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Why Edinburgh City is a good place to Study in UK

Why Edinburgh City is a good place to Study in UK

There are many students who prefer to study in UK. Edinburgh is one of the top destinations that international students prefer in UK for their higher studies. It is the capital of Scotland which lies in the southeast of Scotland. Edinburgh has a medieval Old Town and an elegant Georgian New Town with gardens and neoclassical buildings. Also, it is the seventh most populous city in UK and the second-most populous city of Scotland with a population of approx. 506,520 people. Edinburgh is built on hills and has an amazing scenic view from the city. 

Moreover, it attracts approx. 4.9 million tourist, not only from UK but from all around the world. Hence, making it the second most visited tourist destination in UK. Also, it the center of the Scottish government, Scottish parliament and high courts, making it the most important place in Scotland. Also, Edinburgh has the strongest economy of any city in the United Kingdom outside London and the highest percentage of professionals in the UK with 43% of the population holding a degree-level or professional qualification. Therefore, there is huge scope for the job opportunities for international people.

Apart from this, Edinburgh is home to national cultural institutions such as the National Museum of Scotland, the National Library of Scotland, and the Scottish National Gallery. Also, it is widely considered as world’s best festival city. Edinburgh population is largely a mixture of middle-class professionals and non-professionals. Also, the city has been the centre of education, particularly in the fields of medicine, Scottish law, literature, philosophy, the sciences, and engineering.

There are many international students who choose Edinburgh city to study in UK. Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC) provides students with all the guidance and support they need to take admission in UK universities.

Here are a few reasons to choose Edinburgh as your study abroad destination

Culture and vibrant nightlife

Edinburgh has very rich historic culture. The city hosts a variety of festivals that run between the end of July and early September each year. Also, it organizes many events which calls a large number of people to Edinburgh like the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Edinburgh International Festival, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, the Edinburgh Art Festival and the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Apart from this, Edinburgh has vibrant nightlife. There are lots of reasonable and affordable places to eat variety of food. Also, it has one of the highest densities of pubs and bars per square mile in the UK, where students can go and enjoy with their friends. They range from the old and grand to the traditional to newer, funkier spots.

Various places to explore

Edinburgh has various places to explore and keep you entertained throughout your college life. It has many museums, libraries, and galleries like National Museum of Scotland, the National Library of Scotland, National War Museum, the Museum of Edinburgh, the Surgeons’ Hall Museum, the Writers’ Museum, the Museum of Childhood and Dynamic Earth. Also, it supports several theatres and production companies and has many theatres where students can enjoy films. Moreover, Edinburgh occasionally hosts large music concerts. Several city pubs which are famous for its live music concerts. Princes Street in Edinburgh is the most popular area where you can enjoy shopping and spend your money.

Cost of living

The cost of living plays an important role in deciding where to study in UK. Accommodation, food, travel, and living in Edinburgh are comparably more affordable than in other parts of UK. There are many places where you can enjoy the free services like the Royal Mile has four free museums, Whistlebinkies is a cavernous music venue where most acts are free, the Stand comedy club runs free improvised comedy events, etc. Apart from this, UK universities allows part-time job opportunities to international students so that they can bear their basic expenses. The average part-time wages in UK is approx. £7-8 per hour. 


Edinburgh is generally considered to be a very safe student city, with low crime rate. It is the center of education, particularly in the field of law, medicine, literature science and engineering. There are many primary and secondary public schools for the children with all the facilities. Apart from this, the Universities in Edinburgh are a great place to study, there are many places throughout the city where you can study in, university-owned and not, and the staff are generally very helpful and friendly. Also, Edinburgh has some UK’s top-ranked institution for research breadth and quality like:

Queens Margaret University: Study in UK

Queens Margaret University is considered as one of the top university to study in UK. It has green, airy and bright campus offers a real community feel, with ready access to student services, food outlets catering for every palate, student accommodation, sports facilities, beautiful grounds, and plenty of places for socialising. Also, it is distinctive in their person-centred and career-focused approach to education and teaching.

Moreover, the university is popular for its research and innovation, widely recognised expertise in business, the creative industries, education, health and rehabilitation, and social sciences. Also, the university has strong ethos of partnership and collaboration with big industries. Hence, provides you with good internship as well as job opportunities. 

The university is divided into the schools of Arts, Social Sciences and Management, the schools of Health and Science, etc. Also, they provide with a wide range of courses. And students can choose the best combination for themselves according to their interest. They have a very active student’s Union and a wide extra curricular activities, sports and cultural societies. The international students can easily take admission in this university as they supportive staff who’ll help you from that first application through to graduation, supporting your learning, wellbeing and personal development, and helping to make your time at university a good one.

For further details to study in UK universities, you can contact to our educational counsellors at any branch of Meridean Overseas Educational consultant (MOEC). As we provide the best support and guidance to students. Or you can also send you queries on application02@meridean.org or can call at toll free no. 1800-1230-00011

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