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Braces color

You’ll Never Guess What These Braces Look Like

There are so many different types of braces out there, and they all come in such a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles that it’s easy to see why we can find it difficult to choose between them all. Today, we’re going to go through 10 different types of braces, rating each one on how cute they are. We hope this will make choosing your next set of braces much easier!

Which bracets color do you like best?

1. pink, 2. blue or 3. red? – Take a look at these cute color braces. You can choose for yourself which bracets color you like best – pink, blue or red! Also, you may be interested in: cute braces; what are clear braces; what are ceramic braces and do they hurt? When kids want to look good they need new clothes and accessories like braces color and more! Let’s pick some cool brace colors for girls!

Red braces

One of two colors that most of us would likely consider cute when it comes to orthodontic braces. Even if you don’t like wearing traditional metal braces, some people who choose clear or tooth-colored plastic retainers still hope for a little color to liven things up and help them feel better about their situation. Unfortunately, getting red braces isn’t as easy as seeing your dentist and saying you want them—you can either pay extra (sometimes several thousand dollars extra) or wear clear braces for an additional six months before switching over. We have no idea why anyone would do either, but they do exist! The only way to get them on such short notice is via candy striping, which involves dyeing existing braces with nontoxic food coloring in between appointments. As one Redditor described: I had to bleach my teeth all day from hell then basically finger paint on my teeth with temporary black food coloring… It was fun though 🙂 at least I got my red [braces].
Why might someone use candy striping? That’s another story altogether; we couldn’t tell you why someone would permanently change their appearance in such a high-maintenance way, but there are plenty of other adults out there doing it!

Blue braces

If you’re looking for cute color braces, blue is definitely a good choice. If you want to add some fun to your smile without being over-the-top, a blue or light purple tint will do just that! Consider pairing these colors with clear brackets or rubber bands for even more of an impact. Here are some examples of tooth colors that work well with blue braces

Pink braces

Although pink may be considered a girly color, cute color braces are definitely a step in a manlier direction. The contrast with menswear is rather dramatic; men usually choose more neutral colors to go with their clothing, like black or gray. Men who have ditched braces in favor of retainers are often happy they did so; they found that their teeth looked nicer when they were less rigid, but retainers don’t address crowding and crookedness like braces do. While there’s nothing wrong with choosing pink for your cute braces, there are certainly other options out there for men who want to look sharp when wearing an orthodontic device.

Purple braces

This is definitely one of my favorite colors. If you’re considering getting them, but aren’t sold on purple, remember it goes with anything! This color looks amazing with red or yellow shirts, especially a white shirt or undershirt. Don’t forget to get a bunch of blue jeans while you’re at it—you’ll need some darker colors as well! You can match these braces perfectly with most colors. As long as they don’t look too bright, they won’t look weird or over-the-top at all. You might even find that they fit your personality perfectly! If you tend to love purple and other deep shades then these braces will probably be your favorite color ever.

Green braces

Green is a fun color that can add some whimsy to your look. But do you know what’s even more exciting than colorful braces? No-color-braces. Traditional metal braces may be less fun to wear, but they get results faster and are almost invisible when worn as an adult. Most adults with perfectly straight teeth choose no-color-braces because they are embarrassed by visible metal at work or out in public. If you’re choosing between green and no-color, choose no-color. Your smile will thank you later!

Yellow braces

It’s widely believed that if you want to stand out, choose a flashy color—but those who opt for pastels like blue or green will find themselves regretting their decision soon after they purchase their new set of . If they go viral on social media, they’ll often get thousands of comments like omg I can’t believe it! and you look so cute in them. In other words, you definitely won’t be standing out for all the right reasons when you have yellow braces. The good news is that choosing a crazy color is easy enough that your peers are unlikely to think twice about them – especially once your come off and you’re sporting a mouthful of pearly whites in no time!

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