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What Makes You Unique
What Makes You Unique

What Makes You Unique? How To Answer.

What makes you unique?: Are you qualified for the position you’re about to interview for? Various inquiries from the hiring manager will reveal which candidates are truly ideal for the role. Interviewers employ multiple techniques to ascertain whether you are a standout applicant with the traits and skill set necessary to succeed in the position.

When the recruiter is determining if you have qualities in your background that are likely to help you succeed in your career, one question they may ask is, “What makes you unique?”

What the Interviewer Truly Desires about “What Makes You Unique?”

Interviewers use this inquiry to learn what particular abilities or traits set you apart from the other applicants. In essence, why should they choose to select you above the other candidates if you are one of several with the same qualifications? The examples you give in your response will demonstrate both your degree of confidence and the things you like about yourself.

The hiring manager wants to see evidence of your strengths and soft talents, which you might not have mentioned in your application or résumé but would make you successful in your position. This question may also be asked to ascertain your compatibility with the company’s culture. Interviewers use these to gauge your suitability for the job.

“The interviewer is looking for more than just proof that you’re qualified for the job; they also want to see that you have something to offer the organisation that goes above and beyond what the other applicants do.”

The interviewer will also take note of how at ease you seem while responding to questions like this one about yourself. This demonstrates your capacity for swift decision-making under pressure and for planning pivotal business talks.

How to Answer

Take some time to research the business and the position before deciding how you will respond to this question. You’ll be more able to relate your special qualifications to the place as you understand the employer’s organisational goals. Considering your unique qualities and how they will assist you to contribute significantly to the company may be beneficial.

Combining personal traits, interests, or experiences with significant professional advantages is one strategy that can assist you in coming up with an honest response to this question. You might, for instance, explain that you are very detail-oriented and have an uncommon combination of interests, such as skydiving and coin collecting.

Take care not to overstate your individuality or imply that you are the only person with a particular trait. It’s preferable to highlight how you are outstanding or exceptionally gifted. When maintaining a humble demeanour, it can be helpful to quote others, as in “I have been informed that I’m particularly assertive in a diplomatic way.”

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The best examples of Answers

The best answers to this question are simple, short, and presented with assurance. Your objective is to offer a fascinating fact about yourself, demonstrating why you are the ideal candidate for the position. Bring some prepared material to share, and be careful to connect it to the abilities and characteristics most important for this position.

#1 Example of an Answer “What Makes You Unique?”

I stand out from many other salespeople in that I can establish a human connection with customers immediately, putting them at ease and revealing all of their urgent needs related to my product. I can then discuss my goods with them in light of their needs. I credit a lot of my talent to my ability to “warm up” customers with small conversation and to my sincere interest in the current events in sports and the news.

Why it functions: This answer displays the applicant’s capacity to influence customers through strong interpersonal skills. People are more likely to purchase a product if they genuinely connect with the salesperson proposing it to them. Hence this skill is highly regarded in the sales profession.

#2 Example of an Answer “What Makes You Unique?”

I am incredibly organised and skilled at creating systems, which helps me keep track of tasks and manage events. My managers have regularly acknowledged my organising abilities and relied on me to keep the team on track. For instance, I planned the conference we offered clients last year to inform them about our new product range. I was pleased with the feedback it received.

Why it functions: This response demonstrates that the applicant is not just incredibly organised regarding small tasks but also has a history of successfully arranging important events. Employers adore hearing specific examples of how candidates performed well or exceeded expectations when put to the test.

#3 Example of an Answer “What Makes You Unique?”

I instil in my kids a deep curiosity about the world around them and a passion for learning new things, especially in science. For instance, I created a unit on weather in which I discussed my fascination with various cloud kinds and how they relate to weather patterns. This led several of my pupils to request that we meet after class to form a weather club.

Why it functions: Curiosity and excitement are two crucial traits that promote long-term success in a teaching position. Employers become enthusiastic about the idea of hiring you when you give examples of your passion for teaching. To demonstrate your commitment to students and education in general, always include any extracurricular activities you have arranged.

#4 Example of an Answer “What Makes You Unique?”

I have an exceptionally genuine interest in politics and current affairs. For instance, I’m the only person I know who read the entirety of the Mueller Report and made notes on its most crucial portions just for fun. Additionally, I approach my work in a highly systematic manner, and I’ve gotten praise for my ability to follow research procedure guidelines when conducting a study constantly.

Why it functions: This response demonstrates a love of learning and research outside of work, which persuades the interviewer that you adore this field. The response also shows your distinctive research methodology and the favourable comments it has garnered.

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