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BEST General Merchandise
BEST General Merchandise

Why Wholesale Vape Juice and Supplies Makes Sense

Experienced Wholesale Vape Distributors USA

It doesn’t matter what business it is.Wholesale makes sense. Wholesale vape juice and wholesale vape supplies are the cheapest and most affordable way to buy any vaping supplies!

All around the world vaping is exploding in popularity. Along with the rise in popularity, there have also been some big increases in prices. Manufacturers are charging a premium for vape juices and vapor supplies, so it makes sense that vapers would be looking for a more affordable alternative. Whole vapor suppliers such as IE Wholesale Online have some truly amazing deals on offer!

We have all been there. You really want some new vapor supplies or vape juices, but the prices for individual vaporizers or vaping accessories are just so expensive. That’s where it pays to shop around and buy in bulk! Whole vapor supply companies like IE Wholesale Online have some fantastic offers for their clients. They understand that not everyone can afford to buy 100 vaporizers to drop the price, that’s why they do it for you.

IE Wholesale Online has some great offers for people who are searching for affordable vape supplies as well as vaping shops and vape companies that are looking to stock affordable wholesale vape accessories for their clients. They have a huge range of not only vaporizers and e-cigarettes, but also e-liquids, and vaping accessories.

They have coils, wicks, atomizers, batterieschargersChillum and pipespod systems and much more. If it’s vaping related, then you can guarantee that the team at IE Wholesale Online not only has it, but it’s going to be at an amazing price.

Vaping – A Quick Guide


Presently, technology rubs off on virtually every aspect of life – including smoking.
The need for a safer alternative to traditional cigarette smoking birthed the vaping concept. Currently, vaping has been all the rage, particularly among young smokers.

This article offers a quick vaping guide— including how to use a vaping device as well as potential benefits over traditional cigarettes.

What is Vaping?

Simply put, vaping means inhaling vapor through a vaporizer or an e-cig. So, while traditional cigarette smokers take in smoke, vaping releases vapor.

Vaping is widely thought an effective way to quit cigarette smoking. Indeed, e-cig and vaporizers are considered a healthier habit, than smoking tobacco.

Vaporizers Vs. Cigarettes

If you’re considering vaping, you may want to kick out cigarrete completely. Vaping-only, among other benefits, will help you cut down on your nicotine doses.

How so?

Both cigarettes and vaporizers come with individual nicotine loads. Sustaining both may not be a healthy decision to make.

Excess nicotine in the body may result in certain immediate undesirable effects— from vomiting and nausea to dizziness and slight headaches.

So, you may want to crush your cigarettes for vaporizers— and stay healthier. Logically, it’s a smarter move.

Benefits of Vaping over smoking

Here are, but a few reasons for the massive shift from cigarette smoking to vaping:
• You’d spend far less on vaping, than on your typical tobacco sticks.
• Vaporizers do not release tar and other harmful compounds released by combustion.

Using Your Vaping Device

Typically, it’s totally OK to get things messed on at first attempts. But not with vaporizers.

I mean, your first puff with your new vaping device could be three easy steps away:

Ensure battery is charged

Check your device package for a charger— often a USB cord. You can connect the adopter or cable to a suitable power source— perhaps, your PC’s USB port.

Add your e-liquid

Vaporizers come with a mini tank. While pods come pre-filled, you’d have to remove the hardware at the top and pour in e-liquid.


IEWholesale was founded with a simple purpose in mind: to bring the greatest general merchandise and specialty products on the market together in one user-friendly, unified location, saving time and money. As the general merchandise and specialty products business has expanded, so have we, expanding our product range, our engagement in the community, and our team to suit the ever-increasing demands of our consumers. We have focused on providing general merchandise and specialty products, and we are one of the fastest-rising wholesalers in Houston, specialized in delivering superior vape products & e juice supplies to our customers.

Why choose IEWholesale online Superior Merchandise Wholesalers Houston Texas?


Among the most important aspects of ensuring a great general merchandise and specialty products store is purchasing goods. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult jobs you will face.


There are now hundreds! So, how do you decide who to do business with? Thus, IEWholesale online is committed to simplifying the acquisition of general merchandise and specialty products within an online environment as quickly as possible.


Shop online at IEWholesale in Houston for popular brands like Yocan, Geek Vape, Freemax, OOZE, Smok, Hyppe, Drip tips, and more.

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