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What Can We Do In Fashion Industry

The industry of fashion is among the largest when it comes to earnings. But it also has the most unsustainable practices in terms of environmental and ethical concerns.

However; what exactly is the term sustainable style is it? It is the style that solves some of the most threatening issues facing the fashion industry.

This article will address the major issues that are affecting this sector today.

An Overview of What We Mean by “Ethical”?

Ethics are moral rules that guide a person’s conduct or choices about fairness and fairness between individuals as well as communities; organizations societies; nations; and communities. In essence they’re about the moral behavior to be expected in the human race living on the planet.

The Biggest Issues in the Fashion Industry

Fashion is among of the more controversial with a myriad of ethical concerns. One of the biggest concerns in the fashion sector stems from fast-fashion firms.

Speedy fashion

The fast fashion industry has created an unending cycle of inexpensive clothing that ends being tossed out before it is worn or cleaned. If clothes are made cheaply; they’re made to last a long time which means they’ll being worn out for six months before breaking down and being replaced by more expensive clothes.

The process of production also involves the use of large amounts of water and harmful chemicals that cause pollution and also harm our environment.

 Children’s labor and lower wages

The second concern is child labor; where children who are less than 13 years old have to work long hours on hazardous machines with low pay in order to families earn income. They are also at risk of injuries and death. Additionally; there is a significant proportion of young workers employed in sweatshops in which they earn low wages and work long hours ; under the supervision of an adult; which leads the children to skip school often.

Don,t do cruelty on animal  

The third topic is the cruelty of animals in the fashion industry; as well as using genuine fur procured by killing the animal. The industry of fur is known for its cruelty to animals; as they are frequently cut alive to preserve their hair and is an edgy fashion now. Animals also die because of breeding too much and being put in small cages  which make it difficult or impossible to move freely without crawling on top of one another; which could cause death from death from suffocation.

Chemicals that are toxic

The fourth concern that the fashion industry faces is that it frequently makes use of hazardous chemicals to make clothes; and many people do not know this or the risk these chemicals are to their own as well as the animals that live around us.

The most well-known materials used by clothing manufacturers are nylon polyester spandex and acrylic. These substances release cancer-causing chemicals in the air when heated by dryers or irons; which increase the chance of developing cancer in people who deal with them on a regular routine; as well as their family members.

 Animal skin lover

Another problem in fashion is that the majority of pieces are made of animal skins such as fur and leather that were obtained in a brutal method. This is problematic because they could be created from endangered species like elephants; tigers; and whales that could threaten the loss of these animals.

  Can we  buy or not  

To conduct business ethically you must take into consideration social responsibility and sustainability for the environment. The first step to being more sustainable is to understand the current conditions in your own business beginning in your supply chain.

The supply chain describes the path which raw materials go through from being a finished product before it’s sold in retail stores. A business can’t be sustainable in the event that its own practices don’t reflect ethical standards; and it’s difficult to make ethical choices in the absence of knowing the source of your goods or the process by which they’re produced (and who makes them as well as for what wage they’re being paid; etc. ).

It is the next thing to do: cease working with suppliers who aren’t ethical or sustainable. If your business already has a procedure that is in place to analyze and track the supply chain in place so that you are able to make informed choices regarding who is worthy of the privilege of making your products and then congratulations!

Alongside ensuring the ethical treatment of the workers who are part of your supply chain; another option to make your business more sustainable is to reduce the amount of products and increasing the quality. For instance; purchasing lesser but selecting high-quality goods which last longer can lower your carbon footprint due to reduced turnover of the product (i.e. not having to make constantly new products).

If you decide to cut down on quantity but to ensure that suppliers adhere to the highest ethical standards you’ll be happy about the business decisions you make.

There are many options for businesses that are looking to be more environmentally sustainable and ethically responsible in their business practices. These include Fair Trade USA the Sustainable Apparel Coalition; Pedro Clavero and Fashion Revolution; among others. It doesn’t take an enormous corporation to make positive changes. Every little amount is important!


This article has delved into some of the most important ethical dilemmas within the industry of fashion; and the best ways to tackle these issues. It’s crucial to be aware of the origins of our clothes however it’s difficult to determine which businesses make ethical fashion decisions without conducting extensive study.

One way to reduce your carbon footprint are by shopping less or buying second-hand clothes whenever possible recycling or donating items that are no longer needed instead of throwing them out.

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