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Every South African Beauties Should Know About These Skincare Brands

Every South African Beauties Should Know About These Skincare Brands

We take a lot of time and give a thorough thought to choosing the right skincare products. But do you make efforts to select the right skincare brands?

From thousands of skincare brands available in the market, choosing the one among them can be a tough task. Moreover, people are becoming more conscious of their skin than they used to be before. So, we have so many options for South African skincare brands here.

Having all these options can be overwhelming. You may at times be confused about which one to choose. But we are here to ease your work. Here are the top skincare brands that every South African beauty should know about. Read along.

Top skincare brands in South Africa

Situated in the heart of Paris, Matis is a France-based skincare brand that has 80 years of legacy in the beauty industry. The skincare brand offers a range of products that treat and nourish the skin.

Taking care of better results, customer satisfaction, and the overall well-being of women has always been in the company’s vision. And that is why Matis strives to be as natural as possible in their products’ ingredients.

The company’s solutions use highly concentrated formulas offering quick outcomes and emphasising the most potent ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and AHAs. And combined with beauty therapists’ techniques, solutions give receptive treatment conditions for visible and lasting results.

A NAOS brand, BioDermal, started as a quick response to minor skin problems. But soon, the brand became a favourite to Dutch aestheticians and dermatologists. The skincare brand believes healthy skin should be accessible to everyone. And therefore, the brand delivers a wide variety of skincare products for every individual of all ages and skin types.

BioDermal works with expert dermatologists and healthcare professionals across the globe to formulate best-in-class skincare products to restore skin health and heal it within. The brand believes in inclusivity. And therefore, offer the best  Glowing skin products suitable to every individual with distinct skin types.

If sophistication was a skincare brand, it would be iS Clinical. From potent skincare products to aesthetically designed packaging, everything about iS Clinical is oozing sophistication and advancement.

The company contains a myriad of skin-improving products in its collection. Among them, serums are one of the widest varieties in their arsenal. Their products are made of natural ingredients and botanical extracts that ensure overall skin wellness.

With its extensive skincare product range, iS Clinical aims to elevate the physical and emotional well-being of people everywhere. So, this skincare brand is sure to be worth trying if you are a South African beauty.

From being a distinguished pharmaceutical company to a globally recognized aesthetic brand, Mesoestetic has come a long way since its inception in 1985. The brand commits itself to provide top-quality products with scientifically proven results.

From hygiene to hydration, aging, pigmentation, skin sensitivity, and hair and skin protection, the brand has every product for various skin problems. And these products are widely available worldwide.

These products are customised specifically to every age and skin type, including deep complexions of African skins as well. So, if you are a beauty with dusky skin, this skincare brand is worth trying for you.

Researching and manufacturing multi-nutrient hair and skincare supplements, Fusion Labs is a premier nutritional and lifestyle company striving to expand the frontiers of nutritional technology and industry. Fusion labs also provides Hair growth Products.

Its multi-nutrient supplements like Trichotin Hair Regenesis, Trichotin DHT Inhibitor, Dermagen Skin Care, and Duo Calm effectively combats various hair and skin problems, improving the overall health of individuals.

Specially made to elevate skin health, Dermagen Skin Care tablets combat every skin issue, offering smooth, spot-less, well-conditioned skin while treating acne, detoxifying skin, improving skin tone and elasticity, and reducing the signs of aging. 

Specialised in advanced dermatological formulations, Biomedical Emporium produces safe, effective, and high-quality skincare products formulated by expert Biomedical scientists.

Its scientifically proven skincare solutions comprise a unique and effective tertiary tissue-protective peptide technology. Moreover, the products are effective on all skin types and colours, including melanin-rich ones. 

Containing high-quality pharmaceutical-grade raw materials, all the products are categorised as cosmeceutical products and provide biomedical benefits once applied to the skin.

Concerned about skincare during pregnancy? Hormonal changes can cause many skin problems during these times. But worry not, Mama Mio will take care of your skin issues between your expected pre-motherhood time and beyond.

A unique skincare brand focused on providing skincare solutions to pregnant ladies, Mama Mio offers a range of pure 100% vegan products made of natural, plant-based, pregnancy-safe ingredients.

From tummy rubs that soothe the skin during stretchy times to other effective skincare and pregnancy-related products, Mama Mio offers the complete pregnancy skincare solutions in their arsenal.

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