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10 Must-Know Do’s And Don’ts For A Smart SEO Strategy

If you are an owner of a website, you must know ‘What is Search Engine Optimization?’ SEO is a vast term that includes all those strategies that help the websites to rank on Google. Though Google has a ranking spot for every website, 1st rank fascinates all. Don’t you want your website to be crowned with #1 Rank?

Why Is It Important To Rank On Google?

The visitors tend to trust only those websites which rank on the first page. And when we visit a website, the elements placed in the website trigger the person to make sales. Thus only those websites ranking at the top get a chance to earn a lot from the sales.

Despite Optimizing My Website, Why Am I Not Gaining The Right Results?

The reason for that is – You must be doing SEO for your website, but you are not doing Smart SEO for your website. 

What Is Smart SEO For Your Website?

If you want to optimize your website smartly, then you must have a good understanding of its dos’ & don’ts. I know that many SEO executives do not even know the do’s & don’ts, and thus the SEO they are doing does not prove to be effective. Today’s article is mainly dedicated to you if you are among them. In this article, we are going to share the Do’s & Don’ts of a good SEO Strategy:


Don’t 1: Target All The Keywords On A Single Page

If you are targeting all your keywords on one page, then it is one of the features of keyword stuffing. It would help if you avoid doing that. Instead, you must target relevant keywords for every page. If you ignore the RELEVANCY feature, your rankings will suffer a lot.

If you target all keywords on one page, you will be manipulating google. Google does not like websites which even try to manipulate it.

Don’t 2: Embed Keywords Forcefully

Many sites are using unnatural ways to embed keywords. They do embed keywords in such a way that they seem contrived. 

Please note: If you are embedding keywords in irrelevant sentences, your users will frame a wrong impression about your Information Presentation. They will start thinking that you deliver the poor information & thus your articles & blogs are not worth reading.

DON’T 3: Ignore Negative Reviews

Each of us has to face the opposite side of every positive thing. If there is happiness, then there is sadness as well. Similarly, if there are good reviews, there are bad reviews. You must consider replying to each one of the comments no matter whether it is positive or negative.

It is the biggest blunder I have seen the website owners making. They only respond to positive reviews and do not even consider tackling the people sending negative reviews.

Change your perspective of dealing with the negative reviews. Do not see them as ‘They are the last impression the user has formed about you’. You can still have the opportunity to change how they think for you. Replying to negative reviews and improving what they have not liked about you is one such way.

Don’t 4: Worrying About A Sudden Drop In The Ranking

If you are worried about a sudden drop in the rankings. Then let me say that you are worrying for no reason. It often happens that Google is testing its algorithm, and because of that, the rankings may suddenly drop.

Don’t 5: Make Changes Without An Expert Consultation

I know that there may arise many situations where you feel the need to make changes. But you must make sure that you are not making any changes without consulting an expert.


Do 1: Make Use Of The Meta Descriptions.

The meta description represents your page. While creating meta descriptions, it is essential to include keywords in them. Keywords help the users to know ‘What kind of information is being presented on the particular page?’

Do 2: Get Links From Other Websites.

Make sure that the other websites link to yours but don’t link back to them. Why?

Google does not like exchanges.

Google is smart enough to judge you:

If websites have linked to you & you don’t have linked back to them, Google will consider that your content is valuable & information that will provide value to the users.

On the other hand, if you link back to a site related to you, Google will deem it the ‘Link Trading Network’. It will consider that you don’t have any valuable content on your site. You are only following the give & take approach while Link Building.

Do 3: Be Present On Social Media

It is essential to be present on social media platforms since social media is the platform to interact with potential customers. Being effectively present on social media demands you to have:

  • Updated Profiles
  • Interactive Posts
  • Consistency in Content Publishing

Do 4: You Must Have A Google+ Page For Your Business

Successful businesses are usually present on Google+. But before you get your Google+ Page created, you must know that it is not just another social network; instead, it is a metric to help Google judge whether you are on the right path to trigger the organic search rankings or not.

Do 5: Optimize Images For SEO Alt Text

Since each kind of media, including images, videos, GIFs, is present on your website, each one of them needs to have a description. But that should not be excessively long.

The primary purpose of adding the alt text to the image is that visually impaired people cannot see the pictures. So there must be an Alt Text with the image that could help such people understand what the image is all about.

Final Comments!

I hope that all the SEO executives have rolled up their sleeves to do smart SEO with the help of the tips mentioned above. Suppose you have any questions left, like ‘Whether I should do this or not, you can ask us by dropping an email. We shall try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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