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9 Travel Tips And Hacks For The Best Travel Experience Yet

If you’ve never traveled internationally, it can be easy to think of it as a different kind of vacation. But when you’re on the other side of the world and without WiFi, it’s a lot more like living in an unfamiliar place for an extended period—with one big difference: you don’t have access to all your favorite amenities from home!

I’ve been traveling for business and pleasure for years, so I know how important it is to come prepared with everything from travel insurance to a first aid kid. This list is by no means comprehensive (there’s far too much information required for that), but these nine tips will help get your next trip off on the right foot:

Bring a first aid kid.

You can’t be too prepared for your next trip. Bring a first aid kid with you when you travel, and make sure it’s up-to-date.

An excellent first aid kid should contain anything from bandages to burn creams so that whatever happens on your trip, there are resources available to help. If you go camping or hiking often (or even want to be prepared in an emergency), consider getting a high-quality first aid kit that allows customization and organization.

Double-check your hotel reservation.

Re-confirming your hotel reservation is one of the most important things you can do before traveling. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

To double-check your hotel reservation:

  • Check the address, phone number, and email address of the hotel you’ve booked. This way, if there’s any confusion or issue with your reservations, you won’t have trouble reaching them.
  • Read through their cancellation policy thoroughly, so there are no surprises when it comes time for checkout (and also so that you’re not charged for canceling at a later date). Make sure this information is easily accessible on their website because some companies hide it deep within a FAQ page or something similar.
  • Check their room type list carefully and compare it with what they have available when booking; some hotels only offer certain room types during certain times (for example, summer vs. winter). If possible, try to book as far ahead as possible to avoid disappointment later on down the line!

Keep a copy of your passport with you.

In the wrong hands, your passport can be used to get you into trouble. Keeping a copy of your passport in a safe place, such as your hotel or apartment, is essential. You will need this copy when checking into hotels and other lodgings throughout your travels, so it’s best to have it on hand before departing for any destination.

If you lose or misplace your original document, there are some steps you can take to replace it quickly:

  • Contact local authorities immediately if someone stole or accidentally destroyed the original document(s). While many countries offer replacement services for lost passports (or fines), they may not be able to issue replacements immediately if no record of ownership exists—and it could take weeks for them to process applications from abroad!
  • Emailed copies are accepted by most airlines and cruise ships if scanned onto an electronic device before boarding; however, do not forget that this is only acceptable as an emergency measure because printed documents must always be submitted at check-in counters before the due date.

Get travel insurance.

Get travel insurance.

Whether you’re heading to a new country or traveling within the U.S., you must have some coverage in case something goes wrong. You can buy travel insurance from an agent or online, but whichever way you do it, read the fine print before buying to know what your policy covers and how much it costs. Some policies don’t cover every possible scenario (like if your luggage gets lost on its way back from vacation), so be sure that whatever plan makes sense for your needs is spelled out clearly before putting down any money.

Make sure your phone has international service.

We’ve all found ourselves in a situation where we’re eager to talk to home, but either don’t have exemplary international service on our phones or are traveling with someone who doesn’t. If this is your first time abroad, determining which services work best for you can be confusing.

If you’re going on a short trip or have a friend or family member already there, consider downloading WhatsApp for cheap calls and texts (or even Facebook Messenger).

That’s not possible and you need more than occasional communication with people back home, buy an international SIM card from your carrier before heading out on your adventure—this will let you use data and make calls and send messages from anywhere in the world.

Take pictures of everything!

Take pictures of everything!

The best way to remember your trip is by taking photos. You can’t rely on your memory alone, so take pictures of everything: the hotel room and view from your window, the food you eat (even if it’s just a bottle of water), the restaurants you go to, and menus. Photographs are also great for capturing memories of the people you meet during travels. And don’t forget to document all the places you visit—you’ll want those memories later too!

Pack smartly.

Packing is the most stressful part of traveling. You have to make sure that you have everything you need and that you don’t pack anything unnecessary.

The best way to pack is with a list of what you will need for your trip, then try and only consider those items when putting together your suitcase or backpack.

If it’s hot out, consider packing clothing made from light fabrics such as linen or cotton: these materials are easy to wash and dry quickly while keeping you cool in warmer weather! If it’s cold outside (and there’s no heating in the hostel), bring along some warm socks and gloves so that if it gets chilly at night or right before bedtime after an evening out exploring nearby attractions like museums or casinos… you’re ready!

Find out what cultural norms might be different from back home.

You may be surprised to learn that there are cultural norms that can make your trip a lot easier or harder. The point of this tip is to keep an open mind and not assume that everything is the same as back home.

  • Is tipping expected at your destination? If so, how much? How should you list different types of people? Should you tip at all?
  • Is it okay to take photos or videos in public places like museums and monuments? What about stores, restaurants, and bars?

The answers depend on the country’s laws and customs—they’re different everywhere! Consider researching this before you go so you don’t get caught off-guard when someone tells you off for taking photos without asking first (which happens more often than it should).

Consider booking directly with the airline instead of a third-party site.

Generally, booking directly with an airline is the way to go. You’ll get better deals, avoid extra fees and make it easier to change your flight if there’s an issue. Plus, if you’re flying internationally, direct booking can help you avoid additional taxes and surcharges that might otherwise be applied by third-party sites—which can add up!

Traveling can be stressful, so it’s best to come prepared!

Traveling can be stressful, but it’s best to come prepared! I’ve learned that knowing what you’re doing is the only way to enjoy your trip. You need to be aware of your surroundings and know how to handle different situations. It would help if you also were prepared for anything on the road.

What does being prepared to mean? Well, it means knowing how much cash you should bring along with you, what kind of food and beverages are available in different countries (and whether they cater toward vegetarians), and which items are required when going through customs at other countries’ entry points (e.g., a passport).


We hope these tips will help you stay safe, comfortable, and worry-free when traveling. We also want to remind you that taking care of yourself is essential, so don’t forget to take breaks! And remember: always share your travel stories because there’s no wrong way to travel—do what works best for you 🙂

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