized

Send personalize messages to your consumers builds trust and is highly recommend for good engagement and response from them. 

  •  One can reach more people. 

Bulk SMS can be sent to as many people as required. Businesses can reach a wider audience via text messages. 

  • SMS is not complicated

SMS are short and are thus easy to formulate and convey the message in less time as well. 

  • SMS are direct market channel

The most beneficial thing about SMS is that it can reach consumers directly and immediately


Bulk text or target messaging needs time to set up and also an understanding of the consumer’s behavior in order to prove as the best marketing tool. 

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