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How to Manage All Your Social Networks from a Single App

How to Manage All Your Social Networks from a Single App

How to Manage All Your Social Networks from a Single App

Social networks are part of our daily life, since they are really useful tools. We use them in the personal sphere to keep in touch with our loved ones or to find a partner, and also in the professional sphere to find work, promote our business or to use them as marketing platforms, among many other uses.

There are options for all tastes, and normally each one of them has its specific functionality. To get an idea, some of the most used social networks in 2022 are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, which is less known in Spain. Also check sss tiktok downloader

We know the great value of using them, but we are also aware of how much time it takes to manage them properly. And time is one of the key factors in our day to day life, since we have very little and it cannot be recovered.

Taking this last aspect into account, today at TuAppPara we have dedicated all our efforts to bring you a solution when it comes to managing all social networks. We want you to continue using them, but that your life is simpler and you can enjoy your time. So for this reason we present an analysis of the best managers so that you have all the social networks in a single app. They will change your life!

The best apps to manage and manage your social networks

Each of the administrators and managers of social networks that we will present to you below have been endorsed by critics and have excellent ratings. So with the hope that they can be of great use to you, here is a detailed analysis of each of these applications:

Hootsuite for mobile: all social networks in one app

The Hootsuite platform has earned a place worldwide when it comes to managing social networks. With it you can see all the most popular social networks, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. And apart from seeing them, you can also create, edit, publish or schedule the content you want.

For this reason, it is an excellent tool for content marketing, since it analyzes, monitors and automates your publications. For this, up to 3 free profiles can be connected. Without a doubt, Hootsuite is a good social network manager to use on your mobile, although you can access it from your laptop thanks to its web version. Its mobile app version is available on both Android and iOS.

Crowd fire

Crowdfire is another great option to have all the social networks in one app. It is a very useful alternative for personal use, but especially recommended for entrepreneurs, artists and companies of all sizes.

With it you can manage Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Vimeo and many more platforms. With it it is possible to update and program all your publications and you will be able to monitor each one of the statistics so that you make the best decisions in your growth within the digital world. You can opt for the free version -although it is very limited- or purchase the Premium version to enjoy more features. You can do it on iOS and Android.

Buffer: manage Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Buffer is another interesting social media manager that is used to manage Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin. Among its main functions you will be able to schedule publications and see all the analytics of what you have shared.

The free version allows you to connect 3 accounts and schedule up to 10 posts on each of them. But if you are using it as a content manager for marketing, we recommend that you opt for one of the paid versions, such as the Pro Plan or the Small Business Plan. Buffer is available for Android and iOS.

Later: schedule your posts for later

Is Instagram the social network you use the most to publish content and as a content marketing platform? If so, you will know that there are quite a few applications to take your Instagram to another level, and Later is also one of them.

It is especially recommended if you use Instagram as a Community Manager or if you are a team of multiple people. With Later you can upload posts, schedule them by date and time and even optimize them, as it has resources for you to have more interactions. It is available on iOS and Android, and if you want you can also use it on the web version. An excellent and free option, although yes, it is entirely in English.


And from Instagram we go to one of the specialized Twitter apps, the TweetDeck application for social networks. With it you have the option to customize the design of the publications you see, to be able to read what really interests you and follow up on the conversations.

From TweetDeck you can also tweet, retweet, and upload photos, schedule and even use the multi-account option. In short, a very good tool that is recommended both personally and for companies. TweetDeck is free, exclusive to iOS , and only available in English.


One of the best ways to get more “engagement” is to carefully analyze the statistics and take action based on them. Well, Metricool is a tool that will help you to have all the social networks in an app and all the metrics that you need to visualize.

Among its main functionalities, you will be able to monitor your website, see the statistics of your publications in real time, program your entries and even manage your Customer Service. All this completely free of charge and for four of the main social networks today: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In the paid version you can even analyze the statistics of your Google and Facebook advertising campaigns. Without a doubt, an excellent option to manage your social networks. Metricool is available for Android and iOS.


Planoly is a social media manager whose main content is based on images. Yes, we are talking about Instagram and Pinterest, so with it you can manage these two platforms to enhance the content of your profile and have a greater number of interactions.

The app is used to carry out all the tasks you can imagine, such as planning, programming, managing or analyzing all your content. To do this, you can try it for free, and if you like how it works, you have the option of subscribing to one of its paid versions. Planoly is available on Android and iOS.

Facebook Page Manager

One of the most used social networks at the business level is still Facebook. This is due to its pages section, where you can put all the information regarding a business or company. Surely you know many of the applications for Facebook, but now it’s time to talk about the official Page Manager app.

With this free app for iOS and Android, you can post photos to your Page, respond to comments and private messages, or track your Page stats, among other things. But it will not only serve you for a single page, but if you have more than one and want to manage them from the same place, this administrator will allow you to do so. Interesting, right?


Sprout Social is another great tool to have all your social networks in one app and manage them from the same place. It’s completely free, you can download it on iOS or Android and it will be useful for managing your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles.

With it you will be able to see all the messages and respond directly, publish content from the app itself, schedule a post for another time or analyze the statistics of your publications. The Sprout Social app is another option to consider, although you should keep in mind that the web version has many more features.

IFTTT (If This Then That)

IFTTT is much more than a tool to have all the social networks in one app. With it you can have everything you want in one place, as it accepts up to 630 different applications. Among them, for example, Google Home, which can help you keep your house at an ideal temperature. One of IFTTT’s strengths is that apps can “talk” to each other.

So, if you need to have more than one social media manager and you want to have access to all the apps from one place, IFTTT is an ideal option. It is a very powerful tool, available on iOS and Android, totally free and that receives very good ratings from its users. Do you want to try it?

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