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Why Do You Want This Job

Why do you want this job – Best answer examples

The interview question “Why Do You Want This Job?” is one that many candidates find difficult to answer. Although it may appear to be a straightforward question at first, mistakes can happen. Therefore, it’s crucial that you are able to articulate why you are interested in the position and why you initially decided to apply.

Here are some significant things to keep in mind while providing a compelling response to the crucial interview question, “Why do you want this job?”

What does the interviewer really want to know?

What a hiring manager truly wants to know when they ask this question is how much you know about their business, how this position fits into your overall career goal, how it will challenge and develop you, and why the company appeals to you.

Keep in mind that the hiring manager is seeking for someone who will contribute to their team and who wants to grow and advance with the firm as you prepare your response to this question.

How do I prepare for this question?

For any career, interview preparation is essential. Along with general study on the business, the position, and the larger team structure, we advise preparing for typical interview questions. The information provided below will take you in the proper direction as you write your response to the question, “Why do you desire this job?” and as you consider some of the most important issues before your interview.

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  • Make a note of the company’s core beliefs and mission statement and consider whether you have or might have a love for it. When asked why you desire the position, you can respond that you want to support the company’s mission to accomplish specific goals or that you share some of their basic values.
  • It can be an advantage if you have any industry-specific knowledge that is relevant to this position, but it is not required. Consider any prior positions you held or tasks you completed that might still be applicable to this current position. Give clear instances of how you can assist this organisation in achieving its objectives, and emphasise any relevant transferrable talents that will help you stand out as the ideal applicant.
  • Any recent successes you can mention or difficulties you’ve lately encountered that might be relevant to this new employment should be noted. Consider how this will benefit the position, the team, and the organisation you are applying for.
  • Why did you initially decide to send your resume and application? If you are asked why you desire the position, this can be a fantastic place to start. Recall what about the job description first piqued your interest and how you felt after reading it for the first time.

‘Why do you want this job’ best answer examples:

There are several methods to introduce your response to the interview question, “Why do you desire this job?” The top ones to use to get you started are listed below:

Expression of enthusiasm

  • This opportunity is incredibly exciting since it will allow me to grow professionally and study in a field that I’m passionate about.
  • When I read the job description for this position, the first thing that stood out to me was…’

These are excellent question starters since they show your enthusiasm for the position and your eagerness to join the team. It is also obvious that you have considered the influence this position will have on your individual career ambitions and how they relate to the actual job role. Spend some time learning about the business, then decide on a few important points to highlight in your response to prove that you are a suitable fit.

Focus on the job at hand

  • “I desire this job since I have proven abilities that will support my success in…,”
  • “This position will allow me to combine my [skill 1] and [skill 2] skills to reach…
  • “I adore [particular job role assignment], and my previous employment kept me away from that.” As a result, I’m searching for a position that will enable me to resume working on the projects I truly enjoy, and after reviewing the job description, I believe this position would be ideal for doing so.

Make sure you are connecting specific talents you have acquired to elements of the job function with these responses. This demonstrates that you have done your study and are confident in your ability to complete the task to a high standard if hired. Keep it brief; there will be plenty of other chances in the interview to discuss your talents and go over your resume in greater detail.

Additionally, you want to demonstrate to the hiring manager that you spent time learning about the position and how it fits with your professional objectives and areas of expertise.

‘Why do you want this job’ bad answer examples:

After seeing some of the greatest responses, it is important to note what not to say in response to this interview question. To avoid, keep in mind the following:

  • “I just need a job bad,”
    The saying “honesty is the best policy” is true occasionally, but not in this case. This kind of response demonstrates to the company that you have no interests outside of your paychecks each month.
    “The pay boost was quite appealing.”
  • Even if they are important factors to take into account while searching for a new position, benefits and income shouldn’t be your only motivators. In a job interview, you should always demonstrate your value and excitement, and your response here does neither.
  • “I think this will be a wonderful first step toward my future professional move,”
    If you are already making it clear that you plan to leave the position before you even land it, this raises a significant red signal for a hiring manager. You may discuss how it would be a positive move toward your long-term professional objectives, but you should avoid bringing up leaving that firm during an interview.
    “Since I’m capable,”
  • Even though you may be right, the recruiting manager won’t be impressed by your response. All of the applicants will most certainly have the necessary qualifications, but you want to emphasise what makes you stand out. Showcase your contributions to the team that go beyond your resume.

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