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How to draw a girl with ponytail hairstyle Pencil drawing step by step

How to draw a girl with ponytail hairstyle Pencil drawing step by step

How to draw a girl with ponytail hairstyle Pencil drawing step by step

How to draw a girl with a ponytail hairstyle with these how-to videos and step-by-step drawing instructions. Pencil drawing step by step for beginners and everyone. Also, read easy landscape drawing

Step 1

To help you make sure both sides of the head are the same width and the facial features are the same in the next steps, start your drawing by first making a vertical line in the center of the area. Your drawing area. Then draw a circle in front of the top of the head, and from that project, the first two lines go to the jaw area and then bend in and go again at a sharper angle to the final shape – a curve of the chin.

Step 2

For this step, you can adjust the shape of the top of the head slightly, ponytail hairstyle Pencil 

as it will not normally be the perfect semicircle. You can also add a hint of cheekbones.

After you are done with that, you can go ahead and delete the circle guide, but leave the middle line.

Step 3

To create instructions for the first set of facial features, divide the face into four sections with horizontal lines. You want to draw lines from the hairline area of ​​the head (read a little below the top of the head) to the bottom of the chin so that you have three proportional parts of the face plus a smaller hairline out of a total of four.

Step 4

Sketch the eyebrow just below the second line of the top of the head (the line behind the hairline).

Step 5

The drawing of the nose begins near the inside of the eyebrow. Simplify the nose in planes for the front, side and bottom for the first sketch.

The nose will narrow to the bridge and extend from there to the bottom of the face.

Step 6

Sketch the ears within the middle part of the three proportional divisions touching the second and third line from above.

Step 7

Draw another horizontal line directly over the centre of the head (you can remove the other horizontal line at this point), and draw on it the shape of the eye (just the border). Please keep your eyes far enough away to take another look between them. The space on both sides of the eye should be slightly smaller than the width of one vision.

Step 8

Within the shape of the eyes outlined in the previous steps, draw the circles of the irises with the upper part slightly covered by the eyelids and the bottom just touching the lower eyelid.

Keep in mind that larger, wider open eyes can create a younger and more feminine look.

Step 9

A line drawing of a female nose can be tricky as the more you define the shape, the less feminine the nose may appear.

Step 10

Draw the upper lip as a flat “M” shape.

The lower lip tends to be two evenly spaced curves that meet at the bottom of the mouth to form one more important angle.

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