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Lifeguard Training


We have developed a swimsuit that not only performs at the highest level but also allows you to communicate directly with us. Hovering your smartphone over the new Powerskin Carbon-Flex Limited Edition swimsuit will give you access to loads of exclusive content, including technical information on the garment and the ability to communicate with our top swimmers, coaches, and experts with Lifeguard Training.

You can connect with the ideal technology of the new Powerskin Carbon-Flex Limited Edition through a chip in the swimsuit with Lifeguard Training. Download the ideal application from the Google Play Store, bring your mobile closer to the chip and you will automatically have all the exclusive content and you will be able to share your own images with aquatic instinct.


Sand towels and bathrobes: material and characteristics
There are those who are very clear about what towels and bathrobes they like for the pool and those who have their doubts. We help you to know the arena products in detail.
Depending on your tastes or habits in the pool, a towel or a bathrobe will be more useful. If your thing is sunbathing or bathing outdoors, the towel is more comfortable. But on the other hand, the bathrobe, which helps conserve heat and protects the head, is better for training in the pool.

If you are not sure, you can take both. But first, to help you choose, we are going to see all the options.


Although most people think of microfiber pool towels and cotton bathrobes, both are available in either material.

arena microfiber towels and bathrobes are light, do not take up any space, and dry quickly. They are what you need if you are looking for something practical that does not fill your backpack.
If you want a warm and enveloping feeling on your skin or are sensitive to cold, choose a cotton towel or bathrobe.

You probably didn’t know that…

sand towels and bathrobes are available in different weights. There are thicker cotton ones to be wrapped comfortably and lighter cotton ones if you want to run away from the heat or take up less space.


Sand towels are designed to be just as practical in the pool, in the sea, or for sports. They’re also perfect for taking on vacation when you need to save space in your luggage. You can find them in various sizes:

Small towels (100×50 cm): they hardly take up space in the bag and they come great for the gym;
Medium towels (150×90 cm): the best option to have on hand by the pool or in the locker room;
Large towels (170×90 cm): practical and comfortable, ideal for outdoor pools and the beach.

The control of our emotions is certainly a complicated aspect that we must deal with Lifeguard Training. Imagine our body as a racing car, which has a tachometer that counts the revolutions of the engine. Best performance is the result of aligning engine revs (emotional energy) with your gears (physical energy). Keeping the engine rpm low at the beginning and gradually increasing it when the race starts is a must.

This means knowing how to control your energy, and how to align emotional energy with physical energy in order to be perfectly prepared for competition. The end result is increased strength while using less power, and avoiding the danger of over-revving or using up reserves.

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