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nursing research topics

Popular Nursing Research Topics to Use in College Assignments

When students require assistance with writing a college research paper, it all boils down to selecting nursing research topics that are both original and strong enough to obtain favorable feedback from a strict college professor. The majority of healthcare students find it difficult to limit it down to something that can be written without duplicating work that has previously been done and without falling into the plagiarism trap. A good research topic should include an overview of even the most basic medical issues and a firm recommendation for what changes should be implemented.

It’s critical to focus your efforts. It may be impossible to study the problem thoroughly if it is too large. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to solve world problems to contribute to medical science. Pick a current issue that has a lot of literature studies already and add something fresh to it. You’ll find Nursing research topics and nursing assignment help in this blog. 

Childhood Nursing Research Topics

  • Antibiotics and childhood immunity 
  • Childhood exposure to environmental toxins 
  • Early-life effects of second-hand smoke inhalation 
  • How has newborn care changed in the last 50 years? 
  • Genetic factors in diabetes in children 
  • How has treatment for childhood cancer progressed?
  • Pediatric care ethics 
  • How children’s health affects their health later in life

Nursing Care for Adults

Adult nursing refers to the treatment of patients aged 18 and up. Want to pursue a career in nursing in this discipline, have a look into topics like these:

  • Balancing the health care and cost 
  • Analyzing the benefits of collaborative nursing 
  • Finding out the causes of depression 
  • Analyzing the differences in treatment for cardiovascular issues between men and women 
  • Searching the differences in diets 
  • Analyzing the history of nursing and its role in healthcare
  • Examining the impact of culture on nursing in various nations

Nursing Care for Midwives 

A midwife is a nurse who has finished midwifery training and is responsible for caring for women during and after their pregnancy. You should conduct some study about midwifery if you wish to pursue it as a career. Here are some examples of this field’s topics:

  • Analysis of caseload and quality of care for underrepresented groups 
  • A study of autistic women’s delivery experiences 
  • Common feeding problems for newborns and infants 
  • Analysis of postpartum depression treatments 
  • Examining the dangers of advanced maternal age 

Elderly Nursing Research Topics and Assignment help 

Nursing care for patients above the age of 65 is known as elderly nursing. Consider a study topic in nursing that focuses on caring for senior patients if you are interested in this field. 

  • Age-related factors in the cardiovascular deterioration 
  • Complications may arise from prolonged hospital stays 
  • Diet as a factor in dementia 
  • Analysis of the effects of aging on the immune system 
  • Analysis of the physical environment as a factor in functional decline 
  • Finding out malnutrition in older adults

Women’s Well-Being

A women’s health nurse provides care to women of all ages. You might be interested in one of the following topics if you want to provide health care to women:

  • Preventive measures for sexually transmitted infections 
  • Analysis of emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome
  • Examining women’s sleep disorders 
  • Examining breast cancer diagnosis procedures
  • Menopausal treatments 
  • Examining women’s health care for immigrants 
  • Examining cultural disparities in women’s health 

Female Sexual Health Problems

Nursing care for people with mental illnesses.

Patients with brain chemistry or mental processes are cared for by a mental health nurse. Interested nursing research topics in mental health:

  • An examination of mediation treatment on patients with cognitive development impairment 
  • An examination of mirror therapy in brain rehabilitation
  • Finding out the anorexia risk factors 
  • An examination of the link between dopamine levels and autism 
  • Finding the link between screen time and ADHD 
  • An examination of the link between fatigue or depression and cancer

Nurses who specialize in pain treatment

The treatment of persons who require pain relief or support in managing chronic pain is referred to as pain management. If you’re considering a career in pain management nursing, you might want to look at the following topics:

  • Examining the effectiveness of nonchemical pain management methods in teenagers 
  • Examining the role of the nurse in pain management 
  • Chemical and nonchemical pain treatment programs for post-surgery patients
  • Cognitive hypnotherapy in pain management: history and best practices


Through trending researched nursing topics, Nurses would be aware of current pain management medication trends. These nursing research topics and nursing assignment help will help you in college projects and assignments fully.


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