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Main benefits of midwifery

Within the aquatic environment, a large number of practices related to healthy living are immersed, not only swimming as a sport or recreation but also as a pedagogical or therapeutic method with lifeguard class. In today’s article, we will talk about midwifery: what it is, what it is for, and what benefits it offers.

What is midwifery?

Broadly speaking, midwifery is swimming directed towards babies; However, beyond that, it is an aquatic activity where the newborn learns to become familiar with the environment autonomously. Through this, the baby can obtain various physiological and psychological benefits.

However, beyond learning to swim (an event that occurs around the age of 5, approximately), midwifery is the baby’s first approach to the aquatic environment externally.

It should be remembered that, inside the mother, the baby was already immersed in an aquatic environment called amniotic fluid; therefore, this transition is easier in infants than in children older than one year.

Before starting the midwifery process, it is necessary to go to the pediatrician’s family doctor so that he can give the green light; On the other hand, you must wait until the newborn is at least four months after leaving the mother to go to a pool.

Last but not least, the midwifery process must be directed by a professional in the area and must have at least one of the parents present.

More about midwifery

Although the baby is immersed in an aquatic environment before delivery, the temperature in the mother is high, approximately 37 ° C; For this reason, it is necessary after birth and before starting the midwifery process, it is recommended to make a gradual adaptation.

Baths in the tub with warm water and with the passage of time up to four months to achieve a decrease in temperature, going from 36 ° to 32 ° C, approximately.

Main benefits of midwifery in babies

Many are the benefits obtained by the baby during the midwife; positive aspects that can even influence adulthood. Both the physiological and emotional spheres are strengthened after this practice. Here are its main benefits.

Increases lung capacity

Although breathing in babies is a bit irregular, over time, it begins to normalize.

On the other hand, starting a midwifery process contributes to strengthening the lungs in lifeguard class, as well as increasing the time it can endure underwater.

It is worth mentioning that to this is added the apnea reflex that prevents babies under 6 months from ingesting water through the respiratory tract.

Strengthens blood circulation

The constant movement within the baby’s water activates the circulation of oxygenated blood throughout the body; from the upper and lower extremities to fundamental organs such as the brain are gradually irrigated.


Although midwifery is not designed for the baby to learn to swim in a technical way, it does help to generate little dependence within the aquatic environment.

The midwifery process enhances the swimming reflex, which consists of rhythmically moving the arms and legs; This is more noticeable when the baby comes into contact with water in the central position.

Encouraging this reflex helps the baby to develop greater autonomy in the pool. It should be mentioned that it should never be left unsupervised.

Helps the locomotor system

The aquatic environment reduces joint shock; This process makes the body easy to move. Therefore, midwifery strengthens different muscle and bone groups that make up the baby’s musculoskeletal system.

Affective relationships

The baby must attend midwifery sessions accompanied by his parents and with a lifeguard class. Therefore, trust in them can increase considerably; Little ones see their father figures as protection from something they experience for the first time in their life.

Why bet on midwifery?

Midwifery is an excellent practice for both parents and babies. As long as it is performed under the supervision of professionals in the area of ​​pediatrics and swimming.

In addition, it is advisable to investigate further and take into account. The contraindications avoiding any injury or illness in the infant.

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