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Candle Boxes

Incredible Tricks to Transform Your Custom Candle Boxes

A candle is an object which you can find on almost every occasion. You can nicely include the candles on every event as a decorative tool. People love to light up candles for happy and sad occasions.

The annual turnover of the candles is in million US dollars. There are various brands out there that are introducing a different kind of candles within the market every day. If you are the one who is manufacturing the candles within the market and want to increase your sales then simply focus on the packaging.

The outer packaging of the box is responsible for providing a great look to the customers. As people love to buy those products which can attract their senses in one go.

As scented candles are already colorful and charming. You can create the outer packaging of the candle attractive as well.

How you can do this?

There are various ways to do so. Initially, you can hire a good packaging firm. There are professionals present in the packaging firms who can design outstanding boxes for you.

Candle Boxes

Read this blogpost to know awesome ideas to transform the custom candle boxes:

Red Rigid Box

The rigid boxes are best as the luxurious boxes. The candles look awesome in this kind of box. Any brand can utilize this kind of box for introducing their luxurious range.

For instance, if you’re planning to use the red rigid box then first choose its style, for the candle’s encasement the two-piece box will well suit. Then embellish the outer box by adding the features such as logo embossment and a tagline within the debossing feature.

However, both features will make the box look outstanding and charming as well. Moreover, if you don’t want to like to choose the two-piece box style you can also choose the tuck end box style and can add some kind of decorative tag of your brand having your logo on it at the opening and closing of the box. Simply get the wholesale candle boxes if you want to save your money.

Pastel Blue Sleeve Packaging

The sleeve box style is also known as the drawer style. You can beautifully create the candle box packaging charming by doing some modifications.

Candle Boxes

You can place a single candle within the box or more than one candle. It all depends on your choice. If you have selected the sleeve box then add the pastel blue color on the box and finish it by adding the typography in a large font such as you can write” Get into the Charm” in white color.

Always try to write something unique that can attract customers from a great distance. If you will only write that “candle” without any statement people will not get attracted towards your boxes much.

For the affordable part, you can get the candle boxes wholesale at discount rates by hiring one of the good packaging companies.

And along with the outer packaging you have to focus on the inner packaging as well. You can modify the custom candle packaging into the glass form and add a black sticker on the glass jar and emboss your logo on that black sticker to create a charming look.

Drawing Candle Boxes

The artistic packaging always carries more weightage as compared to the solid color packaging. So, by being a brand owner you should focus on artistic styles.

For creating the drawing boxes first you can sketch the pattern you want to draw on the boxes. How to do so? You can take the help of photoshop software.

There are various patterns which you can follow. For example, if you are offering lavender candles.

You can choose the tuck end box style and change the background of the box into solid lavender color. Then add the lavender flower drawing a kind of sketch in white color on the boxes.

By this activity, people will be able to know that you are offering lavender candles. Make sure that the inner packaging of the candle also is in lavender color glass and the cover lid in a wooden texture. Here your packaging is ready to display on the shelves.

Mirror Candle Boxes

You can create the boxes by adding mirrors on all sides of the box. This is a great trick to attract the customer’s attention.

Simply choose the rigid material box and cover all sides of the box by adding the glass mirrors. These boxes will be able to get the limelight quickly on the shelves.

Further, you can imprint your brand name and logo stickers on the box for pasting. Just paste the sticker on the box and your boxes are ready for the display.

You can adapt the above-listed ideas to have awesome candle packaging wholesale. And further, for the customization, you can hire a good packaging firm.

Candle Boxes


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