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Psychology Courses in UK

Psychology courses are the courses that deals with the mental health of an individual. The demand for these courses is subsequently increasing nowadays because people have started considering bad mental health as a serious problem. Psychology is a very complex subject. In order to be a good psychologist, you need an excellent education from top universities. There are various universities in UK that offer various psychology courses to the students.

What is psychology courses?

The course includes the understanding of one’s brain development, mental status, behavior, and personality. There are many students who take interest in this subject. As this not only deals with the human mind but also helps to understand how one should behave in a particular manner and leads to personal growth. This is a very vast course which is sub divided into many specialized subjects. The duration of the course depends upon the type of specialized subject you choose to pursue. The course teachings include every possible aspect of life.

Why choose UK for the psychology course?

Psychology is one of the most popular degrees that UK universities have to offer. The UK is a large area with many youngsters from different nationalities and continents. Therefore it creates the ideal environment for the students to pursue psychology related courses in UK. There are approx. 195 universities in the UK that offer psychology related courses to the students. The universities provide you with a variety of statistics and the world’s popular research related to psychology.  Meanwhile, it will help students to study the subject in a more practical way.  The universities have the highly skilled and experienced faculty providing students with great knowledge and facts.

The students get the opportunity to develop their own ideas and experiment to undertake their own research. Apart from this the psychology courses can help you to provide with many job opportunities worldwide. Psychology course offers job options like human resources, counselor, social work, mental health care, advertising, teaching, etc . The psychology course has various specialized subjects

Specialized Psychology courses that UK universities have to offer:


  • Applied psychology

Applied psychology is the psychology that deals with various human problems like mental issues, job issues, health issue, personal issues, etc.  In other words it helps in providing solution to the problems.

  • Child psychology

Child psychology specifically deals with the behavior and mindset of the children. It includes the observation that how the child’s mind reacts and behaves with others compared to that of adults.

  • Clinical psychology

It is the type of psychology that deals with solving the behavioral problems of an individual. Therefore, the treatment includes the clinical therapy by personally interacting with the individual.

  • Developmental psychology

It is one of the most important branch of psychology that studies the change in the human mind and behavior at different stages of life throughout the life span.

  • Educational psychology

Educational psychology includes the observation that how the different persons learns the things and retain the learnings. This is an important branch of psychology. Also it is used in the teaching methods for the educational success of the students.

  • Experimental psychology

This psychology is concerned with experimenting with the various behavior and activities of the individual in different situations and how the individual reacts to them.

  • Forensic psychology

It involves the usage of psychological theories and methods for a legal purpose. This psychology is useful for law professionals as they use this psychology in the courtroom.

  • Social psychology

branch of psychology which studies how an individual’s thoughts, feelings, behavior, and goals are constructed and how they behave in the presence of the other individual.

Here are some top universities in UK which provides you with the best psychology courses:

  • University of St. Andrews 

It is one of the oldest research based university in UK. The students in this university are being taught the various topics of modern psychology including perception, cognition, motivation, and behavior.

It is one of the largest universities in UK with modern facilities. The university offers you various top psychology programs at bachelor’s and master’s levels for example, developmental psychology, health psychology, forensic psychology, etc.

  • Queen’s Margaret University

The university has a person-centered and career-focused approach to education and teaching. It has excellence health science and psychology related facilities.

  • University of Cambridge

The university has more than 20,000 students from over 140 countries, which provides cross-culture exposure to the students. The psychology department professors of the university are listed among the ‘Top Psychology Scientist in the World’ list providing high quality education to the students.

  • University of Bath

The university has a vibrant and multi-cultured campus located in a historic city. The university provides students with distinctive  psychology courses which include issues related to digital, clinical, and behavioural change psychology.

Scope of psychology in future

The scope of psychology as a career and usage in daily life is huge. With this type of course, you will be able to pursue a career in science, business, arts, and in other various fields. Their many organizations where the counselor are compulsory which increases the demand for the clinical or educational psychologists. From 2020 to 2030 the employment rate for the psychologists is 8% .  Therefore, it is a good option to pursue the psychology programs from the top university of the UK which is recognized worldwide.

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