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What is the difference between home improvement and home renovation?

A major renovation of a home is the implementation of large-scale construction and installation works aimed at the complete elimination of malfunctions of worn-out elements of the common property of a house in order to improve its performance. When carrying out a major overhaul, the entire system as a whole is subject to replacement. With this kind of renovation and remodeling usually working at home remodeling companies which is quite logical, because this takes a huge amount of work which no one can do alone.

The current repair involves the local elimination of minor damage and malfunctions. It consists, first of all, in the systematic and timely implementation of work to prevent the wear of structures, engineering equipment and exterior decoration of the house. Current repairs should be carried out at intervals that ensure the effective operation of the building from the moment it is completed until it is put into overhaul.

We also note that before starting the overhaul of the house, the contractor must place an information board at the entrance with the contact numbers of the responsible persons, who can always be contacted and clarify the information you are interested in.


At the same time, contractors really should notify the owners of an apartment building 1-2 days before the start of work on the disconnection of energy resources and the need to provide access to common property. However, contractors are not able to agree personally with each resident at the time of work.

Capital, large-scale repairs are determined by each real estate entity independently, but fees are held regularly. The state website of housing and communal services contains all the information directly from each region of the country. In the public domain, there is also information about the rights and opportunities of each owner, and their obligations.

The legislation provides for two points when a person is suspended from monetary obligations: when the property is in disrepair and subject to demolition; land under the real estate of municipal importance.

If the land is of regional importance, then the owners of apartments are exempted from cash contributions, and they are also returned the amounts handed over. The state also took care of the owners of apartments with low income.

Owners with a subsidy can increase it so that the funds are enough to pay for major repairs. The legislation provides that citizens with a minimum income will not feel the cost.

Repair Provisions

  • What works are included in the overhaul, the residents decide.
  • You should also have information about what is considered changes, the list of works is distinguished by the following items:
  • Insulation of walls, facades, plinth, repair and insulation of parts of the house.
  • Restoration of fire escapes, drains, as well as insulation of window openings and soundproofing.
  • Restoration works of the foundation, cellars.
  • Capital repairs of the roof of an apartment building.
  • Basements, roofs, as well as beautification of doors and platforms on the floors.


What is not included in the overhaul of an apartment building is distinguished by the following points:

  • House heating;
  • plumbing, drainage systems;
  • electrical equipment;
  • internal work;
  • gas pipes, garbage chutes.


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