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Know How to Convert Bigha to Acre Online

There are multiple land measurement units used globally, and India is no stranger to this process. Bigha and acre are two prominent ones used across different regions of this country to measure large properties primarily. The Northern part of India is where bigha is primarily used, but it lacks standardization.

However, lenders extending property loans only use standardized units for property measurements, and they mainly use the acre for this matter. Thus knowing the conversion of bigha to acre is imperative as it aid potential LAP applicants to learn their property value in advance.

How to convert bigha to acre online?

This lack of any standardized value of bigha makes it difficult to calculate land area or property in different states. It also complicates the process of bigha to acre conversion.

However, one can efficiently resolve this with the help of a land area calculator. This tool simplifies the calculation process and provides accurate results in a few steps.

Individuals can follow the steps below to convert 1 bigha to acre or the needed value with an area conversion calculator.

  1. Visit a reliable land conversion calculator
  2. Select the state’s name where the property is located
  3. Enter the property units land area in bigha
  4. Choose the Acre to convert the value of bigha

After entering these inputs, one can conveniently determine the conversion value.

For instance, an individual in Punjab plans to buy land in Tamil Nadu; he/she can enter the value in the conversion calculator and determine the value. This will help avail a high-value credit form like a loan against property.

Besides knowing the conversion process of bigha to acre, individuals can get a better understanding of these two land measurement units and make an informed decision.

What is Bigha?

Bigha is a commonly used land measurement in India and other countries like Bangladesh and Nepal. It is among the oldest and most traditional land measurement units.

Bigha is divided into two subunits Biswa and Katha. They don’t have any standard value. Ideally, the difference ranges from 16150 to 72880 square feet.

For instance, a bigha in Punjab equals 9075 square feet while 27000 square feet in UP.

This land measurement unit is preferred in states like Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Rajasthan, etc. It is generally used to determine the measurement of agricultural lands.

However, bigha is preferred as a commercial and non-agricultural land measurement unit. 

What is Acre?

Acre is an internationally recognised measurement unit nearly three times larger than a bigha unit. Technically, Acre does not have any prescribed shape as a measurement unit.

According to the imperial system, 1 Acre is equivalent to 43560 square feet or 4047 square meters

This measuring unit is used widely in countries like Jamaica, Canada, Pakistan, India, France, Germany, Bangladesh, etc. Individuals should know that in different parts of the world, a unit of an Acre would denote a separate area.

Hence, it is essential to learn the units and their value for the correct land measurement. Ideally, knowing the land value will help understand the maximum amount individuals can borrow against pledging their property. This will help maintain transparency in the complete borrowing process.

Since a loan against property does not have any end-use restriction, individuals can manage their big-ticket expenses for personal or professional causes. For instance, one can get out of a debt trap by using a LAP loan

This will again improve their credibility and eligibility for high-value credit forms. Individuals should know that lending institutions evaluate credit scores before approval. Hence, learning how one’s credit score affects a loan against property eligibility would be beneficial.

Borrowers should know that many reputed financial institutions extend pre-approved offers to credible borrowers that simply the loan application. These offers are available on a wide range of financing options such as home loans, loan against property, etc. They can check their pre-approved offer by entering a name and contact number.

Since the value of bigha to acre differs from one state to another, converting it before loan application will be beneficial. This will help them understand the land value and avail of credit accordingly.

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