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10 reasons you should fall in love with silk blends :- Fabriclore

Festival season is just around the corner, too much to do with so less time. And in India, almost all the seasons are festival seasons because of the cultural variations.  The most important decision to be made is what clothes to put on. Honestly, in the vast history of this world, no one can get that answer I guess! But we are here to help you conclude. What is better than the ever-loved silk fabric  with its richness and royal look, along with its pretty overflowing nature? But, in my opinion, there is no such thing as a flawless object, and even if we adore silk, there are a few problems that must be overcome, and who wants to do that?

So why not explore some options that can match our requirements and we get those perfect Instagram pics with our flawless dresses?

What is silk 

Silk, one of the earliest instances of a natural substance, is produced from silkworm cocoons. China is credited with being the first to discover what is now known as the world’s most coveted fabric. It is a lightweight, soft, smooth fabric. Silk can be available in a wide range of vibrant hues and is a very pleasant fabric due to its capacity to absorb moisture while also allowing air to pass through it. It is a boon for designers because of its beautiful drapability. There is always a but with every good thing, and although it has so many qualities there are some flaws that make it a little bit uncomfortable for the wearers. 

Sage bridesmaid dresses have become a go-to choice for brides who desire a harmonious and sophisticated bridal party ensemble. The delicate and calming shade of sage is versatile and complements various skin tones, making it a popular pick for diverse groups of bridesmaids. Whether paired with soft pastels or bold jewel tones, sage dresses effortlessly complement any color scheme, making it easier for brides to achieve the desired aesthetic for their wedding. From flowy and bohemian styles to sleek and modern silhouettes, there’s a sage bridesmaid dresses to suit every individual’s taste and style. So, if you envision a picture-perfect bridal party with a touch of understated elegance, choose sage bridesmaid dresses to create a memorable and enchanting atmosphere on your big day.

A solution to our problems- silk blends

The term “blended silk” refers to a fabric in which the proportion of silk to the total weight of the fabric is greater than or equal to fifty percent. These include textiles that contain natural silk combined with materials such as cotton, linen, wool, and rayon. Blending allows taking the best of both fabrics to come to the fore while making up for any shortcomings. Silk was the primary component in the production of a wide variety of textiles in the past, including chiffon, georgette, crepe, dobby, and others. At the moment, they are currently crafted using a blend of silk and the aforementioned additional textiles. This led to a rise in their popularity. Blending is an integrated use of science and fashion which leads to our comfort. 

silk fabric

Why choose silk blends-

  • Easy on your pockets 

Although pretty silk is very expensive and not anyone can afford it. But why fear when u have silk blends near? These provide the qualities same as silk. The mixing of different fibers has quite an effect on price making the luxury of silk within everyone’s reach.

  • Enhancing strength 

It is a durable fabric, but it becomes more fragile when it becomes wet. If we lay silk in direct sunlight it also tends to cut the fibers. The other fibers blended add up to the strength of silk. Also, silk is not a very rough and tough fabric due to it has high wear and tear. The blended fabrics add strength to the fabric.

  • Anti-staining 

Silk fabrics are renowned for showing unattractive water or sweat stains, which is one of its most important negatives and is often regarded to be one of the most severe drawbacks of silk fabrics. The utilization of such hybrid materials represents a big step toward the resolution of such problems as they now exist.

  • Durability 

Does this happen to you also that your brand new silk fabrics which you have worn like two to three times also sometimes look old and faded away silk fabrics change their color to yellow with age which reduces their beauty? These blended fabrics do not show any such discoloration which makes it easier to wear these fabrics even if they are old.

  • Easy to care

If you wear silk, take extra measures since stains on the fabric cannot be erased by hand washing; as a result, any errors should be avoided at all costs. Hand washing cannot remove stains from silk, therefore you should take additional precautions if you wear it. You won’t have a choice but to have your clothes dry cleaned, which is another step that takes a lot of time. But instead, these blend fabrics have a better stain removal tendency which makes them way too easy to use.

  • Wrinkle resistance

Even with proper care, silk is prone to producing creases, which may be rather annoying for the wearer. On the other hand, silk may be pressed to get a quality that is both smooth and crisp. In this case, blended textiles, which do not wrinkle as soon as other kinds of materials, come to your aid.

  • Sticky-mess 

If you want to wear silk in hot and humid weather, I would suggest not doing that. If you do so u have to face the fact that silk is more clingy than most of the people you have met. It would stick on your skin making it very uncomfortable. But wear chiffon or georgette that being lustrous, flowy, and lightweight like silk gives your skin its room to breathe.

  • Easy dying

When silk is blended with different materials, the affinity of the dyes for the silk cloth rises, which makes the procedure a little bit simpler.

  • Texture improvement 

There are not so many textures available in silk fabric. With its already unique texture, these silk blends provide more different textures increasing the variations and thus your choices.

  • Finishing efficiency

It can be sometimes hard to tackle the ever-flowing silk and that may lead to non-smooth finishing. 

With all these advantages, silk blends are also incredibly light, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, flowy, and smooth like silk. The changes which these blends induce lead to the creation of better-performing fabric

Don’t wait now, get yourself those pretty dresses by getting all these different fabrics and more of their kind from one of the leading fabric stores and Fabric manufacturer in India- Fabriclore. You can get these fabrics online too in both retail and wholesale. 

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