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Efficiency Tracking Software
Efficiency Tracking Software

Why is Efficiency Tracking Software Important to Your Company?

As global competition raised enormously, organizations have become conscious of tracking employees’ working hours. To understand employee performance, it is important to track and monitor the activities of the employees on a real-time basis.

Statistically, on using an automated time tracking tool, it helps improve performance rate by around 87%. Using Efficiency Tracking Software, it helps calculating the efficiency of the employees based on their individual performances. It, therefore, helps managers and supervisors in assisting companies in accomplishing specified projects on time.

How does Efficiency Tracking Software Work?

It is a 3-step process that includes downloading the app, measuring employee productivity, and gaining insights for raising productivity.

Downloading the App

Your HR team needs to download the app that offers various productivity features. The downloaded app has to be supported by the system using the Google Chrome extension, Linux, Windows, Chromebook, and Mac.

Measuring Employee Productivity

Downloading this app helps your HR team in tracking the time of the employees by recording activities, tasks, and projects. It, therefore, results in easy access to their respective data.

Gaining Insights for Increasing Productivity

On using this tool, it helps gaining insights of the productivity of your employees.


Advantages of Efficiency Tracking Software

Improved Employee Productivity

On using this automated software, it helps improving the productivity of the employees with easy monitoring. Using this software, it helps tracking employee productivity and improving the efficiencies of the employees.

It, therefore, helps reducing time theft at work and also reduces the temptations of the employees in wasting time in browsing non-work websites.

Identifies Struggles and Internal Issues

This automated software helps to track the individual productivity of the employees, and it helps managers in understanding the struggles and issues that workers are facing. It also helps forecast the employees’ effectiveness in completing the work.

Using this automated software, it helps in monitoring productivity, and managers help developing customized solutions for the team members. Businesses look into the things like costs, time, and labor for completing the project. This automated software helps in accurate forecasting and estimation required for billing and revenue generation with a solid understanding of costs and workflows.

Effectively Tracking Attendance and Efforts

HR managers help track the employees’ attendance, which is important for seeing the level of production and efficiency of the employees. As it is seen among the employees that time fraud has been an important issue, it affects about 75% of the US business. It is estimated that due to time fraud, employees tend to lose productivity, which costs about $400 billion each year.

Creating Trust Among the Employees

On using automated software, it helps in improving the trust level between the workforce and management. As a result, it will help in improving development of the employees, with reduced turnover rates and a higher level of loyalty to the organization. On using the performance monitoring tool, it helps measuring employee productivity and the workflows of the staff members. As a result, it helps meeting team expectations as per the manager has set.

Increased Safety and Security

It is important to have your system safe and secured regarding handling of sensitive data and information. As the employees had to handle sensitive data, it needed proper safety and security from the insider threats, even when they were working in a remote environment.

Effective Management of Project

With the management of the project, it helps in prioritizing the project, which helps to determine the project’s success. With estimating tasks and tracking employee productivity, it helps in getting real-time insights into the project. Managers proactively assess the quality, and based on it; feedback is provided for the business improvement.

Moreover, with an employee monitoring system, it helps in tracking application usage. Moreover, it also helps in automatically sorting web browsing to neutral, unproductive, and productive classifications for getting a glance at the entire employee productivity.


All About Mind Workplace

It is the fluid workforce managing tool that helps streamline and simplify each of the employees. As a result, it helps to simplify each aspect of the employees, and that helps providing detailed insights to employee productivity. On using this automated software, it helps managing the workforce and improvement of efficiency, performance, and productivity in an efficient way.

It is the fluid workforce managing software which helps streamline and simplification of each aspect of managing employees. As a result, it helps providing detailed insights to improve employee productivity, learning management, attendance, and leaves.

Additionally, MWP was awarded by ‘Most Impactful System Award’ by GWFM in 2020. Moreover, this automated software also adds efficacy and quality to your company’s employee management.


Benefits of Mind Workplace

Mind Recruitment

It focuses on delivering quality and building culture regarding managing new recruits with end-to-end requisition and recruitment management. This workforce is quite flexible and powerful, which structures and streamlines the onboarding solutions.

Mind Payroll

The manual way of payroll processing is quite a tedious and time-consuming process. But, on using automated software, it helps providing accurate, precise, and error-free payroll calculations with zero human effort.

Learning Management System

It helps focus on employee training and development to boost business outcomes and enhance your employees’ performance. This automated system also helps accelerate your business growth and provides high0impact training to the employees.

Increasing Efficiency

On using this software, it helps boosting employee effectiveness and performance. It is because; their performance and efficiency are tracked on a real-time basis. It facilitates making data-driven decisions by your management team, which helps your employees boost your business output.

Rising Community

The use of this software helps enhancing your team’s performance and engagement. It also helps boosting the morale values of your employees and also reduces the employee attrition rate. It is reduced with timely collection of feedback, mood tracking, and surveys with the use of MWP.

In-depth Insights

On using this software, it helps in making the best use of error-free and real-time reports with the nominal intervention of humans. The use of automated solutions helps avoiding manual error generation and also helps managers in calculating accurate and precise decisions. As a result, it helps saving both time and money with optimization of productivity. Along with this, it also helps in making better and quality decisions.

Mind People

On using this software, it facilitates the automation of repetitive tasks. Moreover, it also has an e-separation aspect that helps automating routine and mundane tasks. With this tool, it helps in accomplishing hassle-free HR functionalities, with easy upgradation of HR efficiency, a high focus on business competencies, and accurate employee data retrieval at your fingerprints. It also helps access employee data immediately and accurately, which is an important USP of the software.


With the automated efficiency tracking tool, it helps tracking time against the estimated budget and timeline of the project. It allows administrators to analyze employees’ behavioral information to improve workflow efficiency as well.

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