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What is Power Factor Correction
What is Power Factor Correction

What is Power Factor Correction and its Importance?

You may not have heard of Power Factor correction capacitor  or the ways it can be correct but running your electrical equipment at the best power factor ratio can help keep your business costs down and help the environment.

What is power factor?

The evaluation of efficiency is an indicator of the efficiency in the use of electricity. Many types of electricity are use to supply electricity. This force is divided between operating force and reactive force. Operators are used in all electrical appliances to create things like heat, light and motion. This power is measured in kW or kilowatts. Reactive power uses inductive loads, such as motors, to create and maintain a magnetic field to do the job. The human power and reactive power of your team are your visible skills. I hope you are still with me! The power factor is the relationship between the workforce and the determined power.


All motors that are produced in mechanical form, such as conveyors, mixers, compressors, elevators and escalators, have a class of efficiency called power factor. This is a measure of “efficiency” and its values ​​range from 0 to 1, where 1 can be 100%. The negative force factor is less than 0.95, which leads to more current than necessary. The optimum power factor is greater than 0.95, making it more energy efficient. “Perfect” skill – 1 point.


Most engines run much less than 1, and some have a power factor of just 0.50. In case of incorrect industrial results, the power factor is about 0.80. This means that it works at 80% and will consume 20% more energy. Therefore, you need more generators and a more complex distribution network, which will result in higher electricity bills.


What is a power factor correction capacitor?

Improves the power factor by adjusting the power factor by operating the capacitor in parallel with the motor or the lighting circuit. They can be use at the beginning of equipment, boxes or installation. They improve the overall electrical efficiency of the source. So less current is require to achieve the same result.


An example is a 1 MBA capacitive transformer with a power factor of 0.75. It can provide a load of only 750 kW. If you increase the power factor to 0.95, a load of 200 kW can be add. It also reduces the loss of electricity and power in cables and transformers. In general, this reduces the consumption of the kWh unit. Using this example, saving 200 kVA per load can save £ 300 per month compared to the standard 1.50 τιμή 1 kVA for higher on-demand delivery costs. By adjusting the power factor, it is possible to reduce the power factor value and the climate tax value.


what  are the benefits of adjusting the power factor correction capacitor?

There are many benefits to connecting a power correction compensator to a power supply. These are:

  • Reduction of the electricity bill
  • Increase the loading capacity of existing vehicles
  • Reduce I2R losses in transformers and switchboards
  • Total system power losses have been reduce
  • Live with great resources
  • Reduces the electrical load of cables and electrical components.


Does power regulation save energy?

The benefits of power factor correction are not economic. And significant environmental benefits. The more energy efficient you are, the less energy you will consume. This means low greenhouse gas emissions and low carbon emissions.

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