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Commercial Cleaning Services in El Paso

Get Your Office Ready for the Holidays with These 10 Tips from Commercial Cleaning Services in El Paso

Your office is likely the place you spend most of your waking hours, so making sure it’s nice and cozy this holiday season makes a lot of sense. Whether you’re throwing an in-office party or just want to be sure everyone gets home in time to celebrate, here are 10 things you can do around the office that will ensure it’s ready for the big day, courtesy of Commercial Cleaning Services in El Paso!


1) Start early

A lot of people believe that their cleaning service should just come through and give their offices a quick once-over before they hold their holiday party. They may be missing out on valuable opportunities to put themselves in the best position possible to ensure a successful holiday season. While it’s true that you need to clean up on a general level before your celebration, commercial cleaning services suggest starting early—before any holiday decorations start to go up. That way, your offices will remain fresh and ready as more objects are brought inside.


2) Put away decorations

Although it can be fun to decorate your work space during special occasions, any decorations you have hanging up should be put away so that you and your coworkers don’t trip over them. A few days before and after a holiday is enough time to take down any holiday decorations that are up—you don’t want to clutter your office any more than necessary.


3) Enlist help

Businesses will often outsource their holiday cleaning to commercial cleaning services; you should too. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or are just trying to spruce up your office ahead of time, enlist a commercial cleaning service in El Paso (or any city) to help manage all of your needs. For tips on how they can get your office ready and what specific items they will be doing, check out our list below. You’ll save time, money and valuable energy while preparing your space so that you’re ready to enjoy some well-deserved rest after a long year at work!

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4) Get supplies

Since holidays tend to be more social than business-focused, you don’t need to worry about stocking your office with food or drinks. The necessities (think pens, paper, folders) are all you really need. And if you’re setting up a Christmas tree, lay out any decorations and tinsel beforehand so that it doesn’t become a last-minute scramble. You can also ask a friend or coworker to help decorate. Once everything is set up, head home and enjoy some time off with family and friends! Commercial cleaning services in El Paso can help ensure your office is ready for guests when you return. For example, commercial cleaning services in El Paso offer after-party cleanup as well as general janitorial services throughout their areas of service. A little TLC now will keep your space fresh during what will likely be hectic days of merriment later on!


5) Don’t forget holiday music

The music you choose to play when your clients and customers come through your door is just as important as how clean it is. Of course, if you’re running a fast-paced business, you might not have time to crank up some festive tunes every hour. But at least once a day, make sure there’s holiday music playing. It will put people in a merry mood and may even boost productivity. Here are some tips on selecting songs that will do just that.


6) Lock everything down

You might think that storing garbage is a good way to get rid of it, but all you’re doing is making your office smell bad. So make sure that any trash has been disposed of properly, and then leave it out of sight. If possible, store any garbage cans behind closed doors or put them away in storage units so they aren’t seen by guests. The last thing you want is for people to feel like your company generates a lot of waste.


7) Bag holiday gifts

It’s safe to say that most of us have to work at least part of Thanksgiving and/or Christmas day. But chances are you won’t be doing any actual office work, unless you absolutely have to. So why not take advantage of your holiday and bag a bunch of gifts for people? Inexpensive presents like gift cards or candy are often welcome—they’re definitely better than nothing. And if it helps make your holiday a little more enjoyable (and lets you avoid shopping before you go home), so much the better!


8) Wash down tabletops and surfaces

Commercial cleaning services in El Paso, TX can give you a boost when it comes to holiday cleaning. Whether you’re looking to get your office ready or prepare before hosting your next big party, they’ll have no problem helping you out. One of their recommendations is to start off by washing down tabletops and surfaces; these areas tend to pick up a lot of dust during holiday preparations. Since it can be hard to remember all of these details at once, that’s where commercial cleaning services come into play. They can help streamline and improve your office space so that you can get back to celebrating with family and friends! The area rugs will probably need to be cleaned too: Commercial cleaning services in El Paso, TX recommend that you take care of other aspects of your office as well.


9) Deep clean carpets, rugs, and upholstery

If your work area is messy, guests are going to think you’re a disorganized company. If people can’t find what they need because of disorganization, they might leave before doing business with you. Having a well-organized workspace helps give clients and customers a positive first impression about your brand. That way, when meeting new contacts, they won’t have any doubts about working with you or signing on as a client. It’s easy to fix by calling an office cleaning service that can help keep your office organized all year long.

10) Remove any trash that has piled up

Make sure to pick up any trash that’s litter around your office. This includes discarded coffee cups, candy wrappers, leftover food, and anything else you can think of. Whether it’s sitting on a desk or floating around in a wastebasket, toss it! Don’t leave any mess behind. Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness—especially when hosting holiday parties at work.

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