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Why Navy Blue Braces are the Most Attractive Option

When selecting the color of your braces, the main decision you’ll have to make is whether you’re going to go with traditional silver or contemporary navy blue braces. Navy blue is an attractive color that complements every skin tone, but it’s not an option that everyone thinks about when they’re considering their orthodontic options. Today, we’ll talk about what the most attractive color for braces truly is, and why navy blue braces win in this debate.


Things to Consider Before Choosing a Color

The purpose of getting braces is to straighten your teeth. You may think that color isn’t a big deal when it comes to getting braces, but you’d be wrong. Here’s why you should pick navy blue or black (not green) metal braces: green metal on anyone looks strange, especially when paired with a smile (you can make all sorts of faces with braces!). Green looks unnatural on most skin tones, and navy blue or black will look far more natural in photos and when smiling. Not only does a darker color provide you with more options for how you want to show off your beautiful smile; it will also enhance your smiles instead of detracting from them.


How Teeth Affect The Appearance of Braces

Color is important in orthodontic treatment, especially when choosing braces. Unlike normal teeth, which can be stained and discolored by food and drinks, braces need to be a specific color for patients to feel good about their appearance. This means that over time, braces tend to become darker than natural teeth because of stains from food coloring and other beverages such as tea or coffee. Because darker colored materials look more attractive than lighter ones, you may want to choose a darker color for your braces if you’re looking for something more discreet.


3 Reasons Navy Blue is the Most Attractive Option

(and 1 Reason it isn’t) While everyone’s palate is different, one color that seems to be universally attractive is navy blue. People like blue; they identify with it and they want to trust people wearing a similar color. But which shade of blue? A study from Exeter University found that people found green braces more attractive than black or navy, but we disagree. We think navy is still a great option for some situations and here’s why: Green Can Be Overpowering While bright colors like green have their place in fashion (think neon t-shirts and platform shoes), we believe there are better options for teens.


4 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Color

1. Don’t be afraid to ask your orthodontist for advice and suggestions regarding which colors look best with your complexion. 2. If you have a darker complexion, consider a blue that is lighter in color or has more purple or pink undertones to it. 3. If you have a lighter complexion, opt for a darker shade of blue, particularly one that contains hints of purple or pink. 4. Avoid dark-colored braces if possible; they don’t play as nicely with others and tend to overshadow everything else around them—even your smile! 5. At very least, make sure all of your braces are navy blue so they complement each other and not just one specific set out of three!


5 Tips To Get The Right Shade Of Navy Blue

Whether you’re wearing clear or navy blue colored braces, you’ll want to make sure your braces match well with your skin tone. This isn’t as important for patients who wear clear braces, but it is crucial if you have chosen navy blue colored ones. To ensure a great color match, ask your orthodontist what shade of navy they recommend based on your skin tone. Remember that everyone has different undertones and you may need to try on several shades before finding one that matches perfectly. Also keep in mind that some people find their skin changes color over time so even if your braces start out looking good, they might not stay that way forever.

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