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Why Dental Implants Are the Best Way to Replace Missing Teeth

Have you been advised by your dentist to consider dental implants as a replacement for lost teeth? If that’s the case, you’ve probably got a million questions about the procedure, the benefits, and, most crucially, how you’ll pay for it. (dental implant cost Penang)


We’ll be the first to admit that dental implants in Webster are an expensive investment. Dental implants, on the other hand, are a life-changing investment rather than a waste of money on dentures or a bridge that will only last a few years.


If you’re reading this, you’re already aware of the potential consequences of this surgery. You’ve accepted this, which is why you’re looking into whether or not dental implants in Webster are covered by insurance.


It’s vital to remember that there’s no better option than implants, regardless of whether your insurance company covers them or not. When you obtain quality dental implants in Webster, you’ll join the millions of people who have had their lives transformed by a new smile.


However, you must dig deeper to understand why dental implants are worth the expenditure, regardless of whether or not you have dental insurance.


Dental Implants in Webster: Why Do You Need Them?


Dental implants are the most effective way to replace missing teeth because they appear, feel, and operate like natural teeth. While the end outcome of dental implants is the same for everyone, the reasons for needing them can differ. The following are the most prevalent reasons why dentists advise patients to get dental implants:


Tooth Loss As A Result Of Periodontal Disease


Tooth loss, specifically tooth loss related to periodontal disease, is clearly at the top of the list. This is due to the fact that periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Adults between the ages of 30 and 40 are most likely to experience it. Patients who do not take care of their teeth, on the other hand, may experience it considerably sooner. Patients who are in poor general health, such as those who have diabetes, are also at risk for periodontal disease.


A dental emergency


A tooth can be knocked out as a result of an injury, which is commonly connected with contact sports or an automobile accident. The tooth can be re-implanted and recover without difficulty in a tiny proportion of situations. However, getting to a dentist right after an injury involves near-impossible timing.


The jaw will deteriorate if the original tooth root is not replaced with a dental implant. This causes a slew of other problems, such as biting problems, healthy teeth moving, and so on.


Failure of a Root Canal


Root canal therapy is a popular procedure with a good success rate of over 94%. When they do fail, however, the tooth is more susceptible to infection and decay. When the tooth eventually fails, it will be painful, and extraction will be required. You can avoid the extra pain by just getting an implant when your current one breaks.


How can I know if dental implants are covered by my insurance?


It changes from policy to policy, as Dr. Das indicated. Unfortunately, many dental insurance companies consider implants to be just cosmetic. As a result, many insurance companies in Webster do not cover dental implants.


Contacting your insurance carrier’s customer care or visiting their website is one simple approach to find out. Your coverages, limits, requirements, and deductibles will all be listed.


What Happens If I’m Not Protected?


Don’t be concerned if your dental insurance in Webster does not cover dental implants or does not cover them adequately.


We have a variety of payment alternatives available to make dental implants more affordable. We work with a number of respected lenders to provide financing at low rates, and you can apply in minutes.




CareCredit is the most popular lender among our patients. They provide same-as-cash plans with various terms and amounts. They’re also the most well-known and well-respected financing organisation for medical and dental procedures, with an excellent track record.


Lending Club


is a company that lends money to people


Lending Club, a regular lender, is another alternative. It offers a unique financing plan for patients that includes:


  • No payment for the first 6 weeks AND no payment for the first 6 weeks
  • There are no-interest options available that are convenient.
  • Fixed rates as low as 5.99 percent are available.
  • The lack of a prepayment penalty allows for complete flexibility.


Finance with a Heart


Don’t worry if your credit isn’t perfect—we’ve all been there. That isn’t to say you don’t have options. We collaborate with Compassionate Finance for customers with low credit ratings who have problems being approved for typical insurance plans.


They are a type of lender that has less prerequisites for acceptance and offers more flexible payment periods.


Why Choose Clear Lake Dental Care For Webster Dental Implants?

We understand that when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, Webster and the surrounding metro areas provide a wide range of options.


Many factors will influence your decision on who you trust with something as vital as your smile when it comes to selecting the correct dental implant provider. Clear Lake Dental is convinced that it will be your first option in the area. Our service and reputation are unrivalled, thanks to a well-vetted and competent team of professionals and support employees. We’ll tell you why if you give us a few minutes of your time.


We’re a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

You might be disappointed if you go to a dentist looking for dental implants to restore your smile. Why? Because dental implants are listed as a service by many dental practises on their websites. However, after scheduling an appointment and speaking with the dentist, you will be referred to a prosthodontist. So you squandered your time when you could have easily found a good prosthodontist on your own.


Everything from fillings to dental implants is handled right here in our office at Clear Lake Dental Care. We don’t refer you to a different dental clinic or surgery facility; instead, we handle all of your dental needs in-house.


We Make Use of Cutting-Edge Technology

We’ve invested extensively in the latest and most sophisticated dental technology in order to deliver the best treatment possible. Our goal is to provide every benefit to our team in order to ensure that each procedure goes as smoothly as possible. You’ll be in good hands whether it’s for a basic exam or a difficult full mouth reconstruction.


Unfortunately, because it’s what they’re used to, many dental clinics continue to use decades-old technology. But times change, technology evolves, and processes become safer and more effective as a result. We’ve spent a lot of money on technology like:


X-Rays in Digital Format


Digital X-rays use 90% less radiation than traditional imaging and provide results directly to our computer from the instrument.


CBCT Scans in 3D


A three-dimensional panoramic image is creating use a 3D CBCT scan, which is a sort of x-ray. Cone beam computed tomography scans, often known as CBCT scans, show cross-sections of the mouth. Our team can use this imaging approach to see anything that could be giving you tooth problems. Your facial structure, neurological connections, soft tissue, and teeth can all be affected.


Because of the extensive image it provides, 3D CBCT scans are most commonly use in aesthetic, restorative, orthodontic, and implant surgeries. The following are some of the advantages of a 3D CBCT scan over a traditional x-ray:


  • Accuracy
  • Radiation to a minimum
  • Non-intrusive
  • Scan time is limited.


Every operating room has a monitor.


We are a completely digital dental office. That’s why your hygienist and dentist may see your medical history, x-rays, and even photographs obtained with our intraoral camera in every operatory. We don’t have to dig through paper charts or x-ray film because we have all we need in our offices. With our intraoral camera and x-rays, we can also show you what we see.


For The Best Dental Implant Experience, Visit Us.

Come see us if you’re worried about obtaining dental implants and want to make sure you’re in excellent hands. We’d be delighted to assist you in determining the best course of action for your case.


To schedule your free consultation, simply contact Family Dental today! Learn more about dental implant cost Penang


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