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How to Pack Furniture for Moving

How to Pack Furniture for Moving

Furniture provides us a comfortable life from storage to relaxation and sitting on. From planning to buy them to place them in the correct location at your house is overwhelming for us. But when we move, we have to repeat the cycle all over again. Choosing the right home according to our furniture is difficult but moving them there is trickier. You cannot take them out and set them anywhere. You can never move your furniture in its original structure. Have to disassemble them, pack them, and rearrange them at your new location safely. Even if you think about getting rid of them to buy a new one, it proves to be costlier than moving your old one.

There are many wrapping tips that you can use to protect your furniture. These are some ways that professional packers and movers also use.

Decide the furniture

There are many things at our home and we are really connected to them. taking care of them is a task and a bigger task than that is to move them. We know that furniture also has sentimental value but sometimes leaving them behind is better than moving. Decide what furniture do you really need at your new house. Is it worth moving a heavy sofa if it is not going with your new apartment? Narrow down your furniture list and make a plan to disassemble them in an efficient way. You do not need to disassemble small furniture such as a bedside table, lamp, mirrors, etc. but you will require to dismantle your bed, almirahs, wall cabinets, desks, etc.

Take photographs

Disassembling is an easy task but rearranging your furniture is not. You will need to have some sort of reference to put them again otherwise it will take a lot of your time and still it would not be assembled in the way it should be. In order to avoid that, take pictures of the furniture in its original condition. Take multiple clicks from each and every corner of the furniture and during the whole process of dismantling it. this way you will have a visual reminder about the process of rearranging also.

Clean your furniture

When we are living in a place for a long time, it is not possible to clean the furniture every day. Over time they gather dust particles and become dirty which needs to be taken care of. It is advised to clean your furniture thoroughly before moving out because you would not want to sit on a dirty couch at your brand-new home.

Gather packaging supplies

Nothing is sufficient to pack furniture as they are really heavy and big. They must be wrapped with appropriate material suitable for them. there are many packaging supplies that you might use such as mattress covers, sofa covers, bubble wraps, plastic sheets, packing tape, moving blankets, etc. The most frequently used items to pack your furniture are plastic sheets and moving blankets.

  • Plastic sheets:- These are clingy material that stretches and can protect the heaviest furniture pieces. This is tear-resistant and can withstand any type of wear and tear. Plastic sheets do not require tapes as well due to their sticky nature.
  • Moving blankets:- These are specifically designed to protect your furniture by providing them cushion system. They provide shock absorption and are manufactured using heavy-duty cloth. These can also be used to protect doorways while moving your furniture out from any room or home.

Disassemble large furniture

Large furniture like sofa, bed, tables, chairs, etc. needs to be disassembled first before its packaging then its pieces are packed separately so that they use compact space and are not harmed during the move.

  • Sofa:- Remove cushions from the sofa and keep them aside. Pack those in a separate sheet or blanket. Turn the sofa and unscrew it from its legs and arms. Well, different sofa sets have different structures but this will be common in every one of them.
  • Chairs:- We all have different types of chairs at our home such as desk chairs, dining chairs, etc. We can’t disassemble all dining chairs but some can be dismantled by their legs. Desk chairs are a bit complicated and they need to be dismantled from their back seat, wheels, and legs. Put those wheels safely as it will be difficult to find a similar one if you lose them.
  • Table:- You have two options to move your tables. One, you can put them directly into the truck and fill other goods beneath and above them or dismantle them from their legs.
  • Bed:- Beds are pretty large and complicated in design. They all have different backs and need to be dismantled carefully. It will contain different sixes of screws and nails too which will require separate attention and tools. First, remove your mattress and pillows, then start to disassemble your bed box and frames.
  • Drawers:- Drawers are available in different furniture and can be dismantled easily from them. Remove them by twisting them followed by removing their knobs.

Keep your screws and bolts safely

Screws and bolts are very small and different for each type of furniture. Put them safely immediately when you are dismantling anything and label them simultaneously to avoid confusion later. You can use plastic pouches or zip locks for them and can keep all of them in one place that you will remember.

Wrap your furniture

It’s time now to wrap all those pieces that you have dismantled or the other small furniture that you have in your home. Cover everything using plastic sheets or moving blankets. If it is heavy furniture then it is advised to use multiple layers for more protection. Cover the corners of each one of them using some foam or other material that can be used as padding. If your furniture has any fragile portions also such as your center table might have a glass frame then cover them with multiple layers of bubble wrap and keep them aside to be moved safely.

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